Thursday, October 30, 2014

Balance Rock Holliston, MA.

Balancing Rock in Holliston MA.

Famous feature in the town of Holliston, MA. along Rte. 16.  Most commonly regarded as a glacial erratic which is reflected in some of the street names of the new housing complex in that area.  

My own opinion is that this balancing rock could go either way- I have seen, analyzed and studied enough perched/ propped boulders in the area to know that a culture of people did practice propping these megalithic stones- at the same time yes, glacial erratics/ dumpage does exist in this region too .  Either way this is a noteworthy feature in Holliston, MA. that still would have been revered for it's attributes either way.  Here it is:

Note the precarious perching from this angle:

The right of the stone looks like a flipped-over profile of a human face.  Enigmatic:

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