Friday, December 23, 2016

A "Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx" Link

A "Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx" Link

Here we go, back for another post.  The video link in this post is really a follow-up, or "Part Two" of the last post concerning simulacra at the Marcahuasi Plateau in Peru.  This link expands the research into Eastern Europe and also touches on other sites around the globe.  Some of the ideas expressed in this video are speculative but it really does provide thought-provoking introspection.

The video link is here (1 hour 35 minutes and it has commercial ads in it although you can "skip" them):

Pic of the Carpathian Sphinx:

A thought about this research to stress that these videos have brought up is, we are looking at the remains of what the average, modern day person must be forced to accept as "proto civilization" or "pre history."  As the videos point out most of these rocks are high in the hills or on sacred mountains, coming from the perspective of a global phenomenon.  As for the "Neanderthal" theory brought up in this video, I would say that is just a thought provoking speculation, and it certainly doesn't account for the dispersion of these world-wide monuments in the stone.

(Note: One idea that I have is, a lot of these stone monuments are the remains of something before a catastrophe occurred.  Before the Earth experienced it's 23.some-odd orbital tilt, or wobble.  A lot of stones I see in my local area, such as Milford MA. look to me like they are now "dull" from what they were originally- glistening, sparkling white quartz glowing, now just a granite stone that you can perceive the quartz glistening when the light hits it at certain angles.  In other words, something big-time happened to the Earth, and perhaps our solar system, to throw it off balance in a very big way in the distant past.  The asteroid belt in space may be the remains of a planet now in many small pieces, which in turn would throw off the other planet's orbits in the solar system, the planet having been ruined by some catastrophe would have an disharmonious affect influencing all the other heavenly bodies in the Milky Way.  So there goes the so-called "golden age".  But anyway...)

Back to the stones.  Here is a "sphinx", actually, a stone Manitou from Milford, MA.  Note it is just as profound as anything to be found at Marcahuasi Peru or Carpathian mountains in Romania but in the local style.  From Milford MA (shown in a previous post):

Another protective ancestor spirit from Milford MA:

Milford MA again:

Note: I am still without a camera.  Otherwise I would have much more material in picture format to share concerning all kinds of sites from chambers to standing stones to Spirit Rocks like the pics from this post.  This is definitely not the last of this blog so stay tuned...