Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Earthen Mound Site

Another Earthen Mound Site

This was also near water, although situated a little differently from the last Earthen Mound site I posted.  Some nicely formed mounds reminiscent of the Mid-West/ South-East Mound Building Culture except with a North-Eastern canopy growing up.
These mounds are significant but have been largely neglected by scholars in this region.

A huge mound that is as big as many of the impressive mound sites in the mid-west/ south-east:

A cluster of smaller mounds:

Another mound:

You may have to peer to see the mound in the foreground and in the way-back:

Some more snaps of the mounds:


Balance Rock Holliston, MA.

Balancing Rock in Holliston MA.

Famous feature in the town of Holliston, MA. along Rte. 16.  Most commonly regarded as a glacial erratic which is reflected in some of the street names of the new housing complex in that area.  

My own opinion is that this balancing rock could go either way- I have seen, analyzed and studied enough perched/ propped boulders in the area to know that a culture of people did practice propping these megalithic stones- at the same time yes, glacial erratics/ dumpage does exist in this region too .  Either way this is a noteworthy feature in Holliston, MA. that still would have been revered for it's attributes either way.  Here it is:

Note the precarious perching from this angle:

The right of the stone looks like a flipped-over profile of a human face.  Enigmatic:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hopkinton (MA.) Site Pt. 2- Stone/ Earthen Mounds

Hopkinton Pt 2 of Site- Stone & Earthen Mounds

Last post featured the cairns from this particular spot (aka "site", ceremonial complex, etc.)  Here are some more features which are stone and earthen mounds.  Check it out:

Different angles of the stone mound:

Close-up of a standing stone incorporated in the stone mound:

A couple examples of the more picture-friendly earthen mounds:

Hopkinton Site by the Powerlines Part 1- the Cairns

Site by Powerlines In Hopkinton Pt. 1- Cairns/ etc.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

More from the Echo Lake Area Milford/ Hopkinton

More Stone-works Around the General Area of Echo Lake

This large triangular stone is incorporated into the stone wall.  No doubt a marker of some kind:

Another view of the stone incorporated into the wall:

Another single stone placed on a boulder as if marking a sacred spot:

Propped boulder on the edge of a ledge:

More interesting placements along the stone (serpent) wall:

A well-buried cairn:

More cairn/ stone mound:

Right on top of the bedrock here:

More from the stone wall:

Standing stone and cairn-like rock incorporated into a stone wall:

Interesting boulder placement in the stone wall.  Were these stone walls worked into glacial erratics or were boulders like this placed into them?  (Or maybe both happened- stay tuned for more detailed examples of such stone wall placements in posts for the near future): 

Almost the same idea as an enclosure but worked into an extensive stone wall (boulder to boulder enclosure):

What appears to be a worked-out effigy.  Perhaps a serpent or perhaps a turtle (look for the profile).  Notice the smaller stone wedged in between the head and the body:

A smaller stone effigy (bird-like) perched on a boulder platform:

Milford, MA. Site W/ Enclosures

Serpent Wall & Enclosures In Milford, MA.

The first hill-top enclosure I noticed from this site:

An interesting section of the Serpent Wall:

This was directly outside of the enclosure complex, as if indicating something:

More of the stone wall:

A perched boulder:

Part of the 2nd enclosure I noticed at this site:

Large perched boulder: