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On Materialism (An Off-Topic Perspective)

On Materialism (An Off-Topic Perspective)

I will keep this post a little more old-fashioned.  I could get into things like the Egyptian concept of the weighing of the heart (see "The Coming Forth By Day" aka the "Egyptian Book of the Dead") but I won't.

What is it that people value in today's culture?  Do we want a sense of peace and serenity, or does that escape most people's attention?  I would argue that it probably does.  Most people, even while driving are talking/texting on their newest cell phones, which should be illegal (unless you are a police officer and must multi-task, in which case you will have training.)  In other words, most people have made themselves too busy on a piece of technology (an un-healthy distraction), that they do not take in the world around them.  Talk about tunnel vision.  And most people only concern themselves with menial drivel and nonsense- as if they have nothing original or insightful to contribute to the greater good of man's experience here on Earth, perhaps even including their own personal experience.  They are what I call "repeater's" or "regurgitators", and do not seem to possess the faculties of critical thinking and mind expansion/ awareness.  Others might refer to this phenomenon as the "Parable of the Extras (Mayavada Vedanta)" .  

Or, let's maybe try this angle: let's take a look at real estate development compared to the natural forces of the Earth itself.  Yesterday I pulled into the Target store located on Fortune Blvd. in Milford, MA., pretty much a mega-shopping vicinity outside my neighborhood and the woods/ hills that I frequent.  They had some good Produce on sale such as Ranier cherries from Washington State and berries as well.  They also have a good coffee shop inside.  Anyway, I pulled in on the edge of a thunder and lightning storm, and a giant double-rainbow spectrum was in the sky.  This is a usual phenomenon in this area, actually, and I believe it is due to the landscape of the area, in (what were once and in a sense still are) nice foot hill valleys at the headwaters of the Charles River.  The point I am trying to make is that even if they place shopping centers around what was once (and still can be) sacred land, the natural forces and elements of a place still prevail.  These forces totally trump anything people are capable of developing.  The processional gyro-magnetic forces, hyperbolic torsion fields and the like are still very much active in a given area (for a great lecture on torsion fields, magnetic forces etc. click here for a great presenation by Santos Bonacci- just under 3 hours, it takes a couple minutes for the discussion to start up).

Another area to look into is the rhetoric that many modern day people, such as in the field of science, do not recognize the significance (or existence) of the human soul/ spirit.  Therefore, this line of thinking, which is socialist/Marxist in origin (a poisonous/ ruinous political ideology), has filtered through into the Legacy Media (major networks), Hollywood, and just about every University and field of academia; it is no wonder than, that people are the way they are, as described in the first paragraph of this post; the real knowledge of our roots as a nation (originally established as a Great Republic by the founding fathers, owing a great debt to some of the Native Nations, as well as Old World legacies such as that of the ancient Greeks, in terms of conduct and idealogy,) has been suppressed in a certain sense and kept hidden from the general public.  For a great over-view of the socialist movement in the United States, see the documentary "Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism" here (Architects of Western Decline) .  Although the documentary doesn't get into this, I would add that there were groups of people and interests trying to tear this country down since the very start, and certainly by the 2nd presidential election.  It is no wonder that after the Civil War, which saw foreign interests gain power and ground over Washington D.C. and the people of the United States, such as off-shore, international banking, the eventual establishment of the Federal Reserve in Puerto Rico by international bankers who do not have the best interests for our nation at heart, (the non-fictional basis for films such as "Pirates of the Carribean"), which is why I say that Frank and Jesse James were heroes, not criminals.  Anyway, it is no wonder that after the Civil War era, writers like Ignatious Donnelly came out with books such as "Atlantis: the Antediluvian World" (1882), because there was something in the air of the public conciousness of the American people: something had been lost.  No slave ever received 40 acres and a mule.  If anything, through banking, more people became indebted into a less tangible form of slavery (known as debt.)

Mindless consumerism culture (if you could even call that culture) has taken threshold over a great many people.  The young people of today are arrogant, vain, and un-learned, playing things like "the knock-out game" on strangers, which is Russian-roulette with a stranger's life (hospitalizing strangers- people who may be providing for their families/ others, etc.)  Put a kid in a gym for a year or two under the coaching of some asshole, and these kids think they can do anything, like they are above others- I am talking 16-17 year old kids here.  The truth is they are still just peons, but not enough people put these little brats in their place, including their own parents (probably because they are also arrogant fools.)  This is allowed to happen all over, but is really toxic and dangerous to society at large.

Take for instance, my family.  I am not trying to toot my own horn.  Okay, I'll lay this on the table.  The property I live on was owned by my parents before it was developed into a homestead, when it was all just woods.  My father got the property for $50,000.  That's not a lot of money in today's market for 3 acres of real estate in a good, quiet neighborhood.  When the house was constructed, my parents won a lottery drawing at the local technical high school- they laid down some of the work, installed the electricity, etc., for much cheaper than if we had hired somebody else.  The people who laid the foundation of the house and did the rest of the work live down the street from us.  They are nice people and I see them around from time to time.  Once the house was finished, with one exception, my family were solely responsible for all of the landscaping and yard work.  My father rented a roto-tiller and us three boys and my father put in the lawn ourselves, tilling the dirt, putting down the grass seed.  We put in and constructed the brick/marble walk-way that leads to the front door ourselves.  We built some of the stone walls around the garden beds ourselves.  My mother is a senior member of the town's garden club and it is her favorite hobby.  Our yard looks more glorious than some of the people's yards down the street who hire landscaper's.  But then again, they all bought their houses after the fact- the land they live on doesn't mean as much to them anymore.  They are too transient (to be honest some people in my family are no exception to that).  I see people drive by who would probably assume that we do hire a landscaper, although we have never hired one- since I moved back I still do a lot of yard work to assist.

I have recently been helping out for friends of the family across town in yard work and at the town's historical society where they are long since members.  They are my parent's age and are friends from church (my family are from a Christian Science background- not to be confused with Scientology.  We are the people who learn the power of prayer and apply it to our daily lives as well as things like healing- this branch of the Christian church was founded in the New England area.)  Although I am not a church member, I have never had a need for pharmaceutical drugs, have never had a vaccination or flu shot, that kind of thing.  As far as my fitness goes I am as sharp as they come pretty much- I am a former marathon runner (I still run but not such long a distance anymore but I don want to work myself back up to at least a half-marathon shape), I have trained in traditional martial arts and healing arts (mind/body), and am capable of breaking things like bricks with my bare hands, flying kicks, full splits and the like.  Yet you really wouldn't know these things if you looked at me, because I am not an ego-driven show off.  And the fact that I am growing my hair out is not understood by people either, probably.  Yes, there is some Native ancestry mixed into my family, as well as the Euro-American lines of descendancy.  I see no fault in researching James Churchward's books on the Lost Continent of Mu or books about Atlantis.  After all, the stone sites here in New England are very impressive, and nobody has a full picture of what the ancestor's were up to, or the past's megalithic cultures, which seem to be strangely connected or linked, perhaps springing from a common source from a past age.

I have been through hardship too, working myself to the brinks of my limit/ physical exhaustion/ capacity (and not just in exercise, but in hard labor).  That's all I will say about that.  But my message here is: stay humble.  Practice being meek.  Take a walk out in nature, and notice the blooming flowers of the rose bush, the cherry tree, the mountain laurel, the rhodedendron.  Walk a hillside and know you are in a sacred place.  Think more local, be less of a mass-consumer.  Also, knowledge is important.  Whether it's books about health food, or cultural expeditions, or books on khemitology or megalithic culture, astrology (I recommend the "Cosmic Clocks" by Michel Gauquelin, my edition is from 1969 and the book is probably out of print), learn to appreciate and collect books, and when combined and applied to your own life's experience (the life experience is the foundation upon which all other understanding must be applied), you then become the person with the knowledge, at least more so than most, something far more important than today's plastic culture.  I have come to even appreciate the works of Zecharia Sitchin; think about it, this scholar of the highest intellect was the first to translate many of the ancient, Sumerian cuniform tablets which were the cornerstone of the ideas put forth in his books.  Nobody else translated these tablets before him... but he did, and he got a lot of it right.  The United Press International reviewed his first book as "heavyweight scholarship..."  I may not agree about all the ideas he puts forth, such as who the "gods among men" were (not that I dis-agree with it, either), but he is very close to figuring such riddles out, is how I feel about it. 

I was going to add a few things but I will save those topics for a later post.  Concerning: Freemasonry (not all bad, only certain interests such as Oliver Cromwell's cabinet in colonial times which unfortuneatly sometimes make the loudest splash), the practice of the craft (masonry) of freemasonry by certain individuals, Native people influenced by the movement of freemasonry, and the fact that as I surmised above, some of the Native understandings and the understandings of freemasonry seem to have a common origin from some well-spring in a long forgotten age.  Such as for instance, the ancestors of both people, as evidenced by ancient sites and scant records, understood the use of Standing Stones or Obelisks, in some cases in a very mutual way.  Also, in the Revolutionary War George Washington's body guard was a Pokonoket Wampanoag man.  He was an orphan who had shown Washington, who passed through his town (I think in Rhode Island), a cloth with some of the sacred symbolism of his ancient ancestors.  Washington, being a freemason, understood this symbolism and what it meant and so hired the young man's services as body guard.  Also we have David Ninham, sachem of the Wappinger tribe, building stone chambers in Putnam county NY also during the Revolutionary War for a dual purpose (practical and ceremonial purpose... the ceremonial function outliving the practical purpose.)  I have also seen, in the town of Holliston (where there are ancient pyramids by the way... leading up to the grand pyramid on the hill), stonework from the colonial era that seemed to have both Native and Freemasonic influences (a huge boulder shaped out into a pyramid shape.)  Well, okay, so there you go.  Never mind about that other post.  Instead of going more in-depth, I will leave it here for one to chew over.  Hopefully later I will get some pics up of say, the pyramidal boulder, or maybe even the pyramids themselves if I feel like it.

Have a good day!            

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Stone Chamber Water-Works, Milford MA.

Stone Chamber Water-Works, Milford MA.

In this post I present a Stone Chamber located in the hills of Milford, MA. which I strongly feel to be Native American in origin.  My hunch would be, that it is an early colonial structure, Native built.  I have a few reasons for saying this.  Let me start by saying that this structure appears to have a dual function:

First, is the practical function.  This Temple, or Stone Chamber, is part of a water-works.  Up-hill from the site of the stone-work is a great vernal pool pond on a flat plane, between some rock outcroppings.  The vernal pool than trickles out into a stream which runs down-hill, than forming another, more swampy vernal pool, which once again trickles into a stream which runs through the Stone Chamber.  I do not believe there was ever any colonial path that went through the area, as we are talking many rocky outcrops and ledges here on a great and vast hillside.  I do believe that the stone walls, a feature of the Stone Chamber as you will see, were built to funnel the water down the hillside in a waterworks to control the water for whatever purpose.

Second, is the clear ceremonial function of this Temple.  From what I was able to chew over and discern, there was no clear reason why a Stone Chamber should have been built into the water-works here, other than for a holy, or sacred, reason.  I have also noticed, as we will see, at least one rusty pale bucket in the direct vicinity of this Stone Chamber, which is an artifact that gives us a clue that there was post-colonial Native American ceremonialism involved at this spot.  It is well-documented that pale buckets (usually flashy silver before rusting) , pans and the like are sometimes left at places of ceremony in the Native American tradition. 

So in other words, this stone-work served a practical and ceremonial function, as a practical water work, and as a holy spring/ stone chamber site.

Third, is the land ownership of the area in question.  This area of Milford, and around the Hopkinton and Holliston lands was exclusively Native-held lands until the late date (in this area) of 1701.  Think about that- King Philip's War was 1675-6, and for this area around Milford, MA. to be exclusively Indian until 1701 is significant.  Harvard College illegally purchased the land, even hiring mercenaries to murder some of the elders opposing the land grab, a crime which Harvard University today still needs to stand trial for.  The Native American presence was then marginalized, descendants becomming the "invisible indian", the "indian farmer", or perceived as a "person of color" (viewed as non-Native although of Native descent),  a "gypsie", or was known to be "the last red man visiting the wilderness in our town, sometimes seen by the townsfolk", and somehow, just about every town seems to have these "last of the red men" who by the way, all had children and grandchildren, which seemed to escape the attention of the people calling them the "last proud vestiges of their race."

