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Some Loaded Observations

Some Loaded Observations

{Note: As of 8/22/18, & 8/29/18; I have edited and expanded this post to correct some grammatical/ spelling errors, as well as to provide more links and resources to works cited.  I have also expanded, for clarification and to be more scholarly, on some of the topics addressed in this post, so please take a second look at this post if you have read it already.}
I have not blogged lately due to the fact I don't have much time dedicated to it lately, plus the fact that my lap-top is on the fritz.  At the moment, I am writing this post from the public library.
Where to start?  I will be getting into some loaded observations in this post.  I encourage researcher's to synchronize their research.  Looking at these stone sites doesn't just relate to the fact that there is a stone site here, and a stone site there.  The study should broaden into finding out the truth of geography and earth-changes in the past- floods, earthquakes, crustal displacement theory, sea-floor spreading, etc.  Let me explain. 
Early researchers into stone sites into New England attested to the similarity between these Neolithic sites and sites in the Old world, such as western Europe.  These theories are being disregarded by the new wave of researchers, as well as the efforts of some archaeologists and some representatives of some Native groups themselves.  As it should be, right?  I say yes, this is as it should be- many of the ancient stone remains and relics are in fact Native in origin.  However, given the fact that a lot of early researchers weren't always on the ball (however, they were on the ball with some of the Norse ("Viking") finds (see the book "Norse Discoveries And Explorations in America, 982-1362, from Leif Erikson to the Kensington Stone" by Hjalmar R. Holand) like the Kensington Rune Stone, identifying ancient mooring stones used by the Norse, and perhaps even a pre-Viking Irish presence, however brief- see the book "The Ruins of Great Ireland in New England" which actually did give a fair handed treatment between the distinction of what the author thought may be the work of Native people and the work of 7th/8th century Irish Culdee monks- the author used sound reasoning in his hypothesis), they seem (early researchers) to have failed (for the most part, but not always) in their scholarship in that they would attribute Native sites as authentic "Old World" finds- for instance, ignoring the fact (or the ignorance of) that Native people were capable of, and did, erect things like Standing Stones and build stone and Earth mounds.  Case closed, right?
Well, not entirely.  My research has led me to the fact that, not only in myths and legends (the Plato/ Egyptian myth of Atlantis, cultural flood legends from around the world saying the same thing, etc.), but corroborated by science such as sea floor spreading, and crustal displacement, and the fact that we know some of the timelines of past volcanic and flooding events from thousands of years ago (as I have talked about in this blog before- read some of my older posts), our human race has a very rich and perhaps unsuspected heritage indeed, just waiting to be explored (some brave souls have been/ are already exploring the expanded picture of life and culture on our planet and get flak for it- books like "Morning of the Magicians" by Jaques Bergier and Louis Pauweles or "The Mysterious Past" by Robert Charroux come to mind, which I greatly enjoyed reading.)
Let me give you an example from the stone-works.  Stone Chambers.  From an expanded perspective, the Stone Chamber is in fact a post-Atlantean dry-stone constructed style of pan-Atlantic architecture.  "Atlantean" simply meaning, the peopling along the Atlantic seaboard of various lands.  Let me give you an example.  Stone Chambers are found in the American Northeast such as New England, but there are also identical Stone Chamber structures in the Canary Islands (islands off the coast of North Africa in the Atlantic.)  The indigenous people of these islands was the Guanches.  Just go to YouTube, and type in "Gran Canaria Television Padre Baez."  This is the man that wears the bright yellow shirt.  There are several videos uploaded on that channel that feature ancient stone ruins, including Stone Chambers- specifically the videos "Grabados Guanches" (14 minutes in) and "Necropolis de Arteara" (stone ruins throughout the video- a great example of a stone chamber right in the first second of the title page, bottom left).  If one did not know the filming was in the Canaries, one might wonder, is this New England?  Ireland?  The Mediteranian?  Stone Chambers and other ruins are also found on the Azores Islands, 1/3 out into the Atlantic between the Old World and the "New" World.  In fact, flora and fauna attest to the fact that the Azores and the Canaries were once connected, or so the evidence would seem (from a scientific analysis written about in a book called "Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of A Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C." written by D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair, both scientists/educators.)  Stone Chambers of the SAME style (not just a cosmetic resemblance as some would have you think) are also found on the west coast of Ireland, Greenland (pictures of ancient Greenland Stone Chambers were published in the book "The Ruins of Great Ireland in New England" in the 1940's), and the Mediteranian. 
