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A "Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx" Link

A "Mystery of the Carpathian Sphinx" Link

Here we go, back for another post.  The video link in this post is really a follow-up, or "Part Two" of the last post concerning simulacra at the Marcahuasi Plateau in Peru.  This link expands the research into Eastern Europe and also touches on other sites around the globe.  Some of the ideas expressed in this video are speculative but it really does provide thought-provoking introspection.

The video link is here (1 hour 35 minutes and it has commercial ads in it although you can "skip" them):

Pic of the Carpathian Sphinx:

A thought about this research to stress that these videos have brought up is, we are looking at the remains of what the average, modern day person must be forced to accept as "proto civilization" or "pre history."  As the videos point out most of these rocks are high in the hills or on sacred mountains, coming from the perspective of a global phenomenon.  As for the "Neanderthal" theory brought up in this video, I would say that is just a thought provoking speculation, and it certainly doesn't account for the dispersion of these world-wide monuments in the stone.

(Note: One idea that I have is, a lot of these stone monuments are the remains of something before a catastrophe occurred.  Before the Earth experienced it's 23.some-odd orbital tilt, or wobble.  A lot of stones I see in my local area, such as Milford MA. look to me like they are now "dull" from what they were originally- glistening, sparkling white quartz glowing, now just a granite stone that you can perceive the quartz glistening when the light hits it at certain angles.  In other words, something big-time happened to the Earth, and perhaps our solar system, to throw it off balance in a very big way in the distant past.  The asteroid belt in space may be the remains of a planet now in many small pieces, which in turn would throw off the other planet's orbits in the solar system, the planet having been ruined by some catastrophe would have an disharmonious affect influencing all the other heavenly bodies in the Milky Way.  So there goes the so-called "golden age".  But anyway...)

Back to the stones.  Here is a "sphinx", actually, a stone Manitou from Milford, MA.  Note it is just as profound as anything to be found at Marcahuasi Peru or Carpathian mountains in Romania but in the local style.  From Milford MA (shown in a previous post):

Another protective ancestor spirit from Milford MA:

Milford MA again:

Note: I am still without a camera.  Otherwise I would have much more material in picture format to share concerning all kinds of sites from chambers to standing stones to Spirit Rocks like the pics from this post.  This is definitely not the last of this blog so stay tuned...

Friday, October 28, 2016

Marcahuasi Plateau, Peru

Marcahuasi Plateau, Peru

Shared here is an hour long video about Simulacra and rock formations on a high plateau in Marcahuasi, Peru.  Simulacra seems to be a world-wide phenomenon practiced by just about every-one of the oldest of cultures- simulacra is found all over the America's, in Africa, Asia... everywhere.  Some people wonder if simulacra formations such as a profile of a face on a rock ledge are totally natural (hard to tell with weathering of the stone in so many cases) or touched up ever so slightly by the hands of the ancestors. 
I agree with the viewpoints that such places were probably touched up ever so slightly to bring the rock feature to life, after having perceived the potential (while others seem to be totally natural); and that at the end of the day it doesn't really matter because the sites are so fantastic that nobody can deny the awesomeness of such sites.
Also for the record, there are many good simulacra to be found in the hills of Milford, MA.  I have seen several serpents, profile faces, bird (eagle), turtle and such worked into either giant boulders or rock ledges.  This is different from "Manitou Stones" or "statues" that I detailed in a recent previous post.  Sometimes Standing Stones in the New England region also feature simulacra, and how could they not because the stones themselves are alive.

Here is the video to the site about Marcahuasi Peru (the "Masma Culture"):

One of the angles of the "Monument of Humanity" Profile Stone on the Marcahuasi Plateau (also note the figure behind it).

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/\~~SUN GAZING~~/\ "The Solar Powered Human"~~/\

/\~~SUN GAZING~~/\ "The Solar Powered Human"~~/\

The following is an 8 minute YouTube clip about the benefits of Solar Gazing.  The uploader of the video is right- sun gazing does not blind the eye if you do it correctly (build up gradually.)  In fact, sun gazing is one of the most beneficial, if not THE most beneficial practice that anyone can pick up.  I have known about the benefits of sun gazing for a long time.  The sun is the source of all Life on this planet and should be looked upon as the #1 source of nourishment for human growth and development (just as is the case for all growth and development.)  I share the video below.  I recommend to anybody to look into (and practice) more about sun gazing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

If You Are Looking For Pyramids (Massive Stone Mounds)/ Temple Complexes In New England....

If You Are Looking For Pyramids (Massive Stone Mounds)/ Temple Complexes In New England.... You Must Check Out Milford (MA.)

In the last post I had mentioned that by the Echo Lake Stone Chamber there are two large pyramidal stone mounds above a ravine, either next to or incorporated into the Stone Chamber complex (or rather the Stone Chamber may be incorporated into these pyramids, er, I mean "mounds".)  Again, the ruins of structures such as these could be confused for glacial till.  However upon close observation (not complicated stuff if you research rock piles), these stones were put into place, and the contours conform to that of a mound/ pyramidal shape.  This is not to say that glacial till does not occur, but in this case we are not looking at glacial till.  Now, the ones by the Echo Lake Stone Chamber are maybe 25 ft. in height (a rough guess.)  There are also massive boulders around these stone mounds, as one goes up from the bottom of the ravine.  There is another massive stone mound elsewhere by Echo Lake, maybe 10 ft. higher than these other two.

However... the great grand-daddy of stone mounds, or in this case, ah, screw it, I have to call it out for what it is, I have examined it well enough and I am no fool (not my fault if no one else is on to it)-- the great grand-daddy PYRAMID in Milford MA. is on the other side of the street from Echo Lake/ WildCat, UP IN THE HILLS.  Up there one finds a MASSIVE COMPLEX.  First there are massive cairn fields and complexes of stone walls.  And there are MANY Standing Stones, some up to six ft. in length.  That part is obvious (if you have an eye to see).  What is also obvious is a ring of boulders capping a plateau peak, but not THE peak... but as far as the pyramid is concerned, the great boulder in the middle of the ring of boulders, which features simulacra (at least two human profile faces, one looking up and one looking west) is in fact the "Cap-stone" of this "pyramid" complex.  Or, we may call this boulder a "proto-capstone."  And in a more natural state, perhaps this cap-stone is a better way to go, anyway. 

Now... on to why I am actually calling this a Pyramid.  It goes BEYOND just a cairn field, or a multi-leveled complex of stone walls, it goes BEYOND the fact that there are dozens upon DOZENS of Standing Stones in that one spot (as well as God-Stones and Bird Effigies) and it goes beyond a massive boulder w/ massive quartz veins surrounded by smaller boulders capping the peak of a plateau.  On at least FOUR SIDES going up the hill, there are massive ruins of stone mounds... the largest stone mound rubble I have ever seen- again, not glacial till and NOT modern quarry rubble but stone mound ruins.  It goes down to the highway corridor and ends above where there was construction for modern infrastructure, down (or up) a wooded hillside, through where there had been some modern quarrying (but any researcher into rock piles, etc. worth their salt will be able to immediately tell what is quarry rubble and what is older cairn/ stone mound), and it goes down the hill to where the power-lines now are.

