Friday, June 17, 2016

Three Luminaries In the Night Sky; June 2016

Three Luminaries In the Night Sky; June 2016

Three planets- Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are visible in the night sky this month, June 2016.  Some of the hills of Milford, MA. are particularly great for viewing solar/ sky events (the great rock/ grand view place.)  Particularly the hill formerly known as WildCat Hill in the area formerly known as the WildCat neighborhood.  (Today only WildCat Pond still bears the name WildCat in Milford.)  Near the Holliston and Hopkinton lines- highest hill at the headwaters of the Charles River.  There are stone-works on this hill, especially on the slope as well as many, many Standing Stones, mostly knocked over, several of which are in excess of 6 feet in height.  As well as foot paths through the bedrock ledges (obviously ancient), and stone wall terraces in a place never settled or farmed by colonists- this hill is one of the 'pyramids' I have mentioned in previous posts.  If we re-think what constitutes a pyramid for a second, this hill most definitely qualifies as one.  This hill IS natural, but has been so well modified with stone wall terraces, foot paths, Standing Stones, enclosures, mounds, cairn fields, Manitou Stones, etc., that I really do see it as a pyramid.  There is also concentric rings of placed and propped granite boulders and dolmens at the crest of the hill (one of the pedestal stones of the largest dolmen was crushed and the rock tipped), which I see as "capping" the hill (much like a cap-stone on a pyramid, although we may be looking at something far more "ancient" than the pyramids in this case.)

A lot of people like the Milford hills, such as the Target parking lot on Fortune Blvd., as a place to view the fourth of July fireworks.  Agreed.  More importantly though, these hills can still be used for sightline astronomy and sky observation, and, by noticing that tall 6-7 foot collapsed standing stones on rock ledges line up with the summer solstice sun-set, and such things, it is no wonder.

Again, the planets Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are visible in the night sky this month.  I sometimes refer to the planets as "heavenly bodies" or "luminaries."  Also, the Full Moon (Strawberry Moon) is June 20, and the Summer Solstice (longest day of the year) is June 21st.  Here is a link to the night sky events in June (from

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