Monday, February 29, 2016

One Last Quick Australian Stone Site Video

One Last Quick Australian Stone Site Video

Earlier this morning this video came to my attention and I felt that I should post it.  It is a 16 minute video that drives the point home that ancient stone sites in Australia are IMPORTANT not only for their (pre)- historical value, but for Aborigine people, even relating to their dream-time traditions although this fact may come as a shock to some to hear of such things.

This video is great because it features two men from two different Aboriginal tribes, giving their perspectives on the importance of these stone sites as it pertains to their culture.  This is sort of a parallel to the feelings of some Native people in the American North-East when it comes to the Ceremonial Stone Landscape.

Now, time to listen and watch...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Australian Stone Site Videos- Steven Strong At Adelaide

Australian Stone Site Videos- Steven Strong At Adelaide

Presented here are the Steven Strong videos from Australia.  This will be the final post at least for now concerning Australia.  Mr. Strong was a former school teacher who spent years working with Aboriginal youth/ people.  As he spent more time with the indigenous culture he quit his job as a teacher to become a student of "Aboriginal Studies" so to speak through direct experience.  As he was exposed more and more to Aboriginal belief systems and visiting sacred sites he discovered that the history of the land of Australia and it's people is far more complex than scholars acknowledge.  For instance, did you know that there are stone and earthen mounds in Australia?  Also, that there are "stone-henge" sites, such as concentric rings of rock and boulder that form patterns?  Or that there is even sacred caves and even mysterious chamber-like caves?  "Terraced" stone rows up rock ledges?  Or how about sacred stones depicting star-map constellations?

Steven Strong will be talking about all this and more in his presentation.

Part 1 - (1 hr. 26 mins.)

Part 2 (1 hr. 43 mins.) -

Some interesting Australian stone site pics to spice up the post:

Enjoy the lecture.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Australian Aboriginal People Are Not Descended From Africans

Australian Aboriginal People Are Not Descended From Africans

Before moving forward with presentations concerning ancient stone sites, megaliths and sacred stones from the Australian continent I do believe that the point should be stressed that Australian Aboriginal People are NOT descended from African people, contrary to what the scholars are claiming.

According to academics the indigenous people of Australia arrived out of Africa to Australia some 60,000 years ago only.  However, some of the rock art of the Aboriginal (or rather "the Original") people clearly depict species of fish, crocodile, etc. that went extinct in that area some 80,000- 100,000 years ago, etc.  Furthermore, more recent and thorough studies of Aboriginal genetics and DNA have been done which show that their genetics is OLDER than virtually any other people alive in the world today including Africans-- they are more closely related by DNA to Neanderthal man and Denisovans than any other people, implying that they are the oldest, or, the Original People.  Furthermore, as is the case with all cultures in order to know where they came from, just listen to the oral traditions of those people.  If they say that their origins are from the land they inhabit and nowhere else, and provide myths to back up that claim than that alone should be good enough to go on.

It was this group of people, the ancestors of Australian Aborigines that were going all across the globe tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years ago including a presence in the America's, even surprisingly, up to modern times.  There were obviously other people back than too, but the world was much different.  For instance, gigantism was probably the norm of the day due to the Earth's atmosphere being more pure- in many places there would have been a primordial fog enveloping many places on Earth (vastly greater amounts of oxygen to promote larger and greater growth in plant and animal life).  Furthermore, the Earth would still be on it's original axis, before the cataclysm (i.e. Ice Age) that resulted in the Earth's orbital tilt.  My guess is that by moving large boulders around into concentric patterns, as well as carefully placed stone walls and rows, the old ones of great renown were able to re-adjust the Earth's electro-magnetic fields and thereby saving the world from a complete fall from grace.  (Note: Gravity actually doesn't exist as is taught in today's science; all life on Earth is bound to the force of electro-magnetism and NOT gravity.)  Judging by skeletal remains from this deep antiquity, these people had larger brain capacities than we do today.  Modern people in their search for imperical data are rather stupid by comparison.  What we need is a state of "knowing" through intuition, by doing, by feeling, interacting, etc.  Only then one will start to perceive wisdom.  Modern man by comparison, only knows how to be "clever" which actually isn't smart or intelligent at all by any standards or means- in fact this is very dangerous because in such a state people have allowed themselves to be manipulated by harmful influences.  For instance, see John Lash's work 'Not In His Image' where he has revived some of the teachings of the Telesti (better known as Gnostics) and their warning about the Archons, a subject that other Gnostic scholars refuse to touch even though a good 1/5 of the Gnostics' fragmented material found to date is about this very issue.