Now, the site is hurt.  There was late 19th- mid 20th century quarrying that hurt the site.  They put power-lines in which has hurt the site, there is a highway corridor down below which has obviously had an impact on the site/ area (with major development across the corridor by "Fortune Blvd.") and also, and I hate to say this because the mountain bikers are really a group of people, they just don't know any better, smaller things get impacted by their jumps/ ramps/ etc. they put up in the area.  For instance one ramp had two Standing Stones in it.  They were running over a large Bird Manitou Stone in the middle of a major trail on their bikes (it was on it's side) and I found a purple crystal arrowhead in a dirt jump they had made. 

Anyway, as I said, the "Stone Mounds" are MASSIVE that run up several sides of the hill- I am OBVIOUSLY looking at the ruins of a massive temple complex and/or pyramid (built into that particular corner of the hillside which encompasses several different angles conducive to what should qualify as a true pyramid.)  Also, there is a large mounded earthen bank which is a part of this complex as well- below and above this earthen bank which seems to buffer different level zones of the structure are all kinds of massive stone ruins.  Many stones here are shaped out into triangles/ pyramidal shaped, standing stones, etc. and many stones shaped out in the Native style.  Also, it is true that there has been many phases of modern construction and infrastructure ruining entire portions of this complex.  But, the complex is STILL HERE.  There is even a large deer stone effigy.  Also, where the complex has been irreplaceably damaged such as by quarrying, for instance, the complex picks back up beyond the spot that had been damaged. 

Like I said, any serious researcher into this area of research should know what they are looking at and wouldn't be fooled by the modern quarrying- where that starts and ends should be obvious, as should the fact of the older ruins.  This site is a pyramid.  Even though mostly in ruins, there should be enough here for people to realize that this is one large Native-style stone ruins complex. 

Below is a picture I have not shared before.  It is from the same hill that I am talking about, but is sort of out of bounds, or perhaps on the very extreme edge, of the zone of interest that I am talking about.  In this regard, it is not the best picture to share concerning this site because there are much better examples more in the heart of the zone I am referring to in this post.  However, concerning how massive stone mound ruins may be confused for glacial till to an un-trained eye; again, not the best picture but it will do a fine enough job to show what I am referring to when I make this comparison (again, I have no new pictures because I am without a camera at the moment):

So yes,  the stone ruins of what makes up the pyramids is like the above picture sort of.  That is just a snapshot of a so-so- example, though.  When standing under these ruins, they are panoramic, as far as the eye can see and in the heart of the zone of interest, above, to the left, to the right, etc. It just continues and at varying degrees of angles of different slopes of the hillside.

Also on this hill are some pics I have shared before.  For example this chamber or underground room:

Stone ruins everywhere:

An example of a bird stone (one of many, and a smaller example at that) on top of a perched boulder:

A typical cairn on the hillside.  The cairn itself is sacred like the hillside itself.  Note the pyramidal center stone (top of the turtle shell):

A simulacra.  A turtle's head (looking straight-on):

6 ft. Standing Stone w/ other Stoneworks:

Interesting stack in the stone wall that runs up the hill:

Below is the Egyptian god Horus.  There seems to be a stone on the hill (no pic yet) that is very much like a proto-type Horus stone.  It is a large bird effigy like an Eagle, that stands up maybe 2.5- 3 ft in height.  The stone features a "Horus" (or something like it) type head-dress.

As far as the dimensions and general look of the Eagle stone, sort of "proto-type of Horus-looking" is concerned, this ancient stone from Australia's Gympie Pyramid in Queensland is a very close match.  The stones have the same general dimensions, height, look, and "feel" to them, except in Australia we have an "ape man" (some say it is Thoth depicted as an Ape) and in Milford MA. we have an "proto-type of Horus-looking" Eagle Manitou Stone:

(Note: Without available pictures I am trying to give the reader the general feel for what the Eagle Stone looks like.)

Some other important points about the location of the Stone Ruins complex in Milford MA.  It is the largest hill at the headwaters of the Charles River (which runs into other river systems and also the Atlantic in modern day Boston Harbor).  Formerly the hills of Milford were known as "Magomisquog" or "Makomsakook", "the great rock place affording a grand view", or "great place of upright stones affording a grand view."  One can see the Blue Hills from it's peak (still) as well as Mt. Wachusett (before the modern tree line), as well as other large hills/ small mountains in other directions.  Also, Mavor and Dix do get into the subject of ancient Algonkian people engineering things such as Cedar Swamps.  I think they are right.  In fact, before the modern dam the Echo Lake area might be an example of this.  The swamp under the ravines of the massive stone mounds near the Stone Chamber is still a Cedar Swamp inlet, for example.  Wherever there are pyramids in the world there are also usually engineered water-works along with it such as in Central and South America, Mound building cultures in the US South East, in Egypt, possibly Bolivia, certainly in India, South East Asia, etc. etc.  I have noticed that in the woods of Milford, in the general area as the pyramid hill, some of the trails seem to be dried up stream beds or "canals" or ancient "run ways" for waterworks.  For instance, some of the rocks are rounded as if they belong in a stream/ river, and in severe storms they will become flooded and flow with water.  Yet they are looked at as nothing more than trails for modern people to walk on.  An interesting side note at least. 

Concerning this hill we are either looking at a true pyramid or a proto-pyramid, in either case it is equally as impressive.  That is all for this post.      

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October 2016 Notes

October 2016 Notes

Notes/ insights for October 2016:

-I am still without a camera at the moment.  This is the reason why there have seldomly been any new posts lately. 

- On to Stone Sites.  First of all, it is very important that I make this very clear: among many other things, Milford MA. is the land of Standing Stones.  There are many Standing Stone sites on high prominent ledges throughout the hills of Milford (and some nice ones in Hopkinton, MA. too.)  These are hardcore Stone Circle/ Stonehenge sites.  Many of the stones still lay in a collapsed state (usually with some mild growth/ soil build-up over parts of the stone).  Others are (back) up in place.  One such site is a high ledge above a marsh, which would have been a fresh water inlet thousands of years ago from the headwaters of the Charles River.  One standing stone that I got a good look at is a "God Stone" when looked at from a profile view.  It is looking west to the horizon of the setting sun.  It's features are well defined- a conical headdress/ cap, well defined head/ nose, shoulder and body.  It stands maybe 5 ft. high.  There are several more Standing Stone sites in the hills of Milford (and Hopkinton)- the Standing Stones range in size from 6 inches to 12-15 ft. and everything in between.  Some of the Standing Stones are large columns like at Stonehenge in England, others are smaller and conical shaped, etc. etc.  These sites are old, probably (or rather, obviously) thousands of years old.

- To "test a hypothesis" as Peter Waksman has suggested in a recent Rock Piles post.  I have noticed in the hills of Milford MA. (and at Agassiz Rock in Manchester, MA.) for instance, that Standing Stone sites and propped boulders/ circles or alignments of boulders lend to each other.  For instance, there is a collapsed Standing Stone on the same ledge as Agassiz Rock and the surrounding boulders:

  The Standing Stone site in Milford which I briefly described above has some large roundish boulders incorporated into the site as well.  I would say, when noticing alignments of boulders, and/or propped boulders, also look for any Standing Stones (usually in a collapsed state.)  Also when looking at Standing Stone sites, see if you can't find any boulders- placed, propped and/or "enhanced" incorporated into the site as well.  This is what I have noticed.  [Also note: many high ledges where bedrock is exposed does not yet have a significant soil build up in some areas].  

