Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Field Trip to Thompson, Ct.

Field Trip- Thompson, Ct. Sites

A friend showed me some sites in Thompson, Ct., just over the modern-day state line from Webster/Dudley area.  Apparently this town is loaded with Ceremonial Stone-works of a unique nature, although we only got around to seeing some of the sites my friend wanted to show me.  So, I will have to return to this area sometime.  Here are some of the pics from my field trip:

This is the "Hermit's Cave", one of many "hollows in the hills" in our region:

View of the entrance from inside:

A couple pics of a unique cairn structure.  The top has toppled over, but is still as tall as a person:

More cairns in the same style (looks like the kind of flat stones I have seen pictures of from Pennsylvania cairn fields.  Maybe this area, like Turner's Falls, was a meeting place?) :

A perched boulder, partially propped:

Now this is the kind of cairn common to my immediate area:

Couple pics of an awesome propped boulder, almost a complete dolmen:

Another view:

Another Chamber.  This one had a double room in it:

Another Chamber on the Blackmerr Farm property:

A Standing Stone in the middle of a field, off one of the main roads:

As far as Thompson, Ct. is concerned, there is more to see/explore.  "I'll be back."

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