Furthermore, Darwinian evolution is a total pile of garbage and should be thrown out with the trash.  Scholars will present what they wrongfully label "Neanderthal" man (which itself is a lie) as dull and un-intelligent when it is actually the case that these early ancestors were very artistic and creative- right brain dominant as opposed to today's left brained dominant.  There was no human evolution as scholars present it- they are lying about the facts and manipulating the evidence, mis-matching bone pieces of skeletal remains of different species of ape and some early humans so they can lie about evolution.  They are deliberately lying about our past so that we will be in the dark, by and large, in regards to our true human potential.     

Back to the subject at hand.  Of course things are different now.  What I am saying is that Aboriginal people have the oldest genetic traits in the world, although they too, like everyone else, are modern people.  What I am saying is, if a scientist is looking for the oldest link in the world they should be looking at the Original people of Australia and not in Africa.  In Steven Strong's presentations about Australia which I will be sharing in the next post he will be talking about this issue much more in depth before talking about the stone-works.  If what I am saying sounds like unbelievable new information than watching the Steven Strong presentations will make things clearer.

And of course, Aboriginal people didn't just have a presence in Australia.  They wandered the whole Earth.  The tribal Ainu people of the Japanese islands, for instance, were the same people as the Aborigines before mixing with Asian people, much like how many Saami people look white today due to mixing with the dominant northern European cultures but were originally dark-skinned.  Well, the Ainu people were originally aboriginal.  Below are some pictures for comparison:

An Aboriginal elder from Australia:

Below is an Ainu elder showing strong Aboriginal features.  The Ainu are the original inhabitants of some of the Japanese islands.  Many have mixed to a large extent with the larger modern Japanese population, obscuring their original 'black' features:

                                                  An old drawing depicting the Ainu:

Anyway, stay tuned for the next post for the Steven Strong video presentations about the ancient Australian Stone-Works sites, as well as further talking points about the uniqueness, antiquity, as well as some of the mythology of the Aboriginal people.

"First Americans"- The Black Aborigine Connection

"First Americans"- The Black Aborigine Connection

I am going to be getting a bit off-topic about stone-works, but in the next post this will loop itself around.  Last post when looking at some of the strengths and weaknesses of Graham Hancock's work, I mentioned the Olmec stone-head statues.  I would like to briefly comment some more on these "controversial" monoliths.  The Olmec Stone Heads ARE an anomaly.  They DO look strikingly African or black.  However they can be shown to match features of Native people from that region as well... but this may or may not be a bit of a stretch to try and explain them.  Given the geological location of the sites of the stone-heads it is easy to see that the ocean currents of the Atlantic ocean could easily support African traders sailing to the Yucatan.  Did civilized African traders set up complexes in the Yucatan only to eventually be run out of the country?  Or did they blend into the later Mayan civilization?  At this point nobody can say for sure.  Like I said the stone heads are an anomaly.  When they were first dug up, nobody had ever seen them before or had any knowledge about these stone heads including the locals.  Therefore that leaves the whole issue of the origin of the Olmec stone-heads to be an open book.  When I bring this subject up I feel like it is a "taboo" to talk about.  But I felt that to be fair I should elaborate from last post about the Olmec stone heads.

I would like to now use this post to address a topic that I have felt very strongly about for the last few years or so.  That there IS a verifiable black presence in the "America's" going way back into ancient times, at least to the end of the last ice age.  However, these were not African peoples.  They were Original People, better known as Aboriginal people from what we call today Australia as well as other places such as Micronesia.  Their remains have been found in Central and South America in places such as Chile and Brazil.  It is also important to note, as we will see in the documentary I will be sharing, that their remaining descendants are Native people.  Perhaps this work is bigger than anybody realizes.

In the next post after this one it will be important to keep in mind that Aborigine people are actually OLDER than the African phenotype.  With the earliest remains found in Australia this has been proven although sort of obscured/ covered up.  Yet scholars and "quack-ademics" are still pushing the flawed out of Africa theory- in fact one of the two people who first proposed the Out- Of- Africa theory was going to refute the original flawed evidence brought to the table, but passed away in 1989 before he got a chance to do so. 

