Friday, June 17, 2016

Three Luminaries In the Night Sky; June 2016

Three Luminaries In the Night Sky; June 2016

Three planets- Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are visible in the night sky this month, June 2016.  Some of the hills of Milford, MA. are particularly great for viewing solar/ sky events (the great rock/ grand view place.)  Particularly the hill formerly known as WildCat Hill in the area formerly known as the WildCat neighborhood.  (Today only WildCat Pond still bears the name WildCat in Milford.)  Near the Holliston and Hopkinton lines- highest hill at the headwaters of the Charles River.  There are stone-works on this hill, especially on the slope as well as many, many Standing Stones, mostly knocked over, several of which are in excess of 6 feet in height.  As well as foot paths through the bedrock ledges (obviously ancient), and stone wall terraces in a place never settled or farmed by colonists- this hill is one of the 'pyramids' I have mentioned in previous posts.  If we re-think what constitutes a pyramid for a second, this hill most definitely qualifies as one.  This hill IS natural, but has been so well modified with stone wall terraces, foot paths, Standing Stones, enclosures, mounds, cairn fields, Manitou Stones, etc., that I really do see it as a pyramid.  There is also concentric rings of placed and propped granite boulders and dolmens at the crest of the hill (one of the pedestal stones of the largest dolmen was crushed and the rock tipped), which I see as "capping" the hill (much like a cap-stone on a pyramid, although we may be looking at something far more "ancient" than the pyramids in this case.)

A lot of people like the Milford hills, such as the Target parking lot on Fortune Blvd., as a place to view the fourth of July fireworks.  Agreed.  More importantly though, these hills can still be used for sightline astronomy and sky observation, and, by noticing that tall 6-7 foot collapsed standing stones on rock ledges line up with the summer solstice sun-set, and such things, it is no wonder.

Again, the planets Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are visible in the night sky this month.  I sometimes refer to the planets as "heavenly bodies" or "luminaries."  Also, the Full Moon (Strawberry Moon) is June 20, and the Summer Solstice (longest day of the year) is June 21st.  Here is a link to the night sky events in June (from

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Energizing While Sleeping.

Energizing While Sleeping.

Although this post does relate to the dream state, especially the lucid dream state, this is not the post I intend to write about some of my dream experiences I mentioned I would write last month ( a couple posts back.)  I will get around to that post in a little while. 

I did wish to communicate about some of my experiences in lucidity during my dream states with this post.  One such experience was this- first understand, during waking life, one of my personal "power" objects is my walking stick staff.  It is finished with a fine linseed oil, about 5 ft. high and was made from a Appalachian Sassafras Vine.  The handle is the thickest part, it has a carved notch in the middle to lend durability and twists in a vine pattern at the end, which is crafted nicely.  This wood, especially having the linseed oil finish is a very tough wood that makes for an excellent walking stick and it won't break.  Now, I do not particularly need a hiking stick for when I hike- most of the time I sling it over my shoulder anyways.  I am in good shape and can go without it, but I view it as a special object.  For instance, if I sit in stillness in nature for any length of time (basically a "meditation") the Stick can help me to concentrate by focusing on an external object.  For instance I may spread it across my lap, balance it on my wrists or balance it on my shoulder (in which case it unjulates like a snake).  Or I may aim it at the sky, etc.  That said, I view my personal walking stick as an object that is "cleared" of any negativity, thus a power object, since the object is along for the trip for all these good experiences in nature, or in "stillness".  It reminds me of the verse from the Bible, the Twenty-Third Psalm; "...Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

I have experienced in sleep, in a lucid state, my Walking Stick grafting itself onto my spine, or perhaps the Staff was simply being used to symbolize my spine- but in any case- I was receiving electro-magnetic energy from the Walking Stick in this way.  The Walking Stick flashed before the temple of my mind's eye in this lucid state, spitting out electro-magnetic discharges of bolts of energy.  Now, for me, this experience was/ is real.  Progressive dream research has shown that events that take place while in a lucid state are 'real', even if they do not happen in the 'mundane' waking physical reality.  For instance, I can actually feel the effects in 'real life' of this energetic experience. 