Fourth, there is documented records that in the towns of Sherborn, Natick and Dover, in the mid to late 1600's, that these towns all have Native built water-works, which when compared to the Milford Stone Chamber and water-works, look like they could be contemporary- I have seen first-hand the water-works in Sherborn and Natick, although these places do not have a Stone Chamber, the area around Milford was probably special enough to warrant the building of a stone chamber.  For instance, there are pre-colonial cairns, stone mounds and rock placements nearby to the Stone Chamber in Milford, as well as the fact that the stone-work/ spring is on a sacred hillside.  Also, when Native people built stone-works in these places in the early colonial era, it was to serve their needs and purposes, and not the white man's.  So, this particular stone-work in Milford would have looked to the European eye that the Indian's had adopted their ways, but on closer examination they were keeping things Native as well, hiding traditions in plain sight.  

Below I present the pictures of the Milford Stone Chamber and Water-Works.  Yes, this is clearly something more than a water-works, with the knowledge of "Stone Chamber" (Native Temples) building and ceremonialism incorporated into the work:

The top of the Stone Chamber, looking down at the roof lintels:

This rusted pale bucket is in the direct vicinity of the Stone Chamber/ Holy Spring: 

From another angle:

Here are some of the stone walls directly above the slope of the stone chamber and spring which run into the bedrock outcrops:


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Hieroglyphs, Sacred Symbolism, and the Motherland of Mu

Hieroglyphs, Sacred Symbolism, and the Motherland of Mu

I've got a little news I'd like to throw in your direction.  Let us take a closer look at a couple of images from a few posts back.  I am not attempting to give an interpretation here.  I am simply showing a commonality which I have noticed.  The interpretation is left open-ended for the reader to decide what to make of this "coincidence."  We all have a set of eyes and a brain, and hopefully the neurons in your brain are able to function. 

I would like to introduce the reader to the works of James Churchward, who wrote a series of books on Mu, the Motherland of human civilization.  He first published his works in 1931, going on 75 years ago.  From the brief description of the first book in the series, "The Lost Continent of Mu" it is said:
"Fantastic- but true!  The scientific and mystical discovery of a strange civilization that disappeared 50,000 years ago!"

Does that catch your attention, or does it sound like the book publisher is pitching woo-woo?  Well, surprise, surprise, because since the 1970's, long after James Churchward published his great works, it has been understood, especially more and more so lately, that the area around Sumatra, Indonesia, is the 75,000 year old Toba super-eruption event.  Here is a link to the Wikipedia article chronicling the event:

Of particular interest is the "Human Bottleneck Theory" described, caused by this catastrophe event.  According to Churchward, who was a Col. in the English army, assisting with flood relief in India, whom spent years at a monastery deciphering ancient tablets, the Motherland of Mu flourished as far back as 200,000 years.  He placed this lost civilization in the Pacific (Oceania), with the survivors spreading out into many locales around the globe (Southeast Asia, India, North and South America, Polynesia, etc.)  This is of course, according to Churchward.  At any rate, considering we are dealing with tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years, we should not dismiss anything out of hand.  Perhaps this civilization did perhaps finally "vanish" 50,000 years ago which Churchward claims, in which case, according to Churchward, the temples and pyramids of the Yucatan, the Pyramids of Egypt, etc., are but later colonies, a remembrance from the priests of the Motherland (whom Churchward refers to as the "Nacaals".)  As the tablets Churchward deciphered in India were fragmentary and incomplete, mutually intellegeble hieroglyphic writings on stone tablets un-earthed in Mexico, discovered by William Niven, were translated by Churchward as well, in an attempt to bring this lost civilization to light.

The truth of the matter is, no matter what one personally thinks of Churchward's writings on Mu, his works stand up to scrutiny; in fact, as we have seen from learning about the Toba Super-eruption, which Churchward had no knowledge of, his works may actually be more verified than ever, for those with their nose to the ground.  To dismiss Churchward's works is the volition of one's own free will, and not due to any serious scientific inquiry into the matter, which I would suspect, is why a scientific inquiry into the matter is taboo.

