Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Animism + Triangular Stone Shape

Animism + Triangular Stone Shape

The traditional world-view of Native people before religions such as Christianity were introduced was the concept of what people have loosely termed 'Animism.'  Animism is what defined people's perceptions of both the inner and outer worlds of the reality (ie 'universe') we live in.  Although there are divine spirits or A Divine Spirit, the traditional concept is that everything has a spirit, energy, or "breath of life."  This includes everything in the natural world, including stones, etc.

For instance, in the Native culture, a triangular or pyramidal shape, in the form of an effigy or petroglyph represented(s) alertness or awareness.  Therefore, what I have come to notice in looking at stone sites is that when I see a triangular/ pyramidal shaped stone in a indigenous stone wall or cairn, I have come to interpret this stone as expressing the idea of alertness/ awareness (a heightened state of awareness.)  This same concept can also be found on pottery, ornaments and such as well, to reference better known examples than the stone works.  In other words, the stone has been shaped out or selected to represent the spirit of a certain high ideal of much value and reverence.

The boulders have spirits too, which is why so many of them have been deliberately perched into certain positions on ledges, crests of hills, balanced and stacked.  This "megalithic" work is directly interacting and working with the forces of the natural environment.  Boulders can also be shaped out to express ideas.

Animism focuses on the spirits and energies of the natural environment/ universe.  For instance, the Earth itself is alive.  This is why many people use the term "mother earth" or "earth mother" to describe the Earth.  She is a living planet, and the source of our life/ creation (or at least manifestation).  Since the Earth manifests the creation of all life on this planet, of course she is a woman.  We are all born from a woman.  In altered states of consciousness (more on this in a forthcoming post), in which there are many ways to attain such a state, even including soberly (although one has to work for it if done soberly), we may experience glimpses of Her organic white light.  To lend a term from the Old World of the Mediteranian/ North Africa, this interaction leads us to a state of Gnosis (where the word "knowing" comes from.)  That is, knowing from direct experience and interaction.

The point is, that if the Earth itself is alive, than everything on the Earth is an expression of the spirit of Life itself, therefore, having a spirit of it's own.  The Wikipedia article on Animism is linked here- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animism

One last thought to express.  And I hope I will not sound "doom and gloom" when I say this.  But it is an important issue to address.  All life on Earth has spirit, and is sacred.  However, we do live in an industrialized and technocratic world.  At least for the most part of the 'hustle and bustle' of most people's day.  There are radio and satellite signals constantly bombarding us in the atmosphere for instance.  We cannot see it, but it is there.  I would warn that these radio and satellite effects are harmful to the human organism as well as all living life on this planet.  Cancer rates have become high and are increasing.  This is by no accident.  These satellite and radio waves are actually bombarding us from the upper atmospheres and in the case of satellite, from space.  Therefore, this is an extra-terrestrial threat in origin (the satellite is merely an instrument that broadcasts the frequency of the extra-terrestrial band of waves).  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  If you own a cell phone, only keep it on reserve.  Do not even have it in your room when you sleep at night.  During the day, do not keep it in your pocket, it will give you testicular cancer.  Stay away from all Smartphones and IPhones.  These are actually all points to take seriously.

Another point to make is about plastics.  It is true that the components for making plastics, tin, etc. come from the natural world, but the ingrediants have become mutated in the process.  This is a perfect example of what may happen to other forms of organic life in order to survive the threat of a great industrialist/ technocratic age- we will become mutated to survive.  Perhaps technology would play a role ("transhumanism").  But be warned, this is a dark, dark path to go down should people choose it.  It would mean total abandonment of our relation to the natural world and in the process people would become something "else."

I hope I did not sound too doom and gloom with those last thoughts, but I feel they should be expressed for others to take into consideration.  Hopefully something could be done about it.  It is a shame that we look to the frontier of technology before even becoming aware of the nature of our true selves and potential in the natural realms, which would connect us back to "source" or Spirit.  I suppose that would be my message/ concern concerning these last thoughts.

Here are some examples of triangular/ pyramidal shaped stones intentionally placed into key spots of stone wall complexes:

At a different site location:

Example of boulders worked out into the pyramidal shape:

An obelisk shaped standing stone of ancient origin:


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Moon Cycles- Lunar Year, Hills, Full Moons, & Solar Observation

Moon Cycles- Lunar Year, Hills, Full Moons, & Solar Observation

The lunar phases of nature have always been relied on by indigenous people as a way to mark (literally and figuretively) the events within cycles of our perceptions of time.  Our ancestors, no matter which world heritage a person comes from, were master astronomers.  In fact they knew things, through a state of knowing, through direct interaction and perception (through various means), that modern astronomers and scientists are now confirming using technology.

Within the cycle of what we today perceive to be a year, there are 13 moon cycles, which makes up the traditional calendar cycle.  The calendar modern people use today is technically called the "Gregorian" Calendar, a revision of the earlier Julian Calendar.  Here is a Wikipedia link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregorian_calendar  .  We must understand, that this calendar is not a good thing, it was imposed by the Pope of the Vatican Roman Empire in 1582.  As far as I am concerned the modern calendar is a finely sharpened blade brought by Vatican Inquisition.  These calendars and perceptions of time that come down to us through "law" and the Vatican are therefore, fraudulent, and yes, even are poison to the human spirit.