Also, Australia is riddled with megalithic stone sites, much like the concentric patterns of boulders I have experienced in the Northeast New England area.  We will be examining this in the next post as well.  From what I understand from my research the Australian "Stonehenge" (concentric rings of boulders with astronomical alignments) sites were used by Aboriginal peoples long ago, as well as places such as the Gympie Pyramid, but in their spiritual adeptness they evolved from the need to use such sites on a large scale, although still considered sacred.  (I hope I understood that right.)  In other words, "less is more" to use a popular catch-phrase.  Some of the concentric rings of boulders found in the American Northeast could have a similar origin.

Also, is it any coincidence that some Native people in the Americas had relationships (domesticated) with the Carolina Dog, dogs that were related to the Australian dingo?  For more info on that here is a link from archaeologist Dr. Jack Dempsey's webpage 'Ancient Lights'-

Now here is the link to the documentary concerning the finds of human remains and cultural artifacts of Aboriginal people in Central and South America.  These Original People, or perhaps what some call "the Ancient Ones" didn't just disappear.  Their genes can be found AT LEAST in some groups of modern day Native people (but like I said before, the implications of this could be bigger than they are letting on.)  Here is the video, just under 50 mins. long-

However I would like to point out the fact that it is a mistake to label the Native cultures of America as belonging to different races.  For instance many scholars will say that Native people (at least in North America) are of "Siberian stock."  I can see why they say that, but it is a large mistake to say that Native people came from Siberians (heck, it could've been the other way around- maybe the older peoples of the Americas populated Siberia and other places in Northern Asia to create those cultures.... just saying, food for thought) and likewise that some Native people came down from an Aboriginal stock.  Whatever happened was in the deepest antiquity, possibly BEFORE the last Ice Age of 12,000 years ago creating the homogenous and indigenous cultures of the Americas.  So you see, shaking off all these labels that scholars use, it is all Native American or American Indian.  However, all of these revelations and information about history and pre-history are exciting.

In the next post we will be going to Australia to hear a presentation by Steven Strong in Adelaide.  He is a former school teacher who has spent decades with some of the Aboriginal communities.  He quit his job as a teacher to become a student of some of the Aboriginal teachings.  His lecture which is a few hours long will mostly touch on some of the lost stone sites that can be found throughout Australia, and the attempt by the Australian government to cover up and even destroy some of these sites.  He will also be talking about some of the sacred uses of some stone artifacts as well as some of the Aboriginal mythology, such as the teachings about the Pleaides constellation.  His presentation is opened by an Aboriginal elder.  Some of these sites pointed out in Australia seem to have direct counter-parts I have experienced in New England, such as some of the hills of Milford, MA.  In fact some of these stone sites are indeed a world-wide phenomenon.

Stay tuned!    

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fundamental Flaws in Graham Hancock's Book 'Fingerprints of the Gods'

Fundamental Flaws in Graham Hancock's Book 'Fingerprints of the Gods'

For those that don't know Graham Hancock is a well known author and journalist since the late 1980's.  He is a world explorer famous for looking at ancient ruins. 

Until a couple years ago I did not know who Graham Hancock was, or any other of his contemporaries for that matter.  I did not start using the Internet until several years ago.  Radio waves and electro-magnetic waves emitted by electronic and cellular devices are actually very harmful (even up to and including causing cancers) to the human immune system, white blood cells, our own natural energy/ electromagnetic fields and the like (which actually protects us from sickness- when our "auras" are compromised sickness can occur).  For more on this issue please see Dr. Robert Becker's study 'Cross Currents' and Daniel Reid's book 'The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing: Guarding the Three Treasures" (which are shen- or spirit, chi- or inner energy, and jing- or essence).  Dr. Yang Jwing Ming's book "The Root of Chinese Qigong" is also good, he had a Longfist KungFu and Tai Chi school in Jamaica Plains outside of Boston. 

