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Australian Aboriginal People Are Not Descended From Africans

Australian Aboriginal People Are Not Descended From Africans

Before moving forward with presentations concerning ancient stone sites, megaliths and sacred stones from the Australian continent I do believe that the point should be stressed that Australian Aboriginal People are NOT descended from African people, contrary to what the scholars are claiming.

According to academics the indigenous people of Australia arrived out of Africa to Australia some 60,000 years ago only.  However, some of the rock art of the Aboriginal (or rather "the Original") people clearly depict species of fish, crocodile, etc. that went extinct in that area some 80,000- 100,000 years ago, etc.  Furthermore, more recent and thorough studies of Aboriginal genetics and DNA have been done which show that their genetics is OLDER than virtually any other people alive in the world today including Africans-- they are more closely related by DNA to Neanderthal man and Denisovans than any other people, implying that they are the oldest, or, the Original People.  Furthermore, as is the case with all cultures in order to know where they came from, just listen to the oral traditions of those people.  If they say that their origins are from the land they inhabit and nowhere else, and provide myths to back up that claim than that alone should be good enough to go on.

It was this group of people, the ancestors of Australian Aborigines that were going all across the globe tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of years ago including a presence in the America's, even surprisingly, up to modern times.  There were obviously other people back than too, but the world was much different.  For instance, gigantism was probably the norm of the day due to the Earth's atmosphere being more pure- in many places there would have been a primordial fog enveloping many places on Earth (vastly greater amounts of oxygen to promote larger and greater growth in plant and animal life).  Furthermore, the Earth would still be on it's original axis, before the cataclysm (i.e. Ice Age) that resulted in the Earth's orbital tilt.  My guess is that by moving large boulders around into concentric patterns, as well as carefully placed stone walls and rows, the old ones of great renown were able to re-adjust the Earth's electro-magnetic fields and thereby saving the world from a complete fall from grace.  (Note: Gravity actually doesn't exist as is taught in today's science; all life on Earth is bound to the force of electro-magnetism and NOT gravity.)  Judging by skeletal remains from this deep antiquity, these people had larger brain capacities than we do today.  Modern people in their search for imperical data are rather stupid by comparison.  What we need is a state of "knowing" through intuition, by doing, by feeling, interacting, etc.  Only then one will start to perceive wisdom.  Modern man by comparison, only knows how to be "clever" which actually isn't smart or intelligent at all by any standards or means- in fact this is very dangerous because in such a state people have allowed themselves to be manipulated by harmful influences.  For instance, see John Lash's work 'Not In His Image' where he has revived some of the teachings of the Telesti (better known as Gnostics) and their warning about the Archons, a subject that other Gnostic scholars refuse to touch even though a good 1/5 of the Gnostics' fragmented material found to date is about this very issue.

Furthermore, Darwinian evolution is a total pile of garbage and should be thrown out with the trash.  Scholars will present what they wrongfully label "Neanderthal" man (which itself is a lie) as dull and un-intelligent when it is actually the case that these early ancestors were very artistic and creative- right brain dominant as opposed to today's left brained dominant.  There was no human evolution as scholars present it- they are lying about the facts and manipulating the evidence, mis-matching bone pieces of skeletal remains of different species of ape and some early humans so they can lie about evolution.  They are deliberately lying about our past so that we will be in the dark, by and large, in regards to our true human potential.     

Back to the subject at hand.  Of course things are different now.  What I am saying is that Aboriginal people have the oldest genetic traits in the world, although they too, like everyone else, are modern people.  What I am saying is, if a scientist is looking for the oldest link in the world they should be looking at the Original people of Australia and not in Africa.  In Steven Strong's presentations about Australia which I will be sharing in the next post he will be talking about this issue much more in depth before talking about the stone-works.  If what I am saying sounds like unbelievable new information than watching the Steven Strong presentations will make things clearer.

And of course, Aboriginal people didn't just have a presence in Australia.  They wandered the whole Earth.  The tribal Ainu people of the Japanese islands, for instance, were the same people as the Aborigines before mixing with Asian people, much like how many Saami people look white today due to mixing with the dominant northern European cultures but were originally dark-skinned.  Well, the Ainu people were originally aboriginal.  Below are some pictures for comparison:

An Aboriginal elder from Australia:

Below is an Ainu elder showing strong Aboriginal features.  The Ainu are the original inhabitants of some of the Japanese islands.  Many have mixed to a large extent with the larger modern Japanese population, obscuring their original 'black' features:

                                                  An old drawing depicting the Ainu:

Anyway, stay tuned for the next post for the Steven Strong video presentations about the ancient Australian Stone-Works sites, as well as further talking points about the uniqueness, antiquity, as well as some of the mythology of the Aboriginal people.

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