- Echo Lake by the Milford/ Hopkinton Line.  The last couple of times I have been back to that particular Stone Chamber in the woods

(the Echo Lake Stone Chamber I have written extensively about) I have noticed some more peculiar things about that site.  First of all, there is a gentle brook (dry most of the year in our time) that flows next to (below) the Chamber- but also the Chamber itself is not far from a large ravine that goes into a marsh (the source of the brook just mentioned.)  Above this ravine are the remains (ruins) of two distinct pyramidal stone mounds, both of immense size.  I could not tell if they were completely separate or linked, at least partially, and perhaps even maybe linked to the Stone Chamber as well (or at least the Special Boulder the Stone Chamber was built from.)  In the close distance from the Chamber are also several smaller, medium-sized stone mounds.  I also noticed on top of a boulder a very special triangular/ pyramidal shaped stone on it's side.  The thing about this stone is that it is an exact replica, or identical, to a pyramidal-shaped stone on top of another boulder maybe a mile or mile and a half away from it, although the stone by Echo Lake is scaled down from the other one.  The other pyramid stone looks like this:

Note that there is the support at the base of the pyramid stone.  This is identical to the other pyramid stone right near the Echo Lake Stone Chamber and the large pyramidal Stone Mounds.  I know that Mary and James Gage's research gets into the symbolism of stone shapes and that this pyramidal triangle, according to them, has a protective symbolism, or quality, to the shape.  I agree, but I also suggest that this shape, and the reason and reasons for this shape is much, much deeper and multi-faceted, although I will not get into that right now.  Also, there is a third immense pyramidal stone mound ruin which I have noticed by Echo Lake, but much farther away from the Stone Chamber complex.  [To elaborate: when standing at the foot of these large pyramidal stone mounds looking up, one gets the sense they are gazing at the ruins of true pyramid mounds- the two pyramid mounds by the Stone Chamber (and possibly connected to it) are about 25-30 ft. in height.  The third pyramid stone mound away from the main site is maybe 30-40 ft. in height.  To the untrained eye this may look like glacial till, but there is organization to the placement of the stones, as well as showcases of obvious workmanship such as "stone benches", triangular shaped standing stones, special placement of quartz, etc.]

- Back to the topic of Standing Stones.  Although there are many great Standing Stones, 6 ft. high, 10 ft. high, etc., I want to point something out.  The Ancient Ones made small hand-held replicas of these great megalithic Standing Stones using small quartz crystals.  I think that these smaller hand-held quartz stones in the shape of the larger Standing Stones (in other words, smaller replicas) were special stones to remind the bearer of the great strength (or awesomeness) of the larger stones.  So for instance, they had some of this special Manitou wherever they went and not just on-site.  I have identified several of these smaller stones to their larger counterparts purely by happen-stance (and because I pay attention to detail.)  The smaller hand-held will have a tip where the tip of the large Standing Stone is, a notch at the base of the bottom where the larger one will, the dimensions of the tip, body and base will be a perfect match, and so on.  What other function these hand-held stones had I cannot be certain- for instance as a key stone, or any other special significance they had.

- As Mavor and Dix point out on page 214 of their book Manitou, there have been Hopewell and Adena Culture phase (associated with mound building in the mid-west) bird stones found in New England.  I too, have observed bird stone artifacts from time to time.  However from what I have seen they seem to be a bit distinct from the Hopewell and Adena cultures; perhaps even proto-Hopewell and proto-Adena from what I have seen (in other words more ancient).  One motif that I have noticed is the dual bird and snake symbolism (note: some researchers link dual bird and snake symbolism to antediluvian cultural times.  The "plumed serpent" of the most ancient of civilizations comes to mind when looking at dual bird/serpent symbolism).  In other words, from one angle of such an effigy is a snake, the other angle it's a bird- yet the composite of both images makes up one single portrait, or effigy.  I wish I had a picture of one of these stones; but again I am currently without a camera.

- Came across another undocumented Stone Chamber in Milford MA. last spring.  My best guess is that this particular Chamber was built in the 18th or 19th centuries and served a dual purpose to whoever built it.  This Chamber is on the side of a hill but is in the middle of a spring.  An old cart path runs above it so it is like a bridge for the cart path- the flow of the spring has also been engineered by stone wall building along it's banks, contemporary with that of the Chamber.  So, the lintel stones acting as a bridge for the cart-path is the Stone Chamber's practical function.  However, the folks who built it (farm-hands it would seem) probably used it also for their own folk traditions, whether these people were Irish, Scottish, or Native or had Native ancestry I do not know.  I can picture someone 150 or 200 years ago chilling out inside this stone chamber relaxing their feet in the calm waters of the stream on the side of the hill.  There are also old rusted pale buckets near this Chamber, which have been linked to ceremonialism- gelling with 17th/, 18th/, 19th century Native ceremonialism ("flashy trinkets"- although the "sophisticated" white man's mind could not comprehend the deeper meaning of reflecting/ refracting sun and moonlight as well as sacred shapes and symbolism, etc.), but these pale buckets also gel with folk traditions of people from the Irish countryside, in fact the country-side probably anywhere on the British Isles as well, the key here is that we are looking at the folk tradition of the pale bucket.

-There are also really good Similacra's in the hills of Milford, MA.  Some are human, some are bird, some are serpent.  Some are on over-hangs of rock ledges, some are formed from boulders, and some are worked into boulders.  I have shared some in this blog already but there are much, much more to be seen.

- I had more news to bring forward but I will save it for another time.  One point I wanted to say is that studying the origins of human belief systems and the origins of who we are is a complex thing indeed.  There is no easy answer.  There is no such thing as a single adrogenous group of people.  Nothing is ever that simple.  For example, people say that the Neanderthals are all dead, that they all died off 12,000+ years ago.  But that is not true.  There are billions of modern people in the human population who have Neanderthal genes (ancestry), no matter how miniscule that may seem.  And, these human ancestors had a larger brain capacity than we do today, although it was "wired" a bit differently.  They also appeared to be stronger than modern people and more artistically expressive.  The stereo-type of a brutish dullard most people have of a Neanderthal isn't even accurate.  We inherited our artistic and emotional expressions from them; they even buried flowers with their dead.  There seems to be a white-washing or a smear campaign on our human history as more people are plugged in to their machines.  I do not know if any North American rock sites relate to "pre-modern" human cultures such as the Neanderthal (in fact nobody at this point could probably say for sure) but I bring up this last point to highlight just how complex the human species is, especially in understanding our origins.  Also this is partly prep for a video I wish to share in an upcoming post about the Carpathian Mountains (Romania), where there are many boulder/ simulacra rock sites in an area with a heavy concentration of Neanderthal burials- the video is very thought provoking and who knows maybe there is something to it- we will be exploring some other parts of the world in these videos before coming back home.

Stay tuned.                   

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Thought Provoking: On the Catastrophe of 12,000 Yrs. Ago

Thought Provoking: On the Catastrophe of 12,000 Yrs. Ago

The following are short YouTube videos (about 10 mins.) concerning the catastrophe of 12,000 Yrs. ago.  The first video is in relation to the proposed equator before the pole shifts changed place (as a result of the catastrophe.)  The video shows many ancient sites in this older alignment of the equator.  Please keep in mind that some sites may be older than what the mainstream archaeological consensus asserts to be the case.  For instance just the other year a Easter Island style Moai statue was found 1,000 miles away elsewhere in Polynesia, in the Pit Cairn Islands after a mudslide- before this the consensus was that Moai statues were only to be found uniquely on Easter Island.  In fact I made a post about this already with a link to the article the other year so I won't do so again.  Also some sites such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia have been known to be built on top of earlier sites.
The video is titled "The Equator 12,500 Years Ago?": 

The next video is shot on site at the Giza Plateau in Egypt.  For those that have researched the subject concerning the great antiquity of the pyramids (12,000+ years ago), the ideas put forth by the talker make sense.  At least a thought-provoking talk concerning the pyramids.  Personally I do not know when the pyramids were built (although I suspect they are older than the Egyptologists claim they are), but a mind is best used like a parachute- it only works when it's open.  I may not know everything but at least I am smart enough to know that I do not know everything.  The link here:

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dear Hiker In Woods- Stop Making Rock Piles Next To Older Rock Pile Sites

Dear Hiker In Woods- Stop Making Rock Piles Next To Older Rock Pile Sites

The other month I noticed in the woods, in Holliston MA., on the trails off of Adams St. that somebody has made a new rock pile cairn right next to a wooden trail post not too far in the woods from Adams St. 
Now, hikers have been known to do this, such as on mountain trails.  However the problem here is that there are older, pre-colonial cairns of Native origin off to the sides of this trail- one of the nicer cairn fields in those woods.  Also, this person took stones from the pre-existing cairns to make their modern pile.  Since I am known to be in this area I wanted to go on record and say that I do not condone this- never would I knowingly sacrilege a pre-existing site.  These sites are to be left alone AS IS.  Every rock and every stone structure that was placed by Native people has a deep, multi-layered spiritual meaning.  This person took all the stones off of a small cairn nearby and obviously used those rocks for their modern trail marker cairn.  I also noticed some rocks missing from some larger ground piles/ stone mound shapes.  I also noticed a stone-slab shaped rock randomly heaped into the pile.... now the original context of this stone, wherever it came from nearby, has been lost to us.
If I ever ran into this person in the woods I would at least educate them why they should not do this.  Again, I wanted to go on record and say that I do not condone this.  Perhaps this person is not aware of the significance of older Native rock cairns and does not realize what they are doing. 
However, I will say, without getting into much detail, that there is such a thing as the right time and right place to make a stone pile/ effigies, etc.  But one must be very tuned in to know what they are doing, and extra-sensitive where to build.  The trail marker pile off of Adams St. that somebody made is modern slop, it is not a stone structure of any kind.  Yes, many Native cairns are structural in design.  We are looking at the ruins/ remains of structured rock piles/ enclosures/ walls, alignments, etc. here.  So again, as to not go into too much detail- if one has the urge to build stone structures- do not build modern slop and do not build with stone taken from older sites, and do not build within an older site the way this person off of Adams St. has done- all the stone structures and cairns there already have a homogenous and special meaning and placement for being there, you are simply vandalizing the site.  If you make anything, at least do so in a fresh place where you are not disturbing anything... see what you can do with blocks and stones left over from a quarrying site, for instance (clean-up on the side of a ledge/hill that has already been de-faced) if it happens to strike you as a power place.  If you use any sacred stones, such as a standing stone for instance, only do so as a reverent act of preservation; for instance perhaps such a stone may have been moved from another nearby place in danger from development.  Etc.  That would be my advice to somebody. 

In other words, this person needs to quit playing around.  If you really want to make rock piles such as the trail marker pile in the woods off Adams St. Holliston, do not EVER disturb an older site  the way you did (no clue if you are reading this, or who you even are at the moment.)  Go do it on the side of the trail of a popularly hiked mountain.  However, I will say that I have noticed some very beautiful fresh rock piles along several lakes and bodies of water recently.  The person or people making these piles, for whatever reasons, are doing it right- their piles are intrinsically beautiful and enhancing to the natural surroundings and they are not disturbing anything older in doing so.  Again, there is right place/ right time and the wrong place/ wrong time.  I know in the end I cannot say anything for or against something, each person must decide, but I can nab you by the ear and explain some reasons why it is not good to make modern piles in certain places for instance, such as disturbing older sites knowingly or unknowingly (even if the impact is "miniscule."). 
Also, in my experience, as I have understood things, every stone must be looked at, handled, and placed in a sacred way as to express a certain meaning, shape, or flow within the greater unit.  This way, you are interacting with the stones, and therefore are interacting with the Earth herself- doing so should also stimulate your neurons and sense of time, perception of space, etc.  This is one reason for pre-colonial serpent walls for instance- the builders were literally expressing their interaction with the electro-magnetic phenomenon, or current waves which could be explained as "the rainbow serpent" in some cultures or "the great horned serpent" to be more exact.  That's all I will say for now because I have already digressed.
Have a good one and thank you for reading this.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"They" Already Knew? Going Along to Get Along/ Sacred Geography/ Sacred Remains

"They" Already Knew? Going Along to Get Along/ Sacred Geography/ Sacred Remains

I stopped by the Holliston MA. town hall today.  I got more info about the Hopping Brook Development site (DEP File # concerning the wetlands, etc.) which I have already passed along.  I kept myself together while visiting the town hall place, but man oh man, does that place ever stink to high hell.  When I first walked into that place, inquiring about the Hopping Brook site an over-weight wanna-be authority-type figure, red in the face obviously due to high cholesterol and sloth-like tendencies, invaded my space and snapped at me about how all permits were already obtained, legally, and that is the end of the story and that development is going on as planned.  I smirked and countered this by saying, quite adamantly as the situation called for, that since the developers needed to obtain a federal permit for Storm-water Management due to the Wetlands, somewhere along the line somebody broke protocol and federal guidelines by not contacting a representative of one of the several federally-recognized tribal nations in the area, concerning development in ancestral territories of Native people. 

With that said, I would add for this blog that the site that is to be developed is a unique and important part of the local Ceremonial Stone Landscape, including what may very likely be (and if you are educated about such archaeology than you don't even have to suppose, you will have a good sense of pretty much 'knowing') large stone burial mounds as well as other features such as smaller rock groupings, some ceremonial items such as standing stones, serpent walls and rows of enclosures, sacred boulders, etc.  Also, one can see the high point of the Milford Hills, Magomiscook, from the Hopping Brook site, and vice-versa.  We still know today, for example, such as through the modern council of the Pokonoket band of Wampanoag, as they point out, about sacred hills and mountains important to their culture since time immemorial.  Popular examples would be Mt. Hope in Rhode Island (basically a large hill but big enough to be classified as a "mountain"), being able to view Mt. Wachusett in central MA. from the peak/ side of Mt. Hope and being able to see Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire from Mt. Wachusett in central MA.  These are all sacred mountains known by local Native people.