I would assert that, when the Earth was different, when the land was different (more land connections, a lot less ocean- see the aforementioned book "Cataclysm!" or also "Earth Changes Ahead" by Frank Don, etc., etc.) there was a proto-indigenous civilization, (spiritual.)  This may as well be described as "Atlantean" (my definition of the term was already described in the above paragraph.)  Therefor, the stone building techniques (Stone Chambers, Stone Mounds, Pyramids) were preserved among early indigenous cultures along the Atlantic sea-boards.  Later, in the Western tradition (Mystery Schools), including up through colonial times, this tradition was preserved, accounting for, in New England, a hodge-podge of both earlier, ancient examples of the Stone Chamber built by Native people, and later stone-works built in colonial times.  There are examples of both in older photographs featured in this blog.  What about Mystery Hill in New Hampshire?  I believe that there are original, ancient elements to this site, such as the Standing Stones, and a few of the Stone Chambers, but some of the other Chambers/ stone-work was probably embellished in the early 20th century.  At any rate, I feel they did the best they could in their restoration effort.  After all, some of this type of work is "In the Spirit Of."

Here are some brief excerpts from the book "Cataclysm!" page 32 concerning the mid-Atlantic ridge (note: the Azores is near this fault, which is why it has been supposed those islands are mountaintops of submerged landmasses); "...the discovery of geologically very young beach sand in two deep sea cores... indicate(s) that the region was above sea level at no very remote period...Granitic and sedimentary rocks which must originally have been 'part of a continent' were dredged up near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from a depth of 3,600 ft (1100m)...the inequalities, the mountains and valleys of it's surface, could never have been produced in accordance with any laws for the deposition of sediment, nor by submarine elevation; but on the contrary, must have been carved by agencies acting above the water level... geologist Pierre Termier spoke of a now-vanished North Atlantic landmass... which existed about 900km to the north of the Azores and, perhaps, embracing these isles, was plunged into the deep...the volcanic upheavals traced on the bed of the Atlantic around the Azores as having occurred synchronously with the break-up and subsidence of Appalachia, the name given by geologists to a continental landmass in the North Atlantic also known as North Atlantis.  Now reposing some two miles (3.2km) below the level of the adjacent continental shelves, Appalachia connected Europe and North America via Greenland and Iceland...."  
Red Paint People   Also, the Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People is just that: a mystery.  The scholars have copped out from looking into any ancient pan-Atlantic connection when it was staring them right in the face (just watch the 1980's documentary aired on PBS "Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People", which has been uploaded onto YouTube).  Red Paint People are most likely the progenitors of the peopling of different pan-Atlantic areas coming out of the end of the last Ice Age. (9,000-11,000 years ago, coming out of the cataclysm which settled down 11,500 years ago.)  I do not believe they would fit precisely in with any modern racial identification or classification.  They are "proto", and are perhaps the survivors of "Atlantis".  However, it should be understood that the Red Paints can also be simply referred to as Native American ancestors.  I do NOT believe there is any (significantly, at least) Caucasian roots in these people- I firmly stand by that the Red Paints would have been Proto-Algonquian; however, I think in the most remote of ancient times, there may have been an Cro-Magnon admixture.  Cro-Magnons are not part of the modern-day race of humans- they are not technically European or Caucasian or the like- this is a hot debate- white people seem to want them to be white, black people want them to be black, etc.  Nonsense.  There is nobody around like them today.  They did (Cro-Magnons) average around 7 ft. tall.  This may also help to establish the pan-Atlantic connection.  For instance, some people have surmised that the Guanches of the Canaries were Cro-Magnon descendants- they were dark-skinned and averaged about 7 feet tall when the Spanish invaded them.  Some proponents of the "Dogaland" theory of Atlantis in the British Isles also place Cro-Magnon man as the builders of Stonehenge, etc.  Now, I am not overly concerned with this issue, just who were the Red Paint people?  Because I know from direct experience that the ancient ancestors were dark-skinned Native Americans- I have been shown this in vision more than once.    