Furthermore, I have used energy like this in my waking life as well.  My Si-hing, or older Kung Fu brother (sihing is a Chinese word), whom I learned a lot from regarding the Long Fist and Hung Gar styles of kung fu had a heart attack but survived.  I also trained in Tai Chi Chuan and Qi-Gong at another school, my teacher in this instance was a Chinese doctor well versed in the martial arts but especially and maybe more importantly, the healing arts.  The last time I saw my sihing and shook his hand good-bye, not long after his heart attack, I gave him an electro-magnetic shock that jolted him.  This was not caused by static electricity at all.  What I actually did was transmit Chi energy from the palm of my hand into my kung fu sihing.  To do this one cannot match the handshake of the other person with "strength" but one must have the awareness and intention of transmitting the energy- the energy basically passes from one conduit (person) to another.  For instance, in traditional Chinese medical clinics the practitioners work on their patients in such a manner- using hands-on energy or "chi" work although sadly bad pharmaceutical western practices are slowly growing in that part of the world.

Back to lucid dream states- recently, and most regrettably I attended a family funeral.  My younger cousin had passed away in a fishing accident.  The night after the funeral took place, during sleep, all of the faces and images of all my relatives- my uncles, aunts, cousins- flashed into my mind's eye- there was a profound sense of connectedness, "togetherness" and love between me and every single one of my relatives.  And on my father's side of the family, I do not always have a chance to see everybody because they are out of state.  This is a confirmation to me that we are together in spirit.

Now, I am just going through some examples of the lucid dream state.  Throughout my waking life, from time to time, every now and then I have seen glowing white orbs in the sky.  Usually there are several of these glowing orbs which appear at once, floating in the sky, hovering overhead for some time and then floating off into the distance.  In nature I have witnessed them and experienced watching them in several places.  I do not get a bad feeling about these glowing white orbs, in fact I get a benevolent sense about them and I have a strong intuition.  Now, in the previous post in this blog I showed photographs of stone faces, or "spirit stones".  Just the other night, while sleeping on the floor of my room a glowing white light appeared in the sky outside of my window.  During this sequence of events, which must have lasted at least a couple of hours, another form of consciousness was telepathically communicating with me, while I was in a lucid resting state but not fully asleep.  The consciousness that was communicating with me I soon realized was the likeness of a stone head that I have come across- or to put it another way- I realized that one of the stone heads I have seen while spending time at sites is the likeness of this being that was communicating with me telepathically.  I have not featured the stone head I am referring to in this blog- it is a stone head but is unlike the stone heads featured in the previous post.  This stone head appears to be a sculpted rock and like some of the standing stones and stones that I have been around, seems to be imbued with some kind of a consciousness.  So, to put it into words, I was receiving information, energy and strength, telepathically, from an "alive" likeness of a stone head statue while in a lucid resting state.  In my lucid dream-like state this being had a full body, was wearing a kind of head-dress or cap and was a slightly different color from the stone I have seen during waking life.  Perhaps this being is from the stars, and the stone head is an earthly representation of him, with some of his consciousness being put into the stone (pink granite).  (Note: During the European/ Italian Renaissance, many great thinkers, philosophers and artists are pictured with a human skull at their desk.  The story behind this is that, the skull on these people's desks, whether it was Leonardo de Vinci or Nostradamus, the skull was the skull of a former thinker/ philosopher, i.e. "enlightened" person that had gone before them, such as one of their teacher's.  The thought was that the skull of such a person would crystalize, and in that being the case, the philosopher who was in possession of such a skull, acting as a human conduit (again, electro-magnetism) could extract information and wisdom from such a skull.  Today, modern people scoff at this notion because they have been conditioned to do so.  The root of people's modern belief system, or blindness, can ultimately be traced back to Roman Inquistion; in other words, the destruction of the people who had a traditional knowledge base.  "Onward Christian soldiers, marching on to War..."  Also, it is important to note that for instance, Tibetan lamas or priests even today will keep body parts or organs of an "enlightened master" in the temple, or in some cases, if the master yogi passes this realm in seated meditation sometimes the physical body is encased or enshrined in a golden Buddha statue.)  But back to my lucid experience.  I do not remember at the moment specific details, only the experience itself.  And I also know that the being communicating with me held back it's/ his energy transmission otherwise I would have been completely overwhelmed by this power. 
On a similar note, another point that could be linked to this topic is an article written by the People Of One Fire (POOF) regarding ancient stone temples in high places in Georgia, as related to the ancestors of the Creeks (a North American Native tribe.)  This article talks about one of the functions of the temples acting as Star Gates, as believed by the cosmogony of ancient Native people's, as well as Star Beings, who are ancestors of some of the Creeks according to this mythos. (Note: I am not making a case for or against star beings/ portals, as I do not know enough myself to say either way.  This article is, however, very well written, showing off artwork of Native people's interpretations of the spiral galaxy, stone temples, etc.  An informative and thought provoking read.)  The article from the People Of One Fire Website is here- .  This article is archived in the "Mysteries" section of the POOF website.