(mt. wachusett) 

Just as I have noticed that at the vantage points of Mt. Nobscot (another "large hill") in Framingham/ Sudbury MA. (west of Boston) one can see the Blue Hills nearby to Boston, as well as Mt. Wachusett in the other direction, I have noticed that the high points of the Milford Hills (Magomiscook) afford an even more spectacular view-shed.  The Blue Hills can be seen from here, as well as points that may be in Rhode Island, and in the direction of Uxbridge and Mendon MA.  One can also see points in Hopkinton and Westboro, going towards the direction of Central MA. and I speculate that if the tree lines were clear one could see Mt. Wachusett from the Milford Hills.  (One early Milford town historian mentioned that Wachusett was visible from the Milford hills in his day- written in the early nineteenth century.)  What I am getting at here, is that there is a whole entire "lost" network of sacred hillsides in the region, but here I am focusing on the Milford/ Holliston area, and that the local Ceremonial Stone Landscape is also a part of this story.  It is also no coincidence that the area is the headwaters of the Charles River watershed.  The fact that the Hopping Brook site is a part of this sacred landscape is significant- it is the first large hill to be seen in the distance from the Milford Hills, and the Milford Hills can be seen from Hopping Brook.

But back to the Hopping Brook site in particular: for the past several years, and perhaps even before then, this site has been on the inventory of sites for the region's Ceremonial Stone Landscapes.  The developers needed to renew their federal permit for developing around wetlands within a year of the start of development.  It is around this time that representatives from the tribal nations should have been contacted.  This never happened.  What is worse, is that the clerk who did end up helping me (who was nicer than the other guy) told me that some people on the Holliston Conservation Commission and Planning Board already know about Sacred Native American Rock Piles in the local area and about some of their significance.  Really? REALLY?  Than how on earth can these same people sit in the town meetings and planning board meetings, meetings relevant to the Hopping Brook development and do nothing?  I know why- because "one hand washes the other hand."  At the end of the day, these people all look out for each other and for the best interests of "business" in the town.  It seems to me that people in the know about these stone sites, did not bring up the fact these structures were all over the place around the Hopping Brook site, because they are going along to get along.  "Team players."  Being a team player is good sometimes, but not when you are on the wrong team.  So in other words, the "good" and "charitable" people of the Holliston Planning Board and Conservation Commission are racists... they knew these structures were there, in the way of development, and they did nothing.

This act of development is an outrage.  Not only may there be burial structures on this site (there are certainly structures of Native origin on site), the developers would also take an eraser to the sacred hillside and put up a warehouse or other industrial building; this is a sacrilege.  Again; these modern people aren't thinking straight- these buildings and parking lots may only be used for several generations, while the true heritage of that landscape, which has endured and been celebrated for thousands of years, will be lost forever.

Depending on one's own definition of who is and who isn't a Native person, I may or may not "qualify".  If a Native person is an enrolled tribal member, who can prove an unbroken line to their respective communities, than in those terms I am not a Native person.  If one defines a Native person as someone with any Native heritage at all, than yes, I am a Native person.  I saw a quote the other day (concerning Taino people) that said, "inside every mestizo (person of European/American Indian descent) is either a dead Indian or an Indian waiting to be re-born."  In my case, I have always felt I have been waiting to be re-born, to embrace my Native roots.  The word mestizo, in Spanish, usually refers to someone who is "half and half" but I would revise that to include anybody with any Native heritage.

The same people who would approve this development and profit from it do not even relate to this very land in any way, shape, or form.  Furthermore, some of these same people have even probably been convinced that Life has no Spirit.  So of course they are going to destroy the landscape- they are motivated by nothing more than a material profit, which is not 'the Way' ("the Way" is the law of natural order and life, from the source of creation defined in many old theologies such as Taoism, early Gnosticism, etc., which in turn grew out of different world Native traditions.)  The business model of driving up profits is unsustainable and can basically be summed up by this video clip of Oren Lyons (of the Onondaga Nation) where he talks about the business model and the consumption of resource ("none of you are pulling your horse" he says, also "you need a moral question in your governing process"):

I also found the following Oren Lyons talk to be very relevant to the topic of this blog post.  "We Are Part of the Earth":

                  The kind of mindless development that is currently under-way at the Hopping Brook site in Holliston, MA. is just the latest example in a long line of trends of developments that needs to be re-thought and re-considered if we do not want to reach that "point of no return" that we are "heading to." (see the first Oren Lyons link.)  That is all I can think to say about this for now.  Not only this, but we (all people) lose our relationship with the land, many people have given this up already and have freely done so, and maybe some never "had it" in the first place... more people need to return to the good way of living. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Video About "the Mound Builders"

Video About "the Mound Builders"

I liked the presentation on this video.  Focusing on the mound-building tradition most commonly associated in the Mid-West, Mississippi delta, Ohio Valley, etc.  The speaker was in PA. in front of what used to be an American Indian mound, now a museum.  The mound building culture was here in New England, too.  The fact that it is still swept under the rug, or that archaeologists haven't reached a consensus about this issue yet tells me that there must be an agenda going on as to not acknowledge these structures here in New England for what they are.  Perhaps they are too much "in the way."  The early Puritans, who gave us the Salem Witch Trials certainly wouldn't have wanted to acknowledge such stone structures and that taboo is still in place today.  Colonists who moved out west found many Native American mounds, and publicized their findings, but in the 19th century they had much more liberty and freedom to do so than in New England.  So the question is, when is enough going to be enough?  When will New England be honest about this?  When will these structures finally be acknowledged for what they are- sacred American Indian monuments mostly for ceremonial purposes.  Hopefully it won't be too long before the right representatives, officials and academics do the right thing- and before it is too late. 

A description of the YouTube video:
"The real history of the Native American inhabitants of this land remains in obscurity for most people. This is because most of the historians who recorded history in the past recorded it from a very biased view point which created a distorted view of the indigenous Americans..."
The video, a short 5 minute clip (we are focusing on the mounds here):

Now with those images and descriptions of the Earth Mounds still fresh in your mind, compare them to this New England counter-part, a stone mound in Holliston, MA. that is in the middle of what is now currently a construction zone in threat of being destroyed as another mound nearby was:

If the legal system we live under was actually good and just, developers would have to be forced to take special courses to learn how to identify and work around these structures as to not disturb them.  But this seems like a "la-la land" pipe dream that is too much to ask.  Instead, there is no responsibility taken into account in regards to these structures.  I would even go so far as to say that these developers, and town/city planners, etc. are making a grave mistake by ignoring the significance of these structures, even in regards to the evolution of their spirit, their karma, or what have you.

Last I will show a clip from the Hidden landscapes series that I have shown before but I will show it again here because it helps put things in even better perspective as to what we are looking into here (less than 2 minutes):

Friday, July 15, 2016

Snapping Out Of La-la Land

Snapping Out Of La-la Land

If you follow this blog closely you will realize that around the beginning of 2016, around January, my camera stopped working.  My cell phone camera is no longer uploading pics to my e-mail for some reason.  Also, the digital camera I have, although "new", as in, never been used, has a full memory and will not allow me to take pics.  I cannot figure that technology out.  So no new pictures of sites= storytelling time for this blog.  Some stories were about insights concerning geographical events taking place ages ago and how they might relate to rock pile or other sacred site locations.  Other stories may have been about dream-time experiences flirting on 'paranormal'.  Of course I was able to relate some of that to stone-works as well, in a way.  These stories should be taken as individual insights or experiences that I, the writer of this blog had, and most definitely not a cultural interpretation (although some of the geographical insights are valuable in this regard, such as Charles River headwaters, high hills, etc).  I would like to make that clear.  Perhaps I should start another blog with a different focus of interest to tell these particular stories concerning my own "inner world" experiences while at the same time leaving this separate blog concerning Ceremonial Stone Landscapes up.  If I do make a new blog sometime in the future I will announce it here.

