Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Earthen Mound Site Part 5

Earthen Mound Site Pt. 5

I know in October I started this site out with 2 posts, saying the 2nd post would wrap it up.  Well, here is post #5 of the same site.  These are the same earthen mounds that were near the sacred pool and spring.  There is more to this site than I originally thought (alot of times it is like that)!:

One of the larger mound structures:

More earthen mounds:

The brook continues to flow from the source of the pool upstream, where the pics of the mounds in the other 4 posts were located:

3 smaller mounds heaped together in a row (center):

The next few posts will concentrate on yet even more significant stoneworks associated in the area with these Earthen Mounds.  Stay tuned!

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