Let us now concern ourselves with the ancient hieroglyph for the letter "H".  According to the chart presented below, we will see how the ancient hieroglyph of the proto-letter "H" looked like (as well as other letters), firstly, as seen in the "Nacaal" tablets which according to Churchward were translated directly from the source of the Motherland of Mu, as compared to the later colonies of the Mayan and Egyptian:

Below is an illustration of one of the stone tablets found in Mexico by William Niven which Churchward deciphered.  Also note that this version of the ancient cross also represents the spiral arms of the galaxy, which Churchward would not have known, where the ancient hieroglyph for the letter (or sacred symbol) "H" denotes the magnetic field of the center point, which Churchward ascribed as the "power" or "force" of the divine, or creator:  

Below, another tablet with the ancient symbol for the letter "H":

Below is a photo I took of a shaped-out boulder at an New England site.  This was first presented a few posts ago, from May 2017 here:  boulder inscription post .  The interest here is the hieroglyphic inscription in the top center of the boulder, below the tip and above line of the bottom-center.  Note that this hieroglyph closely resembles the ancient hieroglyph for the proto letter "H", which Churchward ascribes originated in the motherland of Mu, which was most certainly used by the Egyptians and Mayans in their hieroglyphs, and apparently, as we can see from this photo, by the ancient people here in the Northeast region of North America as well.  Are we to believe that these same hieroglyphs do not have a common source in deep antiquity, or should we believe the evidence before us: 

Presented below is the cover illustration for James Churchward's third book on his writings of Mu, published in 1931, "The Sacred Symbols of Mu."  It is no coincidence that a Falcon, or is that an Eagle (in any case a sacred bird) should be the cover illustration for this volume:

Note this stone bird effigy, which I interpreted as a Falcon, the "King" or "Most High" of birds (also known as the Sun Ra of the Egyptians), which I originally shared (so that I wouldn't be the only person on the friggin' planet to know this), from a previous post from May 2017 here: falcon-stone . 

View of another angle of the Falcon Stone:

Remember the photo below?  It is the "Gympie Ape" found near the site of the Gympie Pyramid in Queensland, Australia.  Note that this Ape Stone, when compared with the above photo of the North American Falcon Stone, is similar in size, dimension, workmanship and detail to it's counterpart.  For instance, compare the base of the stones alone.  They are clearly worked in the same style.  These stones, found on opposite ends of the Earth in the heartland of different indigenous cultures, echo the story of a lost history, before modern people's concept of "history" even begins, in fact.  Perhaps if Churchward deciphered the Nacaal and Mexican tablets correctly, these stones could be the remnants of the motherland civilization of the human race, which flourished in time as far back ago as 200,000 years in the distant past.  Also note that some people have deciphered the Gympie stone as the "Egyptian" (or proto-Egyptian) deity Thoth, depicted as an ape in this case: 

Below is a picture of a stone ruin on the remote island of Non Modal in the South Pacific ocean.  The structure is made from blocks of basalt rock, which is indigenous to that area.  Note that this structure has a quite similar look to some of the stone chambers and mounds that are found in the American Northeast, and elsewhere in the America's, in fact, all around the globe.  In the American Northeast, structures were built from the local granite, in the most part, yet the styles of the megalithic builders imply a common knowledge of the construction and USE of the chambers.  Also note the roof lintel here:  

Presented below is a link to a short 0:33 second commercial for the "hidden landscapes" series concerning the enigma of stone structures in the American Northeast.  Note the similarities between the structures shown in the commercial and the above picture, especially the structure shown at 0:18 seconds, although the similarities in structural integrity can be gleaned right off the bat from the advent of the ad.  Just follow the link below:

As the reader can now clearly discern for himself, the writings of researchers such as James Churchward's writings on the "Lost Continent" of Mu, the Motherland of Man, should not off-handedly be dismissed as "woo-woo".  On the contrary, such persons may have contributed a great knowledge of work that, if never published or shared, would leave our species (all of mankind) in the dark as to our origins of civilization, religious symbolism, and even, our cosmic origins.  A lot of work and new lines of inquiry would have to be opened to confirm the validity of these findings, but then again, perhaps that is what people like James Churchward, and people such as myself, (or Itzhak Bentov on the mechanics of consciousness), by writing this very post, and getting the research "out there" have already done for us.  We need only eyes to see and ears to listen.

Coming Up:  A Stone Chamber never shared before in photograph, at least to my knowledge.  So stay tuned.