Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cairns In Holliston, MA.

Cairns In Holliston, MA.- Last Post On A Series Of Features From Site

This is the last post I have been running for the last couple of days on a site from Holliston, MA.  This last post will mainly feature the more prominent cairns at the site, with a few other notable features at the end of the post:

An opening in the stone wall (stones got smaller in size until it formed this opening- a feature I have noted before in other places.)  Seems to function as an entry-way:

A few yards above the entry-way in the stone-wall are these 2 boulders, one of which was a cairn (or perhaps, is STILL a cairn)- it gives the impression that the entry-way continues with these 2 stones, seeming to be oriented in a westerly direction (I knew the general direction b/c of the setting sun)  I know that the direction of SW could be important to these sites: 

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