Anyway several years ago I started using a lap-top computer.  I enjoy using it as a device and tool for learning, either like a library of information, and also there are many great lectures and presentations on various subjects that people have uploaded.  When I came across radio interviews of people like Graham Hancock I was excited.  I like his work.  On many points I would agree with Graham Hancock or John Anthony West that there must have been a former "Golden Age" in our history, probably before the cataclysm of the Last Ice Age 12,000 years ago.  For instance, the alternative dating of the Sphinx of the Giza Platue sounds solid, pushing this monument further into the past.  And now sites like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey and Gunong Pudang in Indonesia affirm that there really are discernable physical evidence of civilizations going back before the time of the last ice age.

I would agree with people like Graham Hancock who wrote 'FingerPrints of the Gods' and Ignatious Donnelly who wrote 'Atlantis: the Antediluvian World' that many of our ancient civilizations gained some of their building skill and knowledge from still older civilizations.  For instance, similarities in some of the different deities and legends that existed among the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Mayans/ Olmecs (Xi) peoples are too strong to ignore, even down to the writing symbols of their respective hieroglyphic alphabets as Ignatious Donnelly pointed out in his Atlantis book.  Graham Hancock proposes that these civilizations inherited this knowledge from much ancient times, and from there things evolved sepeartly.  He could be right, or partly right about this.  I would urge ourselves to think twice before we think that we know better than this.  He calls this an "unknown third party influence."

Furthermore, I could show somebody a picture of a lesser-known temple ruin from the Yucatan Peninsula and than show them a lesser known temple from Cambodia, and fool them by saying they are from the same place and people would believe this because the ruins are so architecturally similar.  This can also apply to some of the Stone Chambers and mounds in the American Northeast and SouthEast compared with the British Isles and the Mediteranian region.  In both these cases, the latitude lines are the same, ocean travel would have been (is) possible or these areas could have even been connected at a very remote age.  So what is going on here.  Did our ancestors inherit their civilizations from common sources in a "Golden Age" tens of thousands of years ago?  From this perspective I do find the work of Graham Hancock fascinating.  SOMETHING happened.  In the old Arab world such megalithic ruins were said to be "as old as Ad", meaning, as old as civilization or time itself (see Donnelly's 'Atlantis- the Anteduluvian World.').

However, I started to read his book 'FingerPrints of the Gods' just recently and found some aspects of the book to be immediately distasteful.  The first part about the maps is good.  I enjoy the journey he takes us through South and Central America, but he gets some very fundamental things wrong in which he bases some of his ideas on.  According to the Spanish conquistador chroniclers, says Hancock, the great civilizer of the Incan tradition Varicocha and the great civilizer of the Mayan/ Azetz traditions, Quetzelcoatl was a white man!  This is absurd!  The ancient people of these regions probably associated the color white as a sacred color associated with Creation, for it is the magnetic white light energy of the universe that brings life onto the Earth plane.  Much like how people even today think that every event in the Judaic/ Christian Bible is literal (certainly there is some historic accuracy with the Bible, but not neccesarily with, say, Ezekial's vision which sounds like a 'divine/ spiritual' intervention), the Spanish conqueror's probably gave attributes such as blue eyes and caucasian descriptions to the Viracocha and Queztelcoatl deities in an act of manifest destiny so that the Crown governments and the Church could stake their claims in the New World.  So this is the first flaw that Hancock makes in his work.

Furthermore Graham Hancock attributes statues and idols of bearded men amongst the ruins of the temple complexes of Central and South America to be representative of a caucasian presence.  He reverts to the old stereo-type that Native people of the New World do not grow facial hair!  Again, this is fundamentally flawed.  Among the Aztecs, for instance, it was customary that an adolescent male pluck his facial hair out with a pair of hot tweezers.  However, this was not true of the priest-classes.  They DID have beards.  Similarly, this is true with other cultures as well, which gives credence to Hancock's overall hypothesis of civilization being handed down in an age of deep antiquity.  For instance, the priests of the chiefs on the Hawaiian Islands had/ have beards.  This, as well as some stone structures and idols, can be seen in the 1960's movie 'Hawaii!' which was based on an earlier novel of a mission to early colonial Hawaii.  In North America, it was considered a 'crime' to tug on or to shave the beard of a Cherokee holy man.  It is true that Native people may not grow facial hair as fully or as fast as white people, but we do grow facial hair.  Take myself for instance, a person of Native heritage although one might say also having a strong white admixture.  Even I do not grow facial hair as quickly or as fully as the average white person.  When I haven't shaved for 2 days it looks like some people's five o' clock shadow.  But anyway.  So this is Graham Hancock's second flaw.  Native indigenous people of the 'New World' could grow, and in some cases had, beards.  These statues Mr. Hancock writes about probably weren't Caucasian but rather, Mayan/ Olmec/ Aztec holy men and astronomers, "presiding" over the temple grounds.

