Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Snake Den- Hopkinton MA.

The Snake Den in Hopkinton MA.

The entrance of the Snake Den.  We can also see a stone wall (that runs through all the ledges of this area, many of which feature propped boulders on the ledges) that runs into the entrance of the stone den, terminating at this ceremonial spot (only to pick up again behind the ledge):

A closer view:

This is the section of stone wall that eventually runs into the entrance of the den.  Note the boulder incorporated into the wall.  If people cannot see that this is ancient, they must be braindead:

More of the entrance:

Up close we can see a cubby-hole niche to the right.  This is where I believe the snakes used to live before the white man:

More of the ancient stone wall that runs into the entrance of the stone den.  Above on the ledge in the background we can see one of the propped boulders from the last post: 

This was the back entrance of the den, above on the ledge where the structure is located: 

Next to the back entrance is this Rocking Stone.  The stone was perhaps used to induce trance-like states when communicating with the Snake Spirits, or perhaps to calm the snakes themselves when people would come to this place.  I can only speculate this, however, but this is my sense and interpretation of this spot:

I not only base my belief that this was a Snake Den from the physical evidence, but from traditions and accounts I have gleaned from meidine traditions of other tribal nations in North America, as well as research of a similar Snake Den in South Africa that was researched by Michael Tellinger.  

Propped Boulder Standing Stones Hopkinton MA.

Propped Boulders On Ledge In Hopkinton MA.

These boulders had an amazing primal energy.  There were other stone works all around this area, including what I call "the Snake Den" at the bottom of the ledge these two boulders were propped up on.  These two boulders themselves deserve their own post though:

Propped boulder on the ledge #1:

Propped boulder #2:

View of both:

Both from another angle:

Boulder #1 as seen from below:


Boulder #2 again (as seen from below), obviously set to the horizon and propped up:

The next post will feature what I call "the Snake Den" which was at the bottom of this ledge.


Turtle Effigy Boulder, Manitou, & Stone Face- Hopkinton, MA.

Turtle Effigy Boulder, Manitou, & Stone Face- Hopkinton, MA.

For at least the next dozen posts (maybe more) or so I will be running a series of posts from a site in Hopkinton, MA.  That is as detailed as I will get, I am not going to disclose the exact area.  I'm going to start this series with these boulder effigies:

Turtle effigy boulder:

A slightly different angle:

Possible Native face profile boulder (well defined forehead, eye, nose, mouth):

Again, a slightly different angle:

Rounded-out perched boulder:

The rounded out boulder (seen from a different angle) lined up with the huge glacial erratic that was on a tilt:

A Manitou stone that had been no doubt shifted up from it's original position by the roots of the tree growing up next to it:

Friday, November 28, 2014

Quote from Black Elk

More Stone Circles, & Etc.

More Stone Rings

I wasn't sure what to make of this at first (very old vs. more modern) but I noticed some things which confirmed it to be old.  First, look at the size of the stones selected for the circle.  No modern person is going to bother doing this.  Also, the selection of the site is on a ledge.  Thirdly, there is a specially selected white stone in part of the ring: 

Also stepping back from the circle itself we can see the stone ruins of some kind of enclosure/ line of stones seen in this picture:

And from another angle, this one:

A close-up of the specially selected white stone:

More lines of stone around the ledge at the foot of the stone circle:

Another stone circle (aka petroform, stone ring, etc.) nearby:

As was this one (from last post):

Also this prayer seat is in the same area:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

More Holliston StoneWorks

More StoneWorks

All of the stone works here (and the last few posts) are in the same area.  Just goes to show the diversity of stoneworks within one area.

Ceremonial stone circle:

Awesome wall running up a small bedrock ledge:

Some more of the same stone wall:

Here is the small sized standing stone I made an example of (when comparing features of different sized standing stones with similar markings) in one of the previous posts:

Same standing stone marker, different angle:

A cairn within a cairn field that the stone wall encloses:

Some more cairns:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More cairns & Stone Works, Holliston MA.

More Stone Cairns and Stone Works in Holliston MA.

These were all taken on the same day.  The sun was moving in/ out from behind the clouds.

This 1st cairn here is nice:

From another angle, looks like it was worked/pecked out like a grinding stone:

A neighboring cairn:

Another angle:

Low to the ground stone mound:

Rock- on- rock:

Nice part of a stone wall:

Pile on top the bedrock boulder w/ overgrowth:

A stone row lined up with the horizon.  Middle stone looks like a horizon marker (without modern overgrowth):