This concludes what I wanted to say (and more) about energetic sleep experiences while in a lucid state.  I might as well cover everything in one post.  Here are some of the other dreams I wanted to address in another post, although I may as well address them here:

- My father's spirit visiting me the moments of his passing- he was in Virginia, I was in Massachusetts, yet I knew what happened before hearing the news of it because his presence appeared to me, jolting me out of my sleep in the early hours of the morning (the inter-connectedness of our ancestors and relatives)

- In the following years of my father's passing, his spirit visiting me to make sure everything was okay, not just with me but with everyone.  In this stage we realize how irrelevant things like making money, materialism, the rat race, etc. is.  Astral projecting with my father- he commented that he never realized how beautiful the lake in town looked (since we were seeing it from above.)  We took some chairs out and sat talking on the front lawn- my mother came out to join us and the dog was there too.

-In the early hours of the morning of Friday, the 13th, astral projection to another realm filled with demons hell-bent on destroying our planet (for real.)  There were many warriors fighting the demons, by using their tools as weapons of light.  Some warriors I recognized, many more I didn't.  An elder stood back and said, "okay kid, let's see what you can do."  Instead of using my staff as a weapon of light, I BECAME the light, radiating outward, thus vanquishing and disintegrating all of the demons in this realm I had traveled to into nothingness.  They were getting ready to come to Earth, in some form or another, probably in a form we cannot perceive in visible light (the spectrum that people can see in), perhaps through some twisted/ inverted technology such as satellites or perhaps a star gate.  There was literally millions of these demons waiting to come to Earth.  But now they are gone.  However, I think that this was just one "batch" waiting to come- some are here already and still more "out there."  Still, we did the best we could do that day, and I was called upon.  You're welcome.

- Having to do with the local landscape.  Twin warriors, or sachems, appeared before me in the spirit realm.  They both wore colorful head-dresses.  We were standing in my local area, yet not as I knew it.  It was as it appeared in ancient times.  They explained that I did not have a full privilege among their people, but that I had some privilege and I would have to learn more, to give the simplified 101 version of this encounter.  The striking thing about this vision though is that ever since having this dream, I have been able to tell better and with more clarity higher realms which coincide and are "above" the mundane reality and places we experience every day, which is partly what I experienced in this particular vision meeting these 2 spirit brothers.  For instance, the whole Earth is sacred and the wisdom and spirit of this planet will never be destroyed, even sometimes when it seems to be destroyed or altered by modern development/ real estate/ business sociopathic insanity.

- I was with my 2 brothers.  The three of us were "at home" together in the yard.  However, in the dream we lived down the street from where the house we grew up actually was.  This location is actually down the street and in an area that is a more open, flat plain.  Today in waking reality it is a residential neighborhood.  But in the dream state the modern neighborhood was not there and my brothers and I lived in a cluster of Wigwams.  Curiously my older brother and I both had our Ford Taurus' we each had in our late teens.  My younger brother was content without a car, and he was fine/ at peace with this, he had his own things to keep him busy.  I do believe that in this particular dream state, we were selected to live in a place in the neighborhood that was actually very naturally suitable to live at, as opposed to modern housing.  This dream was experienced shortly after the previous dream listed above, and I believe is related.  I think the gist of it is, that we are welcome to stay in this area in the spirit world as well, but we must observe the proper balance, thus the relocation down the street.  This also gives me hope, that although we have gone down different paths as adults, my brothers may join me one day again in the future, when we are ready to come together in Spirit.  

Lastly, here is a YouTube video link to a Robert Waggoner lecture in a University.  Most of the lecture is in English, some of the introduction is in Hebrew.  It is titled "Lucid Dreaming; Gateway to Self Development and Healing".  I have not listened to the full lecture but I am sure it is good, I have listened to other Robert Waggoner lectures/ interviews before.  One thing to take away- the characters in people's dreams are visiting, and are not there simply because you are "dreaming" them.  The dream world can be as real or more real than the mundane waking world (for instance Australian Aboriginal people believe that the Dream Time is more important and real than the waking mundane world.)  Anyway the YouTube lecture on lucid dreaming:

Sassafras Vine walking stick outside of Cave Entrance. (blurry pic.)