Next, Hancock claims that the heads of Olmec statues are features of black men.  This may or may not be true.  Many people point out the flat nose and full lips as a black feature.  However, some Aztec and other native people have such features and when compared to the statues match up with those features.  So in this case Hancock's claim that the Olmec heads are representations of black people is shaky at best and perhaps flat-out inaccurate.

These are just some points about Graham Hancock's book 'Fingerprints of the Gods' I wanted to point out, that I find to be flawed.  I found that Ignatious Donnelly in his Atlantis book, written in the late 19th century, also made similar mistakes and conclusions concerning race.  However, Graham Hancock's research into ancient ruins and civilizations is still astounding and educational in many ways, including the Ice Age cataclysm event which is the subject of his most recent book 'Magicians of the Gods.'  Even though these authors made some mistakes due to lack of an indigenous knowledge base, their general subject matter and issues which they write about concerning the ancient past are far more important than any mistakes they may have made.  For instance, some cultural similarities should be looked at such as architectural design, knowledge of astronomy, similarities in the syllables in the hieroglyphic alphabets of the Mayans and Egyptians and their meanings, and legends such as the Mayan/ Aztec Aztlan (the Aztec equivalent of the Greek Atlantis) coming from an island of reeds to the East in the Atlantic, compared to where the Egyptians said their civilization came from, also an island of reeds.  Such things cannot be coincidence.

So, those are just some thoughts on that subject for now.                                  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Old-Timer" Idaho Man Builds Underground Homes In the Hills

"Old-Timer" Idaho Man Builds Underground Homes In the Hills

Here is a link to a YouTube video that caught my attention.  The old man has very good/ solid engineering skills.  He has built some very nice solid underground homes for as low as $500 in building materials, etc.  These are very reminiscent of stone chambers/ kivas/ etc. except with a modern twist (glass windows, living space conditions and what not).

Seeing this video is inspiring- maybe I would be so lucky as to be able to do something like this one day.

The video is 24 min. long.  Tours are given of the different underground houses, as well as explanations of the many perks and finer points of building such sustainable homes (if I ever built such a home I would personally want to grow a garden on top of the mound/ hill that the house is built into.  Imagine vines of squash hanging over the front entrance from the soil above.  Also perhaps create leveled terraces for growing crops on the sloping sides of the hill).  Link to video is here-

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Unconventional" Artifacts- Brief Tellings/ List- Serpent Idol, Hills, Power Stone and Streams

"Unconventional" Artifacts- Brief Tellings/ List- Serpent Idol, Hills, Power Stone and Streams

As of the moment I am still without new pictures of rock sites to show on the blog.  I was previously taking pictures with an old LG cell phone... however some of the functions of this device seem to have crapped out.  I look forward to using a better camera in the near future.  In the meantime I will still be posting on this blog from time to time. 

I wanted to address un-conventional artifacts and give some examples of some of these types of artifacts I have seen on my hikes.  This is a different category from rock structures themselves, and is in a different class than "conventional" artifacts such as arrowheads, adzes, and tool/ agriculture/ subsistence artifacts.

The exciting news is that such "exotic" or never-before considered artifacts do indeed exist.  Unfortunatley I have no pictures at the moment.  Perhaps some pics will be shown in the future.  Some of these artifacts, or stones I have noticed I figure can be explained in two ways- 1) nearby development exposing lower layers of ground (anything from power-lines to a more modern hiking trail) and 2) Due to the weather of the Northeast (cold and heat) stones get pushed up to ground level sometimes, which sometimes expose artifacts that are centuries old, sometimes even many thousands of years old.

The artifacts I will describe below, in each case, I had noticed on a whim, without really trying to look for anything, just careful observation.  I am outside a lot and my eyes and heart are open.  I am "tuned in" you might say.  If I see an interesting rock or pebble that catches my eye, jutting out of the ground I might examine it for closer inspection.  I have noticed many collapsed Standing Stones this way, for instance. 