{Note:  Also, if the term "Atlantis" rubs one the wrong way, there is other terminology which alludes to the same kind of a thing such as "Gondwanaland", crustal displacement and earth shifts, sea floor spreading, etc.  For instance, from the geological evidence it has been scientifically deduced that the Caledonian Mountains of Western Europe match the Appalachian Mountain Range of Eastern North America, they have simply been displaced due to Earth Changes of the past.  The source of this statement comes from the book "Earth Changes Ahead" by Frank Don, who in turn was referring to the work of 20th century geologist Alfred Wegener.}   
Aquinnah-  There are many straight-up PYRAMIDS in Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard.  They are not sand dunes, they do not resemble sand dunes, but are buried in the sand.  The original coast-line of this area literally must have sunk into the ocean, exposing the red cliffs, which would have been a layer of clay in the Earth.  Many pyramids also exist (often confused for natural formations) for miles around Holliston, Medway, Hopkinton, and Milford MA., which probably extend into Upton (site of the well-known Upton Stone Chamber), Mendon, and Uxbridge MA. area although I have not done as much hiking/ researching in those last three towns just mentioned.
Sea-Serpents.  The traditions, sightings, and evidence for Sea-Serpents (and Lake Serpents) survive in many areas of the North Atlantic Sea-board.  Loch Ness in Scotland and Champ in Lake Champlain Vermont/ New York are the two best known examples.  There are also numerous others- Memphrie, in Lake Memphromagog in Quebec, the Gloucester, MA. sea-serpent witnessed since the 1600's, but especially in the 19th century off the Massachusetts coast (a live baby specimen of this species was even analyzed and named in the 19th century.  Unlike a regular snake, it had humps on it's back.  The scientific name was Scoliophis Atlanticus , or that is to say, the "Atlantic-Humped Snake.")  In the 1970's a sea-serpent washed ashore Mann Hill beach in Scituate, MA.  Local author Edward Rowe Snow took the best photos of the Great-Horned Serpent on the first day, before the carcass decayed and the experts were unable to properly identify it over 48 hours later (people were hacking it apart and local restaurants were serving 'Sea Serpent Soup.)  Snow covers the incident in his book "Supernatural Mysteries and Other Tales" along with the photos of the carcass.  The head looked just like giant stone snake heads I have seen (see May 15th, 2017 post.)  Other Sea Serpents have existed, and may continue to exist off the Maine coast, Eastern Canada (Newfoundland, etc.), off the shores of Greenland, off the shores of Norway/ Scandinavia, and in Irish lochs as well as Scottish.  In truth, the North Atlantic Sea Serpent phenomena follows the same line of inquiry as the ancient monolithic stone-works do.  In fact, they are explicably linked to the psyche, or consciousness of the ancient stone builders of the pan-Atlantic regions.  These sacred creatures express a super-natural component the Ancient's understood and revered.  One of the greatest Ophidic (snake worship) cults lost to history once existed along the Atlantic seaboards due to the awesome presence of these fantastic creatures. 
Some of the ancient stone rows of the American Northeast, usually undulating and showing "humps", are in fact representations of the Great-Horned Serpent ("Great-Horned-Serpent" is the English translation of the Native histories of these snakes, but I firmly believe they are what modern people think of as a Champ or Loch Ness Sea-Serpent.)  These stone rows are in correct proportionate size to the sea-serpent- sometimes 20, 40, 60, 70, or 90 ft. long stone rows/ sea serpents, undulating.  This power relates to the super-natural ability of the Earth itself.  Also in many of the ancient stone rows I have seen, the "water horses" (as it is sometimes called) head is clearly discerned, even the stone itself slightly modified to represent this.  Some good books which relate specifically to Sea-serpents I would recommend are: The Loch Ness Monster by Tim Dinsdale; Search At Loch Ness- The Academy of Applied Sciences and MIT Expedition by Dennis L. Meredith; Champ- Beyond the Legend by Joseph W. Zarzynski; and Monsters of the Sea- the history, natural history and mythology of the Ocean's most fantastic creatures by Richard Ellis.  All that is needed is an awareness of the existence of the lake/sea serpents, at least an elementary understanding of Native American folklore/ history, as well as field experience observing artifacts such as stone rows, which have been interpreted as snakes even by tribal representatives, and the rest should click into place.  Also, the snake was a guardian spirit of the underworld.     
The Little People  Now, it is also very true that different species of hominids once existed (such as the remains of the pygmy Indonesian Little People they found a few years back), and IN FACT, despite what people think they may know, some of these races still exist today, such as the Little People, who use what we can only describe as magic, or perhaps they are partly what we would think of as elementals, although they can and do manifest.  All I can say to that end is, if you live near any habitations of the Little People, make sure to treat the nature in that area with the utmost respect- one can even gain their unsaid favor this way.  If however, one has destructive tendencies towards life and the environment, all I can say is good luck buddy, you shouldn't piss them off.    One good documentary is "The Fairy Faith" (written and directed by John Walker) which has been uploaded to YouTube.  It starts in Eastern Canada, goes across to the British and Irish country-sides, then concludes with accounts of First Nations Micmac people back in Canada.  What is amazing is the accounts are of the same sort of thing, which re-asserts my belief that the ancient spirit of the North Atlantic lands is in fact one, although I do believe a distinction needs to be made between the Little People and the Fairies/elementals.  In South-Eastern New England, one of the most well preserved accounts of the Little People of Algonquian lore (the Magasiwaheug) has been handed down by certain elders of the Mohegan Tribe (Connecticut).  

Sasquatch  Other hominids such as Gigantopithicus (Sasquatch/ Bigfoot) exist as well.  Bigfoot has been seen in just about every state but their modern territory is the NorthWest (Washington State, Northern California, Oregon, British Colombia Canada, etc.)  Various people have sighted Bigfoot- Police Officers have, and including entire construction crews.  What, were they mass hallucinating?  I doubt they were.  Not to mention all of the casts they have of footprints, the Tom Patterson footage, etc.  I believe they are sentient like we are, but that their consciousness evolved a bit differently.  In other words, they are probably fellow "humans", just very different.  There have been several witnesses, including groups of people, observing Sasquatch building stone piles.  However, the stone piles built by the ancient Sasquatch race is probably a million to one in the scope of things.  Among the Stone heads I have seen I have seen representations of probably modern homo sapien sapiens, elongated heads, possibly giants, and even "ape-like" Sasaquatch looking stone heads in 2 cases, one of which may have been reported in this blog years back.  A great book I enjoyed reading on the subject of Bigfoot was "There Are Giants In the Earth: Survivors Since Genesis- An Evolutionary and Legendary History of the Yeti, Mono Grande, and Sasquatch, Three Strains of Hominoid Giants Alive Today" by Michael Grumley (out of print; first published in 1974.)  In the book, Grumley deviates a bit from the Sasquatch phenomena (in a good way) to examine the evolution of other hominoids as well as other species.  Amazingly, Grumley's conclusions, concerning the "dinosaurs", back in 1974, weren't fully understood or rolled out by science until around 2005 when Mark Norell wrote the ground-breaking book "Unearthing the Dragon: The Great Feathered Dinosaur Discovery" concerning the latest fossil finds from China which have re-written our understanding of what us moderns (may perhaps mistakenly) call dinosaurs, which I think of as the "Plumed Serpent" which is depicted on Mayan temple reliefs, even up through my region of North America (New England) at ancient sites (examples in older posts of this blog), and all over the world (Chinese dragon, etc.)  Which leads me to believe we may not be able to trust our geological dating such as the Carbon 14 (C-14) method of dating, which is largely employed by archaeologists.  Michael Grumley was also one of the first people to dive and explore the Bimini Road, which he did in the company of Pino Turolla, who wrote the great archaeological masterpiece "Beyond the Andes"; (out of print); if there is a real-life Indiana Jones it is certainly not Graham Hancock as I have heard some younger people tout, but rather Pino Turolla.      
Mud Fossils.  I encourage people to take a look at Mud Fossils.  Just go to "Mud Fossil University" on Youtube.  The uploader is a trained scientist (however rogue he may be) and has many great videos.  After watching one of his videos (of a humanoid reptilian stone head found in Washington State) I now do believe that some of what I am looking at are Mud Fossils, which is a real scientific phenomena (the body does not decay in the same way if flooded or in-undated by water, and the remains mineralize/ crystalize and eventually turn to stone.  Modern cases of this have even happened in cemeteries although rarely.)  I believe that the stone head I shared on May 15th of 2017 on this blog may in fact be the mud fossil of a giant.  It actually makes a lot more sense than to think the stone was somehow "molded" into shape.  And, after watching the Mud Fossil University video about the Washington state stone, I noticed the blood oxidization on the stone head from MA. I covered (sorry it is a lousy pic- just look through the older posts), is in the same spots the presenter of that other video from Mud Fossil University was describing.  Also the stone head I blogged about would have been that of a 9 foot or maybe 11 foot or so giant if it did indeed once exist in the flesh and is now a Mud Fossil (not the proportions of a modern person).  (One book I recently picked up due to the fact that I saw this phenomenon with my own eyes- in other words- the possible evidence of ancient giants was "The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons & the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up" by Richard J. Dewhurst.)   Also, Mud Fossils could very well explain some of the giant boulders that look like giant turtles and sharks, etc. that I have seen in the hills (the hills were obviously under the ocean at some point in the ancient past, for lands rise and fall throughout history.)  Now, I do not believe that every last thing in the world is a Mud Fossil, but I do believe the phenomena in some cases does exist.

Joseph Smith  A note about Joseph Smith (founder of the Mormon Church.)  He grew up in up-state New York as well as the country in Vermont (not far from Stone Chamber sites analyzed in the book "Manitou- The Sacred Landscape of New England's Native Civilization" by James Mavor and Byron Dix.)  Apparently not only did Joseph Smith, but his father as well as other prominent men in his community (in up-state New York in the early 19th century), believed that many of the hills in their area were not natural in formation, but were thrown up by the hands of men (in other words, mounds/ pyramids.)  This is exactly what I am noticing in my area in Massachusetts, yet in my time, I feel that I am just about the only person (or one of the only, anyway), to have noticed this in my community.  Sure, eskers and drumlins exist, but there are many more hills which are in fact pyramids/ mounds.  Anyway, it is interesting that Smith apparently had some divine spiritual communications with the "angel Maroni."  In other words, what he experienced was something profoundly spiritual.  I am not a Mormon, nor do I embrace anything about it.  Yet I do believe in an unseen world around us and find some of these facts about Joseph Smith to be quite interesting.

Colonial Stone Walls/ Structures  It is also worth noting that in colonial times, colonists were very actively building stone walls.  There are enough examples of Native stone rows as well, but more often than not, a stone wall is colonial in origin.  There are revisionists who would have you believe that most stone walls are pre-colonial.  This is not the case.  First off, landowners in colonial times had much more indentured servants than at first assumed.  Case in point, just the other year academics/historians discovered a large population of Irish indentured servants who were aboard the Mayflower.  Before this, no record of these people had existed.  The impact of this is apparent- no doubt this is not an isolated case- I am inclined to think that this is the case in most ships that came over and colonies that were established.  Another talking point is, beasts of burden (bulls, etc.) were used to haul heavy stones around.  Thirdly, it wasn't until the late 1700's that the Julian calendar was introduced by decree of the Vatican.  Farmer's would more often than not orient their stone walls and other structures to solstice points, etc. as they were an agrarian society- I remember my history teacher in 7th grade talking about this point as regards to just general history.  Fourth, is, there would have been a colonial obsession with "taming the wilderness" or marking out plots.  Hence, stone walls are found in some spots today such as ledges which seem impractical.  Well okay, it is impractical, but the colonists were in fact impractical like that- stern attitude, do it because it must be done, don't argue with me types of people.  