Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Upton Chamber

Pics of the Upton, MA. Chamber:

The first time I visited this site in Upton was probably 10 years ago, except it has just been within the past year that I started taking pictures of things. and within the past year or 2 that I have extensively been exploring my whole area, sometimes finding structures and sites previously unknown to other researchers (such as the shrine in Medway).  Anyway, the Upton Chamber is one of the more famous sites for this kind of stone structure and has been written about extensively.  For a long time the entrance of this chamber was starting to cave-in but the structure has recently been restored and is being preserved by the town of Upton.  
I figured as long as I have this blog I should provide coverage of this site, so I stopped by the site the other day.  Take a look:

Here is a link to Mary and James Gage's (senior researchers') site about the Upton Chamber:


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