Monday, October 20, 2014

Holliston, MA. Mega Stone Mound

Holliston, MA. Mega Stone Mound 

Here is another stone mound.  It is located in the same site as the stone mound from the previous post.  There is also a cairn field nearby, and the stone piles seem to get bigger, climaxing at this pile, which is a mega-mound.  Also one can see that this mound is not dumpage, it is elaborate and sophisticated.  At another site nearby in these woods is a modern quarrying site, basically located across a swamp from this site.
My opinion on this is- given the fact that these mounds are clustered together in a group, and have unique features that are conducive with Native stone constructions (such as the Standing Stone and niche spot from last post), and that it is located at the high point of a cairn field, in a place where Earth, Sky and Water meet, my money is on that this is an indigenous stone construct.  

As for the quarry site (late 19th/early 20th century)- that is nearby but not directly located at this site- again, there is a swamp between these sites.  The cairns and mounds here could very well have been left alone- an example of ancient sites nearby to more modern ones.  If anyone wants to see stone dumpage from a quarry I would be happy to take some pictures from some quarry sites- the difference is day and night, not even close to being similar.  Also there are Native style cairns, Standing stones, mounds, etc. all up and down this area in the woods, in neighborhoods, etc., even in people's private property that have survived with some integrity into our own time, even with modern housing and industry all around it.  The fact that these stone mounds appear in a cluster, also close to a cairn field and other native stone-works does it for me.  Check it out:

Looking at the mound from the outside.  Looks to me like the same style of other Native stone mounds in the area (see some of my previous posts from sites in Ashland/ Hopkinton), except this one is massive:

Now, some views of the top of the structure:

View of the mound in the distance.  Notice how it is elevated on high ground.  Who else but a pre-colonial indigenous person would do this:



  1. This Holliston, MA. site is incredible- 11 pictures & 1 post just to cover a single stone construction

  2. Note: After analyzing this structure further I am now going to refer to this mega-stone mound as a temple mound. This is one of the more extensive and exciting stone-works in the area, indicating the native culture of this area built temple-like structures at one point/ in some instances. What we are seeing in my photos obviously, are the ruins.