Also, I do not watch or listen to much TV or mainstream radio, or watch movies, etc.  If I want "entertainment" I would much rather gain some actual real knowledge and wisdom from such an experience instead of wasting my time on useless pop culture nonsense, Hollywood drivel, or noisy music that pollutes the human spirit.  Instead I would be interested to hear what someone like Santos Bonacci has to say about the philosophy of Astrology, or be entertained by a 'Red Elk' interview, although I know that not everything that man claimed was true, but when he is on fire, he is on fire... and that is my version of "watching a movie" while appealing to my sense of the possible.  Better in my opinion, than a grown-ass man playing video games (which many do) or watching a sitcom TV show that has nothing to do about nothing.

With all of that said and out of the way, there is currently a very real issue currently at stake.  The destruction and desecration of a stone mound/ cairn site.  The developers of the Hopping Brook Industrial Park in Holliston, MA. are making an expansion to the park.  In doing so they have crossed wetlands and are destroying Native American stone mound burials, stone pile effigies and other sacred stones.  Peter Waksman of the Rock Piles Blog first noticed the survey markers.  I did my best to monitor the situation at first, but I blinked for a second and all of a sudden all of the trees on the site have been clear-cut and they are moving boulders and rocks around, and disturbing some of the structures, and that is just SO FAR.  I called up the local newspaper, which has a wide local distribution through many towns, and met a reporter and photographer at the scene of the crime to show them what was happening.  The story made the Wednesday July 13th edition of the MetroWest Daily News, beginning on the front page of the paper and continuing on page A5.

Here are a couple of pictures from the article:

There is a lot more information about this issue on Peter Waksman's Rock Piles blog (July 2016.)  Tim MacSweeney of the Waking Up On Turtle Island Blog has also been posting about this very real issue.  Representatives of some of the federally recognized tribes in the area have been notified about this desecration.  This issue has now been exposed.  What will come of it, we will have to find out.  There must come a time when development practices in the United States must cease the ethnic cleansing of Native culture.  This is a very real issue.

It would be nice to live in a world where balance and harmony can be met on a daily basis, where vision and dream-time can be expressed as they once were.  These things are in a good way, but in today's world we also must be prepared to be on guard and to take action.  It is 'sociopathic' behavior to desecrate and destroy the landscape, as it was interacted upon for thousands of years, to pave the way for parking lot and industrial warehouse buildings that may only be in use for 100 years or so, maybe 150 years.  Meanwhile, what should be a cultural treasure is destroyed that is not yet fully understood or researched; stone monuments, temple-like platform cairns, standing stones, etc. that should be preserved for the sake of preservation (including ceremony.)   

Updates on this issue will be given.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Mass. Wild Swamp Cactus AKA "Thistles". How to Prepare + Info On Healing Properties

Mass. Wild Swamp Cactus AKA "Thistles".  How to Prepare + Info On Healing Properties

The other day I found myself in one of my other favorite places to be other than rock ledges of bedrock granite high in the hills (which provide an abundant resource of stone.)  I found myself in true swamp land.  Swamp land where there were no trails, knee deep and waist deep in swamp water.  I stayed out of the water the best I could, using fallen trees and tree limbs to navigate my way through the swamp- clutching, jumping, balancing, zig-zagging, maneuvering and stretching my body to stay dry- I only slipped a couple times after night had fallen... it took me a couple hours to navigate through that swamp.  It is a fun exercise to do sometimes because it is a little challenging if you want to stay dry and you must use your brain power to analyze the best tactical maneuvers.  And just like a maze sometimes you have to slowly zig-zag your way across (finding downed tree limbs and assuming one wants to stay dry) in order to move forwards.  It is a good analytical brain exercise as well as a good physical work out and also a good practice in learning patience to reach a goal.

On the side of the swamp (which itself is a bit of a challenge for most people to get to), where there are the remains of some trails I noticed that one of the New England region's wild cactus plants was growing (for some reason people, if they even know of it call it a weed and think that cacti or similar plants only grow in the southwest region?- that logic is the veil lifted over people's eyes).  What I am referring to is a 6 foot tall prickly, thorny thistle-bush.  These sacred plants have many healing properties.  My subtle energy body was buzzing off the charts just being around this wild plant.  Okay, so I guess that was my adventure.  Most people don't realize the abundance of wild healing plants around their area.  Take Massachusetts alone.  Without looking anything up I will list as much as I can off the top of my head: Burdock, Thistle, Blackberry (in abundance), Blueberry (in abundance), dandelion (in abundance), skunk cabbage (in abundance), cat-tail (in abundance), sassafras (in abundance).  This is only to name a few.

The following YouTube video is a presentation about how to prepare Wild Thistle as well as a 101 on it's health benefits.  Thank you to the presenter for doing her great work.  About 10 minutes long:

We should always keep in mind that looking at stone sites was just one aspect of the Native culture, an aspect which I believe had it's glory day many thousands of years ago- in later woodland cultures perhaps, and this really is just a supposition, only a select group of people had the full knowledge of how to read, interact and interpret some of these sites (stone wall complexes running up ledges, areas within it of propped boulders and large split boulders- obviously observatory sites in some cases, which provided within it places to make the necessary observations- places where Earth, Sky and Water meet, etc.)  Cairn and rock pile sites were probably more personal, and specific families and clans probably had preferred specific areas of their own where they would go erect these monuments and to observe ritual, remembering to give thanks to the spirits (a rock-on rock offering stone for instance next to a larger effigy cairn which in turn is next to a larger stone mound.)  But beyond the ceremonial stone complexes are elements of Native life more familiar to academics and the public at large- such as habitation sites (which featured extensive spiral trail systems from one place to the next, which has actually been proven beneficial to human DNA), foraging sites, production sites (soapstone quarries for the manufacture of products such as bowls, tools, etc.), and subsistence sites.

What I am trying to say is, although this blog has focused on the less known and understood stone sites, every aspect of nature, and what is to be found on the land itself is a gifted experience given to us directly from the Creator.  Wetland, Swampland, plant and animal life are just as fantastic as places that are abundant in stone and therefore stone-works as well.  I do not want to sound like I am too carried away by the stones- although they are indigenous, therefore enhancing the power of the natural landscape instead of working against it which is what modern people do.

And I did find the Massachusetts cacti-type thistle plants to be most glorious.         

Friday, July 1, 2016

Video- "How To Build An Igloo" (Inuit) + Thoughts On N.E. Stone Structures= "Related"

Video- "How To Build An Igloo" (Inuit) + Thoughts On N.E. Stone Structures= "Related"

The Ice and Snow constructions, or igloos of Native people far north in the Arctic follows the same "modus operandi" of particular stone constructions in the more temperate Northeast region of the US/ Canada.  In place of stone the resource they use is ice in this case, which is a less permanent material than stone.  For instance, just as many people compare the Ohio and Mississippi Earthworks, spirals and mounds to the Stone constructions in the Northeast we can also compare stone constructions to the ice constructions of the Arctic.  The following 10 minute video shows the building methods of a 'beehive' igloo and the shaping of the ice blocks that goes into it:

"How to Build An Igloo" -

Similar building style to at least some of the stone structures of the Northeast (while other stone structures have their counterparts still in the Arctic inuksuk and other such rock piles.) 

