Thursday, October 9, 2014

Propped Balancing Rocks W/ Stone Inscriptions

Site Includes Balancing Rock W/ Stone Inscriptions

I took a road trip the other day to a very back-country town in Worcester County, MA.  I had to travel some distance from my area to get to this site.  A great time of year to visit this area, for sure.  This was a huge balancing rock(s) propped on the edge of a ledge, with petroglyphs (stone inscriptions) on the rock.  My feeling seeing this was that I was looking at a lesser-known Dighton Rock kind of a site.  Check it out:

Not only is the bottom boulder balancing precariously on a ledge, the top boulder is balancing on the bottom boulder:

I do not think that this is glacial dumpage/ a glacial erratic.  I am of the opinion (based on research and being out in "the field") that the indigenous culture that is responsible for this were master's at propping large boulders on ledges.  (See my earlier post from Sept. 2014 where I argue points in support of this viewpoint.)  The culture here accomplished amazing feats in stone, and giving the lay of the land (quite a chaotic landscape) they worked in the most appropriate way conducive with the landscape, whether it be stone-wall terracing, propped boulders, enclosures, chambers, etc. 

One of the stone inscriptions on the rock, a human face.  Note the high cheekbones and that the figure is wearing some kind of head-dress:

A close-up.  This is not some modern-day punk kid marking graffiti into the rock.  Look at the way the stone is pecked and worked out, showing a high level of skill and craftsmanship.  Somebody should analyze the technique that was used:  

Another view of the Balancing Rock:

The other prominent inscription on the rock.  This is a 'Solar Symbol."  It is  more worn out than the other inscription.  This is a circle with a cross, and a pecked-out dot in the middle, probably representing the sun.  From the American Indian perspective this is just like the Medicine Wheel symbol used all across the America's, although the teachings as we know it today in North America has mostly come from the Ojibwe culture, who according to their own myths were originally from the Eastern Seaboard.  However, there is room here for diffusionists to point out that this Solar Sun symbol was used all across the ancient world, and it can in fact be stated that it is the pre-cursor of the Christian cross (to understand this one must research Astro-theology.)      

This picture shows the Solar Symbol/ Medicine Wheel slightly more clearly:

The Balancing Rock from one last angle:

This rock also had some letters marked out into it, as if there were some statements.  My first impression was that this was modern "graffiti" or markings, somebody saying "look, I can mark the rock out too."  Vandalism of these sites does sometimes happen.  Just recently some idiot chinked out a piece of a Moai statue on Rapa Nui (Easter Island).  When looking at the letters compared to the Solar Symbol & the Face it did not look like the same craftsmanship- the 2 symbols I featured here were much more sophisticated, and a harder feat to accomplish than some letters, which appeared crude.  It would be interesting to hear a linguistics/ diffusionists' perspective on these letters though, maybe they are from an ancient alphabet/language and not just modern vandalism.     

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