Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Roadside" Attractions in Holliston

Interesting Roadside Rock Features In Holliston

These features are in Holliston, Ma.  The general locale is near-by to the Milford and Hopkinton town lines.  Other rock features are nearby and this area is also relatively close to the College Rock & Echo Lake area, although lower in elevation, sort of like how a mountain in the National Park Systems has a base camp compared to the summit one goes up.  Take a look:

An unusually shaped boulder that has been worked-out.  This rock also features 3 "drill" marks which I am inclined to believe are indigenous and not from a colonial or later time.  I base my opinion on Mary and James Gage's research which brings to light most notably some of the Ojibwe customs concerning ceremonial drill marks (which can be made using stone tools), comparing this stone with stones that Mary and James Gage have researched, and finally having myself compare this stone to other stones with recent (colonial or a later date) drill marks in the area.  Again, I am strongly of the opinion this stone has 3 pre-colonial drill marks  Seen from this angle are other markings on the stone that perhaps served a ceremonial purpose: 

Another view of the boulder.  From this angle you can see 2 out of 3 of the indigenous drill markings:

A boulder that appears to be worked and pecked out with markings.  This is right next to the other stone from pics 1 & 2:

Another unusually-shaped boulder a few yards down from the other stones.  This boulder features 2 indigenous "drill" markings:

Across the street from the last pic is this ledge that features this perched boulder on the edge:

Across the street and below from the ledge is this stone wall that terminates at this boulder, a few yards down from pic #4:

A stone marker.  I have seen this motiff at other sites before incorporated into stone work:

These stones seem to be placed thoughtfully against the larger boulder:

At the intersection of the streets is this propped boulder:

Down the way is this interesting stone wall:

Another stone wall that intersects the stone wall from the last pic.  This part of the wall eventually heads down a slope.  Note how the wall runs through the bedrock ledge:

This is somebody's front yard, but I know the people.  In the background is the stone wall from the last pic.  In the foreground are 3 boulders in a line, which I thought was interesting:

A deeply-buried cairn nearby:

More pics from Holliston to come another time....

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