One stone that I examined that was jutting out of the ground turned out to be a Snake Idol/ Effigy.  It is the size (circumference) of a small tray and weighs at least a good 30 pounds.  The statue/ idol was sculpted (yes, literally sculpted) from granite, with some white streaks running down the back side of it (perhaps quartz.)  The snake itself was sculpted on the top of the rock, and the head of the serpent juts out from the rest of the rock.  I have noticed dark depressions where the eyes are represented (noticed from different light angles.) The snake is well-defined from the rest of the rock.  The base of the rock is a "dish", or small altar perhaps to place an offering or a sacred object.  Also the base of the stone idol can lay flat on a surface, it was sculpted to do so.  When looked at head-on the sculpted stone retains some of it's serpentine features but also looks like a terra-formed pyramid.  This is interesting because I noticed this sacred stone on the side of a hill which I have suspected of being at least partially manipulated by ancient man.  An interesting stone wall runs through the hill, yet there are ways to rightfully "approach" the hill, and there is what appears to be the faint remains of a meandering Native foot-path through the hill itself.  A propped and manipulated boulder crowns the crest of the hill, and there is what appears to be a ancient quartz quarry on part of this hill as well.  On the other side of the hill is a complex of stone cairns.  I do not think that this hill is an artificial mound due to the granite bedrock and quartz site, but I do suspect that in a time of deep antiquity the hill was used, and even altered in some ways by Native people (such as terra-forming, building the stone wall and other stone structures, the evidence of a foot path through the site, etc.)

Moving on... On a couple of occasions I have noticed Bird Stones made from quartz... for instance, one of these stones I noticed on an old industrial quarry road in the woods that had reverted to a path through the woods.  This means that the quarrymen of the late nineteenth/ early twentieth century must have blasted their way through some once-sacred places (which, actually, I am sure of given the physical evidence.)  Another example of "the white man looks, but he does not see."

Another time I saw an interesting stone in a stream off the side of a hiking trail.  I picked it up and it was a "power" stone- a hand held quartz stone that had been shaped out, a triangular tip on the top and a flat base on the bottom. 

There are many things like this out there, I am sure, more than most people probably even including some researchers realize.  Also things like Amethyst Crystals are around this region too.  Native people could relate to such things.  In all the stones I just mentioned, I was never really looking to find such artifacts, but I happened to notice them when coming across them.  Sometimes I even feel almost like a divine intervention, almost a feeling of being "led" by a higher force to a site- sometimes a stone structure or feature will come into my mind's eye before I actually see or locate it, without any prior knowledge of the site or what to expect. 
For those new to the blog you also might want to check out some of the cairns from the July 2015 postings which are the cairns located on a small plot of family property I "unearthed" (clearing away leaf litter and top layers of soil) since the summer of 2012.  Before that time the complex of cairns had been either completely buried with the passing of the centuries or obscured.  I also used good clearing/ land management skills while doing this careful task- clearing around the cairns turned into opening the land back up as well, while keeping the native shrubs and a good balance of older and new trees.

I think that wraps up this post.  It has been a good journey so far.  Although I had no pictures this time I hope my descriptions were good.  I think that there are things that scholars will have to look at closer and more seriously in the future pertaining to the Native culture of this region such as the Ceremonial Stone Landscapes.  The implications for artifacts such as the Snake Idol Stone I described above are huge.  For instance, everywhere in the ancient world we know that indigenous cultures held serpent worship in high esteem (such as some of the more tribal cultures that have survived into modern times in places like India, Bhurma, etc.)  It is already well known that the North American Native American culture held snakes in veneration.  For instance, the native diplomat Waukon Decorah, in the 19th century, of the Ho-Chunk Nation (Iowa, Wisconsin territories) used a snake skin as his medicine bag.  Many stone walls and rows of probable Native origin have been noted in the Northeast to have serpent/ snake-like features.  The artifact of the stone idol I examined, obviously in it's original location (in an un-disclosed location in MA.) obviously isn't an isolated artifact.  There are probably many examples of such sacred and sculpted stones, yet this seems to be a much ignored and un-researched area of study, perhaps because it would lead to the knowledge of a high level of sophistication and organization on the part of pre-colonial Native people on a scale as of now un-realized.  I hope to get around to maybe showing a picture or two of the object sometime, perhaps.  For now, this post is finished.