Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cairn field & Ceremonial Enclosure

Site With Cairn Field & A Ceremonial Enclosure

Here is another site in my general area.  Take a look:

Showing off part of the entrance of the stone wall that encloses the ceremonial site:

A heap of mounded stone running off the boulder platform:

Cairn with a symmetrical design.  The stone way on the left looks like a turtle's head, or perhaps a bird:

Another circular geometric pattern in this stone mound:

A ceremonial stone enclosure on the hill-side:

Close-up of part of the ceremonial enclosure:

A nearby cairn.  Crescent symbolism?:

A beautiful split-filled cairn: 

Split in the boulder and niche between boulders:

A perched boulder on the edge of a ledge over-looking the site:

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