Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mendon, MA. "Snaking" Serpent Wall

Mendon, MA. "Snaking" Serpent Wall

This site in Mendon is along a hill-side, next to several cairn fields, over-looking a body of water.  A place where Earth, Sky and Water meet

Part 1 of the wall.  Head-stone:

Part 2- Meandering down a hill-side:

Part 3-

Section 4, notice how the wall unjulates/meanders/ spirals in and out here-

Section 5- showing off more of the meandering/ unjulating effect of the wall-

Part 6- by a brook.  Turtle effigy stone-work incorporated into the wall.  Notice the unusual stone stack-work.  The turtle effigy is precariously balanced, with a smaller stone slab placed on top of the effigy:  

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  1. The turtle carries our prayers on her back to the creator, much like how we live on Turtle Island, the turtle carries us, our prayers.