Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another Cave- Milford Area

Another Cave In the Milford Area

   Chambers and shrines aside, here is another cave in my area.  I think this is the 2nd cave I have posted, plus 2 underground rooms so far and 2 rock shelters, around my area, for those of you keeping track.  This cave reminded me of the Echo Lake Chamber/Shrine nearby(at least on the inside) because the entrances to both are a hollow split in a boulder.  [Speculation: perhaps the Echo Lake Chamber was found to have a solstice/constellation/ or some such alignment and was thus modified by human hands (the roof slabs, etc.) while this cave did not have such an alignment.  That would be interesting to find out.]

    Here are the pics:  

The entrance as seen from "ground level":  

The top of the entrance:

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