This modern calendar, and many variations of it in other cultures, robs people from a true understanding of the cycles of nature.  By imposing this modern calendar people become detached to the natural world.  Even when they experience a natural wonder (phenomenon), say for instance, camping, they may be in awe of the event (say, the planet Jupiter appearing in the sky which happened earlier this week) but they will not UNDERSTAND the event.  Even so there is a very big difference in the human being's perception and the cycles of nature and the universe between one who knows how to read the phenomenons of the natural world and one simply in awe of it (and worse still, many don't perceive anything at all because they are totally detached from it.)

The calendars of the ancients are written in the hills.  Lunar cycles (full moons) and other solar phenomenons (winter solstice sunrise for instance) are main ways of marking important times in the traditional year.  However, as we saw in the last post concerning the shadbushes (aka juneberries) blooming, there are other ways to tell when to get prepared for certain events and times of the year.  Everything is inter-related. 

If there are several hills and ridges in an area I recommend exploring these places.  The crests of ridges and hills are excellent for solar observation.  If there are stone-works at these places such as concentric rings of propped boulders and Standing Stones, be aware that at least one of the functions of such a site would be for solar observation/ marking a calendar grid.  However, the mythology of the culture is much richer than just a calendar site.  Next, go to the other nearby hills or ridges and see what is there- suppose there are three prominent hills.  Chances are different parts of the hillsides functioned for different solar events and lunar cycles throughout a "year" or even a greater space of time.  It may be opportune to head over to the next hill half a year later to observe a different event.  In this way, the hills are sacred.  The stones are sacred.  All life is sacred.

Above pic: Standing Stones on Burnt Hill, in Massachusetts.           

The ShadBushes Have Bloomed

The ShadBushes Have Bloomed

Here in the Northeast US, as of this week I have noticed that the shadbushes have blossomed.  Shadbushes, also known as Serviceberry's or the botanical name Amelanchier, are a Native species of plant in America, especially in the Northeast US and up in Canada where the bush also goes by the name juneberry.  There are over 30 species of this plant in America, although there are only 2 or 3 varieties that grow in the northern hemispheres of Europe and Asia.  The shadbush is classified as a shrub or small tree in the Rose family.

For a quick reference a link to the Wikipedia article on this native new England species is here-

Although the botanical Amelanchier goes by many names in New England it was commonly known as a shadbush because the shrub blooms during the same time that the shad runs in certain times in the early spring.  Indeed, last week I witnessed the US Fish and Wildlife stock Louissa Lake in Milford, MA. with over 400 rainbow trout (mid-late April)-- exactly one week later (4/22) I noticed that the blooms of the Shadbush had really matured.  I know that the readers of this blog will appreciate this insight about this native rose shrub, I just wish that more people had the capacity to tune in and notice the unique cycles of nature.

Also, I had noticed the shadbush up in the highlands in and around native stone-works sites.  I do not think this is a coincidence- at some point in the past I do believe these shrubs were intentionally planted in and around at such sites.

I found some pics of the shadbush on the internet I will share here-

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pictures of the Powhatan Confederacy Before Colonial Expansion

Pictures of the Powhatan Confederacy Before Colonial Expansion

These pictures were drawn for early colonial records by some of the first colonists to encounter the Powhatan Confederacy, in modern day Virginia and surrounding area.  The Powhatans were/ are a south-easterly Algonquian people.  These images are actually very interesting as the pictures portray acts such as ceremonial dancing, medicine people, and the like. 

First, let's look at a close-up of my favorite image from the group of pics:

The above picture is astounding.  The medicine person is sitting in a raised "stupa"-like hut.  Notice his hair style- the top knot.  Also traditional tattoos and necklaces.  What astounds me the most is his posture.  A triangular (aka "pyramidal") posture from the crown of head to the soles of his feet .  Straight back with hands over his knees- with my experience in exercise I would gander that he has completed an energy circuit through his body.  Also pay close attention to his legs.  I challenge the reader's of this blog to emulate his leg posture- most will not be able to do it.  His knees are straight horizontally, stretched all the way out and straight.  It is not a normal posture.  With my experience in martial arts training and other modes of exercise I can definitely say that this posture, especially the leg posture is hard to achieve by a modern western perspective.  I do not have a name for this medicine person of the Powhatan Confederacy, but when one knows what they are looking at, one must realize that this medicine person's posture is of the highest quality, when compared to other world traditions such as a Tibetan yoga for instance.  So this makes me wonder about several things- at the time of contact between the Powhattan Confederacy and English colonists, some people within the Powhatan community must have either A) practiced some kind of well refined exercise modality/ regimen or B) practiced bone setting (breaking bones and re-setting them) to gain the level of achievement from the posture shown in the above picture. 

Next, more pictures, the source from which the above picture comes from.  The striking thing about these pics is the comparison between the Native people and the colonists.  The native people are taller, more well built and 'handsome' by comparison.  Also notice in the left hand corner; despite the apparent struggle, it appears the native person has taken the colonist up to a high point to over-look the country, probably the domain of the local Powhatan people's territory.  Also note the well defined path-ways (pretty much road systems) that the Powhatan people used, as evidenced from the picture:  


Portrait Of Ninigret

Portrait of Ninigret

Here is a portrait of Ninigret, the hereditary Niantic/ Narragansett Sachem from the mid to late 1600's:

There was a book written about Ninigret the other year.  I have not read it but I did hear the author give a lecture about it during a trip to the Robbin's museum in Middleborough MA. the other year.  It sounded well researched and sensible.  Pic of book here: