Friday, October 24, 2014

Showing Off More StoneWorks in Holliston, MA.

Boulders/ Stone Wall  Complex/ Ledge In Holliston, MA.

Here are some new pictures from a sight I already covered in an older post- "Roadside Attractions in Holliston, MA."  This post features different angles and stone-works from the same spot in this town.  To get a fuller picture just "combine" both posts:

The stone-wall running more horizontally (the part of the wall that terminates) ends by a ledge-side while the other wall continues to snake down a ridge for quite some distance (see the already mentioned earlier post for more details): 

Part of the same wall:

A boulder perched on a ledge.  Conducive with so many other perched boulders I have seen- this is not a glacial erratic.  In fact by the time I get to making more posts there should be many nice examples of such perched boulders in this blog:

From another angle:

Across the street is this marked-out Standing Stone:

Hole #1.  Notice the pecked groove surrounding the hole- a modern tool would not work that out like that:

Hole #2 (indigenous markings, not modern there is a difference which I have gone into before).  In the middle of the stone, almost like a naval, and again with the pecked craftsmanship:

Showing off another marked-out area of the Standing Stone.  I have seen other Standing Stones in the area that follow the same marked-out pattern, I will have to make a post cross examining them sometime:

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