However some questions need to be raised- did Arctic people have a prior knowledge to stone building when stone was a more abundant resource in that region, or did the shaping and fitting of ice blocks develop independently?  For example, the fitting and shaping of ice blocks is very similar to the shaping and fitting of stones- many of the more elaborate stone structures in the Northeast have shaped and fitted stones similar to the ice blocks shown in the above video.

And also, going back to the book "Manitou" by Mavor and Dix; on page 17 they talk about an excavation they did of a stone site in Vermont and found that the tradition of building stone piles directly on top of the bedrock and that the modification by human hands of the bedrock itself happened at least directly after the recession of the last glacial ice (10,000-12,000 yrs. ago) or that it was perhaps from an even earlier period of an interglacial period BEFORE the last glaciation (before the ice age).  This was determined from soil-core samples they had geologists test.
An interesting point to make here is that there wouldn't have been trees around to use as a resource 11,000 (or so) years ago directly after the last ice age- the resource to use would have been stone.  So at least some of the stone chambers, mounds and stone walls of the Northeast region can be dated to this time frame (and excavations of the Red Paint People stone constructions goes back at least 9,000 years- such as the Stone burial mound in Labrador that featured a collapsed Chamber.)  Stone, wood, earth or ice, some of the building methods and the logic behind it are the same.  It just depends on what resource is available. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Three Luminaries In the Night Sky; June 2016

Three Luminaries In the Night Sky; June 2016

Three planets- Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are visible in the night sky this month, June 2016.  Some of the hills of Milford, MA. are particularly great for viewing solar/ sky events (the great rock/ grand view place.)  Particularly the hill formerly known as WildCat Hill in the area formerly known as the WildCat neighborhood.  (Today only WildCat Pond still bears the name WildCat in Milford.)  Near the Holliston and Hopkinton lines- highest hill at the headwaters of the Charles River.  There are stone-works on this hill, especially on the slope as well as many, many Standing Stones, mostly knocked over, several of which are in excess of 6 feet in height.  As well as foot paths through the bedrock ledges (obviously ancient), and stone wall terraces in a place never settled or farmed by colonists- this hill is one of the 'pyramids' I have mentioned in previous posts.  If we re-think what constitutes a pyramid for a second, this hill most definitely qualifies as one.  This hill IS natural, but has been so well modified with stone wall terraces, foot paths, Standing Stones, enclosures, mounds, cairn fields, Manitou Stones, etc., that I really do see it as a pyramid.  There is also concentric rings of placed and propped granite boulders and dolmens at the crest of the hill (one of the pedestal stones of the largest dolmen was crushed and the rock tipped), which I see as "capping" the hill (much like a cap-stone on a pyramid, although we may be looking at something far more "ancient" than the pyramids in this case.)

A lot of people like the Milford hills, such as the Target parking lot on Fortune Blvd., as a place to view the fourth of July fireworks.  Agreed.  More importantly though, these hills can still be used for sightline astronomy and sky observation, and, by noticing that tall 6-7 foot collapsed standing stones on rock ledges line up with the summer solstice sun-set, and such things, it is no wonder.

Again, the planets Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are visible in the night sky this month.  I sometimes refer to the planets as "heavenly bodies" or "luminaries."  Also, the Full Moon (Strawberry Moon) is June 20, and the Summer Solstice (longest day of the year) is June 21st.  Here is a link to the night sky events in June (from

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Energizing While Sleeping.

Energizing While Sleeping.

Although this post does relate to the dream state, especially the lucid dream state, this is not the post I intend to write about some of my dream experiences I mentioned I would write last month ( a couple posts back.)  I will get around to that post in a little while. 

I did wish to communicate about some of my experiences in lucidity during my dream states with this post.  One such experience was this- first understand, during waking life, one of my personal "power" objects is my walking stick staff.  It is finished with a fine linseed oil, about 5 ft. high and was made from a Appalachian Sassafras Vine.  The handle is the thickest part, it has a carved notch in the middle to lend durability and twists in a vine pattern at the end, which is crafted nicely.  This wood, especially having the linseed oil finish is a very tough wood that makes for an excellent walking stick and it won't break.  Now, I do not particularly need a hiking stick for when I hike- most of the time I sling it over my shoulder anyways.  I am in good shape and can go without it, but I view it as a special object.  For instance, if I sit in stillness in nature for any length of time (basically a "meditation") the Stick can help me to concentrate by focusing on an external object.  For instance I may spread it across my lap, balance it on my wrists or balance it on my shoulder (in which case it unjulates like a snake).  Or I may aim it at the sky, etc.  That said, I view my personal walking stick as an object that is "cleared" of any negativity, thus a power object, since the object is along for the trip for all these good experiences in nature, or in "stillness".  It reminds me of the verse from the Bible, the Twenty-Third Psalm; "...Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

I have experienced in sleep, in a lucid state, my Walking Stick grafting itself onto my spine, or perhaps the Staff was simply being used to symbolize my spine- but in any case- I was receiving electro-magnetic energy from the Walking Stick in this way.  The Walking Stick flashed before the temple of my mind's eye in this lucid state, spitting out electro-magnetic discharges of bolts of energy.  Now, for me, this experience was/ is real.  Progressive dream research has shown that events that take place while in a lucid state are 'real', even if they do not happen in the 'mundane' waking physical reality.  For instance, I can actually feel the effects in 'real life' of this energetic experience. 

Furthermore, I have used energy like this in my waking life as well.  My Si-hing, or older Kung Fu brother (sihing is a Chinese word), whom I learned a lot from regarding the Long Fist and Hung Gar styles of kung fu had a heart attack but survived.  I also trained in Tai Chi Chuan and Qi-Gong at another school, my teacher in this instance was a Chinese doctor well versed in the martial arts but especially and maybe more importantly, the healing arts.  The last time I saw my sihing and shook his hand good-bye, not long after his heart attack, I gave him an electro-magnetic shock that jolted him.  This was not caused by static electricity at all.  What I actually did was transmit Chi energy from the palm of my hand into my kung fu sihing.  To do this one cannot match the handshake of the other person with "strength" but one must have the awareness and intention of transmitting the energy- the energy basically passes from one conduit (person) to another.  For instance, in traditional Chinese medical clinics the practitioners work on their patients in such a manner- using hands-on energy or "chi" work although sadly bad pharmaceutical western practices are slowly growing in that part of the world.

Back to lucid dream states- recently, and most regrettably I attended a family funeral.  My younger cousin had passed away in a fishing accident.  The night after the funeral took place, during sleep, all of the faces and images of all my relatives- my uncles, aunts, cousins- flashed into my mind's eye- there was a profound sense of connectedness, "togetherness" and love between me and every single one of my relatives.  And on my father's side of the family, I do not always have a chance to see everybody because they are out of state.  This is a confirmation to me that we are together in spirit.

