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"First Americans"- The Black Aborigine Connection

"First Americans"- The Black Aborigine Connection

I am going to be getting a bit off-topic about stone-works, but in the next post this will loop itself around.  Last post when looking at some of the strengths and weaknesses of Graham Hancock's work, I mentioned the Olmec stone-head statues.  I would like to briefly comment some more on these "controversial" monoliths.  The Olmec Stone Heads ARE an anomaly.  They DO look strikingly African or black.  However they can be shown to match features of Native people from that region as well... but this may or may not be a bit of a stretch to try and explain them.  Given the geological location of the sites of the stone-heads it is easy to see that the ocean currents of the Atlantic ocean could easily support African traders sailing to the Yucatan.  Did civilized African traders set up complexes in the Yucatan only to eventually be run out of the country?  Or did they blend into the later Mayan civilization?  At this point nobody can say for sure.  Like I said the stone heads are an anomaly.  When they were first dug up, nobody had ever seen them before or had any knowledge about these stone heads including the locals.  Therefore that leaves the whole issue of the origin of the Olmec stone-heads to be an open book.  When I bring this subject up I feel like it is a "taboo" to talk about.  But I felt that to be fair I should elaborate from last post about the Olmec stone heads.

I would like to now use this post to address a topic that I have felt very strongly about for the last few years or so.  That there IS a verifiable black presence in the "America's" going way back into ancient times, at least to the end of the last ice age.  However, these were not African peoples.  They were Original People, better known as Aboriginal people from what we call today Australia as well as other places such as Micronesia.  Their remains have been found in Central and South America in places such as Chile and Brazil.  It is also important to note, as we will see in the documentary I will be sharing, that their remaining descendants are Native people.  Perhaps this work is bigger than anybody realizes.

In the next post after this one it will be important to keep in mind that Aborigine people are actually OLDER than the African phenotype.  With the earliest remains found in Australia this has been proven although sort of obscured/ covered up.  Yet scholars and "quack-ademics" are still pushing the flawed out of Africa theory- in fact one of the two people who first proposed the Out- Of- Africa theory was going to refute the original flawed evidence brought to the table, but passed away in 1989 before he got a chance to do so. 

Also, Australia is riddled with megalithic stone sites, much like the concentric patterns of boulders I have experienced in the Northeast New England area.  We will be examining this in the next post as well.  From what I understand from my research the Australian "Stonehenge" (concentric rings of boulders with astronomical alignments) sites were used by Aboriginal peoples long ago, as well as places such as the Gympie Pyramid, but in their spiritual adeptness they evolved from the need to use such sites on a large scale, although still considered sacred.  (I hope I understood that right.)  In other words, "less is more" to use a popular catch-phrase.  Some of the concentric rings of boulders found in the American Northeast could have a similar origin.

Also, is it any coincidence that some Native people in the Americas had relationships (domesticated) with the Carolina Dog, dogs that were related to the Australian dingo?  For more info on that here is a link from archaeologist Dr. Jack Dempsey's webpage 'Ancient Lights'-

Now here is the link to the documentary concerning the finds of human remains and cultural artifacts of Aboriginal people in Central and South America.  These Original People, or perhaps what some call "the Ancient Ones" didn't just disappear.  Their genes can be found AT LEAST in some groups of modern day Native people (but like I said before, the implications of this could be bigger than they are letting on.)  Here is the video, just under 50 mins. long-

However I would like to point out the fact that it is a mistake to label the Native cultures of America as belonging to different races.  For instance many scholars will say that Native people (at least in North America) are of "Siberian stock."  I can see why they say that, but it is a large mistake to say that Native people came from Siberians (heck, it could've been the other way around- maybe the older peoples of the Americas populated Siberia and other places in Northern Asia to create those cultures.... just saying, food for thought) and likewise that some Native people came down from an Aboriginal stock.  Whatever happened was in the deepest antiquity, possibly BEFORE the last Ice Age of 12,000 years ago creating the homogenous and indigenous cultures of the Americas.  So you see, shaking off all these labels that scholars use, it is all Native American or American Indian.  However, all of these revelations and information about history and pre-history are exciting.

In the next post we will be going to Australia to hear a presentation by Steven Strong in Adelaide.  He is a former school teacher who has spent decades with some of the Aboriginal communities.  He quit his job as a teacher to become a student of some of the Aboriginal teachings.  His lecture which is a few hours long will mostly touch on some of the lost stone sites that can be found throughout Australia, and the attempt by the Australian government to cover up and even destroy some of these sites.  He will also be talking about some of the sacred uses of some stone artifacts as well as some of the Aboriginal mythology, such as the teachings about the Pleaides constellation.  His presentation is opened by an Aboriginal elder.  Some of these sites pointed out in Australia seem to have direct counter-parts I have experienced in New England, such as some of the hills of Milford, MA.  In fact some of these stone sites are indeed a world-wide phenomenon.

Stay tuned!    

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