Therefore they did plot out what was back then boundaries and property lines that way, even if it seems impractical to us today.  And the fifth point is, early colonial mining around hillsides, usually around streams.  These people would usually dowse to find the rocks they needed/ precious metals, etc.  A whole team of people was used in this process.  There would be several people in this group whose duty it was to make rock stacks/ stone piles of discarded rocks this way.  Pretty soon the entire hillside would be littered with left-over stone piles.  I have seen 16th/17th century drawings (or engravings or whatever) of this process in action- the result would be where someone would expect to find what today may be identified as a grouping of Native American rock piles.  But don't get me wrong, because the confounding thing is that groupings of Native American rock piles/ mounds exist in the same kinds of areas.  It is a monumental task sorting out this last example of stone piling to determine a Native American or Colonial origin.  As I have said above- the stone-works represents a hodge-podge of different phases and cultures.  For instance, ancient pre-colonial Native people in some cases did build stone chambers, but than again, the Quakers in colonial times also built similar looking structures, the Irish Culdee monks in the 7th/ 8th centuries probably had a hand in some of these Chambers as well, etc.  Also note:  On an Internet search, if you type in something like "New England Stone Chamber" you will get links to people who don't have a good sense of what they are talking about and in some case skeptics.  The term you want to punch in is: "Ceremonial Stone Landscape."  In other words, yes, for thousands of years, there exist many styles of Native American stone monuments; however, I have also noticed that some revisionists take it a bit too far, in which case I question their true motives.  That is the gist of the rant in this paragraph, in other words.         

Libraries:  Please Note:  Many (if not all?) books I have cited in this post are out of print.  A lot of times the Public Libraries do not have many of these kinds of books, either.  I am blessed to have a great Used/ Antiquarian bookstore a few towns away from me.  Some of these books such as "Unearthing the Dragon" I even got in turn at a Library book sale, in other words, they were throwing away some of their best books- the real knowledge that should be free for all!  Please be aware!  This is akin (or a few steps removed from) to something like NWO World Socialism or Nazi Facism.  Please be aware!  Ours (America) is a land of freedoms, rights, and liberties.  Please be aware-- the Libraries usually don't have the good books about knowledge about the human and environmental health risks of genetically engineered foods, holistic modalities of how to protect your health, books about Atlantis, etc.  Please sound the alarm of this outrage!

More Recommended Reading:  "Before Civilization" by Colin Renfrew (1973); "Stonehenge Decoded" by Gerald S. Hawkins (1965)- It is due to this work that we know, from an archaeo-astronomy perspective, our modern insights into Stonehenge as a calendar/computer of sorts.  This breakthrough paved the way for other Archaeo-astronomers such as Mavor and Dix in "Manitou".  "The Mysteries of Stonehenge" by Fernand Niel (1974); Timaeus and Critias by Plato; "Atlantis: The Antediluvian World" by Ignatious Donnely; "Atlantis- The Eingth Continent" by Charles Berlitz; "The History of Atlantis" by Lewis Spence; "Another Look At Atlantis" by Willy Ley; "Atlantis- The New Evidence" by Martin Ebon; "The Monuments of Mars- A City On the Edge Of Forever" by Richard C. Hoagland etc. etc.  One could keep connecting threads and going into more lines of inquiry until I would be recommending Hesiod's "Theogany" and "Works and Days" , Homer's Iliad and Odyssey; which would lead down the road to Steven Sora's "Triumph Of the Sea Gods" etc. etc.  But I will nip the bud to keep it short for the purposes of this blog. 

I would also say:  Certain writers of fiction/ fantasy seem to accessing something primordial deep within the psyche of our human experience.  Two writers that come to mind are Robert E. Howard who wrote the original Conan the Barbarian novels and Edgar Rice Burroughs who wrote the John Carter of Mars series or the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.  I believe that what can be known, is already known.  Certain visionary minds are able to access this information, albeit play around with it.     
That is all that I would like to share now for this post.  Thank you for tuning in and reading my blog.  Please stay tuned, there will be more material and posts added, however, not as frequently as had been so in the past.  Thank you again,
                                    -Matthew Howes.