Now, I am just going through some examples of the lucid dream state.  Throughout my waking life, from time to time, every now and then I have seen glowing white orbs in the sky.  Usually there are several of these glowing orbs which appear at once, floating in the sky, hovering overhead for some time and then floating off into the distance.  In nature I have witnessed them and experienced watching them in several places.  I do not get a bad feeling about these glowing white orbs, in fact I get a benevolent sense about them and I have a strong intuition.  Now, in the previous post in this blog I showed photographs of stone faces, or "spirit stones".  Just the other night, while sleeping on the floor of my room a glowing white light appeared in the sky outside of my window.  During this sequence of events, which must have lasted at least a couple of hours, another form of consciousness was telepathically communicating with me, while I was in a lucid resting state but not fully asleep.  The consciousness that was communicating with me I soon realized was the likeness of a stone head that I have come across- or to put it another way- I realized that one of the stone heads I have seen while spending time at sites is the likeness of this being that was communicating with me telepathically.  I have not featured the stone head I am referring to in this blog- it is a stone head but is unlike the stone heads featured in the previous post.  This stone head appears to be a sculpted rock and like some of the standing stones and stones that I have been around, seems to be imbued with some kind of a consciousness.  So, to put it into words, I was receiving information, energy and strength, telepathically, from an "alive" likeness of a stone head statue while in a lucid resting state.  In my lucid dream-like state this being had a full body, was wearing a kind of head-dress or cap and was a slightly different color from the stone I have seen during waking life.  Perhaps this being is from the stars, and the stone head is an earthly representation of him, with some of his consciousness being put into the stone (pink granite).  (Note: During the European/ Italian Renaissance, many great thinkers, philosophers and artists are pictured with a human skull at their desk.  The story behind this is that, the skull on these people's desks, whether it was Leonardo de Vinci or Nostradamus, the skull was the skull of a former thinker/ philosopher, i.e. "enlightened" person that had gone before them, such as one of their teacher's.  The thought was that the skull of such a person would crystalize, and in that being the case, the philosopher who was in possession of such a skull, acting as a human conduit (again, electro-magnetism) could extract information and wisdom from such a skull.  Today, modern people scoff at this notion because they have been conditioned to do so.  The root of people's modern belief system, or blindness, can ultimately be traced back to Roman Inquistion; in other words, the destruction of the people who had a traditional knowledge base.  "Onward Christian soldiers, marching on to War..."  Also, it is important to note that for instance, Tibetan lamas or priests even today will keep body parts or organs of an "enlightened master" in the temple, or in some cases, if the master yogi passes this realm in seated meditation sometimes the physical body is encased or enshrined in a golden Buddha statue.)  But back to my lucid experience.  I do not remember at the moment specific details, only the experience itself.  And I also know that the being communicating with me held back it's/ his energy transmission otherwise I would have been completely overwhelmed by this power. 
On a similar note, another point that could be linked to this topic is an article written by the People Of One Fire (POOF) regarding ancient stone temples in high places in Georgia, as related to the ancestors of the Creeks (a North American Native tribe.)  This article talks about one of the functions of the temples acting as Star Gates, as believed by the cosmogony of ancient Native people's, as well as Star Beings, who are ancestors of some of the Creeks according to this mythos. (Note: I am not making a case for or against star beings/ portals, as I do not know enough myself to say either way.  This article is, however, very well written, showing off artwork of Native people's interpretations of the spiral galaxy, stone temples, etc.  An informative and thought provoking read.)  The article from the People Of One Fire Website is here- .  This article is archived in the "Mysteries" section of the POOF website.

This concludes what I wanted to say (and more) about energetic sleep experiences while in a lucid state.  I might as well cover everything in one post.  Here are some of the other dreams I wanted to address in another post, although I may as well address them here:

- My father's spirit visiting me the moments of his passing- he was in Virginia, I was in Massachusetts, yet I knew what happened before hearing the news of it because his presence appeared to me, jolting me out of my sleep in the early hours of the morning (the inter-connectedness of our ancestors and relatives)

- In the following years of my father's passing, his spirit visiting me to make sure everything was okay, not just with me but with everyone.  In this stage we realize how irrelevant things like making money, materialism, the rat race, etc. is.  Astral projecting with my father- he commented that he never realized how beautiful the lake in town looked (since we were seeing it from above.)  We took some chairs out and sat talking on the front lawn- my mother came out to join us and the dog was there too.

-In the early hours of the morning of Friday, the 13th, astral projection to another realm filled with demons hell-bent on destroying our planet (for real.)  There were many warriors fighting the demons, by using their tools as weapons of light.  Some warriors I recognized, many more I didn't.  An elder stood back and said, "okay kid, let's see what you can do."  Instead of using my staff as a weapon of light, I BECAME the light, radiating outward, thus vanquishing and disintegrating all of the demons in this realm I had traveled to into nothingness.  They were getting ready to come to Earth, in some form or another, probably in a form we cannot perceive in visible light (the spectrum that people can see in), perhaps through some twisted/ inverted technology such as satellites or perhaps a star gate.  There was literally millions of these demons waiting to come to Earth.  But now they are gone.  However, I think that this was just one "batch" waiting to come- some are here already and still more "out there."  Still, we did the best we could do that day, and I was called upon.  You're welcome.

- Having to do with the local landscape.  Twin warriors, or sachems, appeared before me in the spirit realm.  They both wore colorful head-dresses.  We were standing in my local area, yet not as I knew it.  It was as it appeared in ancient times.  They explained that I did not have a full privilege among their people, but that I had some privilege and I would have to learn more, to give the simplified 101 version of this encounter.  The striking thing about this vision though is that ever since having this dream, I have been able to tell better and with more clarity higher realms which coincide and are "above" the mundane reality and places we experience every day, which is partly what I experienced in this particular vision meeting these 2 spirit brothers.  For instance, the whole Earth is sacred and the wisdom and spirit of this planet will never be destroyed, even sometimes when it seems to be destroyed or altered by modern development/ real estate/ business sociopathic insanity.

- I was with my 2 brothers.  The three of us were "at home" together in the yard.  However, in the dream we lived down the street from where the house we grew up actually was.  This location is actually down the street and in an area that is a more open, flat plain.  Today in waking reality it is a residential neighborhood.  But in the dream state the modern neighborhood was not there and my brothers and I lived in a cluster of Wigwams.  Curiously my older brother and I both had our Ford Taurus' we each had in our late teens.  My younger brother was content without a car, and he was fine/ at peace with this, he had his own things to keep him busy.  I do believe that in this particular dream state, we were selected to live in a place in the neighborhood that was actually very naturally suitable to live at, as opposed to modern housing.  This dream was experienced shortly after the previous dream listed above, and I believe is related.  I think the gist of it is, that we are welcome to stay in this area in the spirit world as well, but we must observe the proper balance, thus the relocation down the street.  This also gives me hope, that although we have gone down different paths as adults, my brothers may join me one day again in the future, when we are ready to come together in Spirit.  

Lastly, here is a YouTube video link to a Robert Waggoner lecture in a University.  Most of the lecture is in English, some of the introduction is in Hebrew.  It is titled "Lucid Dreaming; Gateway to Self Development and Healing".  I have not listened to the full lecture but I am sure it is good, I have listened to other Robert Waggoner lectures/ interviews before.  One thing to take away- the characters in people's dreams are visiting, and are not there simply because you are "dreaming" them.  The dream world can be as real or more real than the mundane waking world (for instance Australian Aboriginal people believe that the Dream Time is more important and real than the waking mundane world.)  Anyway the YouTube lecture on lucid dreaming:

Sassafras Vine walking stick outside of Cave Entrance. (blurry pic.)