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Falcon Stone

Falcon Stone

Okay.  Let me put it this way.  If "Track Rock Gap" in Georgia is the ruins of a "Mayan" pyramid, or temple (as some claim it is, pointing out linguistic connections between the Muskogee Creek dialect and one of the Mayan dialects), or, even without the "Mayan" connection, the Track Rock Gap site being pre-colonial Native American ruins which it CERTAINLY is, than the ruins found in the "New England" Northeast corridor of this country, also being American Indian, are also of the same magnitude and scope of the Track Rock Gap site.  In other words, many of the hillside stone mound and cairn field sites, in New England, which also incorporate stone walls, Standing Stones and sometimes Stone Chambers, could also be said to be "pyramids" (whether true pyramids or it's proto-type) or TEMPLE sites.  I have also seen evidence first-hand of destroyed Stone Chamber sites (in this case part of a larger hillside "pyramid" or "Grand View" site), one of which I may cover in a future post.  I'm not even sure if y'all are even ready for this intel.  If you already know and refuse to look into the matter, due to convenience or political/ economic reasons, than shame on you.  We are looking at the stone ruins of a highly developed culture here.  In the next few decades, this area of research is bound to uncover many startling new revelations about Northeast culture and Ceremonial Stone Landscapes, if one has eyes to see and ears to listen.

Below, I present pictures of a Falcon Stone, a surviving remnant of a partially destroyed site.  Hold on to your seats. 

Front view of the Falcon Stone:

One of the side-views.  Note the detail of the eye in dark red.  This very much looks like an "Eye Of Horus."  Which isn't saying that it is, but we must ask ourselves, why the emphasis on that particular detail (the eye).  Obviously the Native ancestors regarded it as a detail worth considering enough to express it into the stone.  For a researcher or academic to not observe, or ignore this detail is an obvious insult.  You must now acknowledge this:  

Another view of the Falcon Stone.  Also note another, smaller bird stone spared from imminent destruction by the stroke of a miracle:

Another view of the Falcon Stone, on the left.  In front is the back-side of the smaller bird stone:

Close-up of another angle of the Falcon Stone.  Very well-defined detail here.  Eye, beak, head-dress tuft, chest and body of the bird are all beautifully and masterfully expressed:

The back of the smaller bird-stone is not as well detailed, however this makes sense if the smaller bird is a younger bird, a younger bird's traits will not be as well defined as an adult's:

Another view:

Here I present some photographic images of falcons for comparison to the stone idol shown above.  I would say that this is the matching bird being expressed.  Note similarities in the head-shape, eye-line, beak, chest, and wing profile:

And, to get a little bit off topic.  For those with "radical" ideas, this could "whet your appetite".  Below is the picture of a "stone ape" from Australia.  This stone is said to have come from the area around the ruins of Queensland's "Gympie Pyramid" site (Surprise! There are pre-colonial stone sites in Australia too, that have also been suppressed).  [Note: When there are colonial letters writing about the curiosities of "stone forts", such as the letter Pynchon wrote to Winthrop in the 1660's in Connecticut, we must realize we are dealing with SUPPRESSED information and not sites that have simply gone un-noticed or unknown.]  Anywho, the Australian Stone Ape is said by some to be an ape-like depiction of the Egyptian Thoth, maybe even a proto-typical counterpart of the Egyptian deity (and who were the Egyptians really? When the evidence is carefully weighed against the CLAIMS and THEORIES of what we THINK we know of them, we must admit that many factors and facets of their culture, both known and unknown to us, have not been satisfactorily addressed or put forth by those academics who claim to be experts in their culture.  To wit, see the works of John Anthony West for starters, such as his footage of the boomerangs in the Egyptian museum.  I'm not the one who is a dumb-ass here.  The dumb-asses are the closed-minded "quackademics".)  One can see by the pic of the stone ape below that it is similar in size and even workmanship to the Falcon Stone of the American Northeast, especially the base/belly of the stones.  Yet, the stones are on different ends of the Earth.  Compare this picture to the second picture of the Falcon Stone.  As far as I am concerned the similarities are enough to give a thoughtful CONSIDERATION to:    

"Throughout history, culture and myth, Falcons symbolize superiority, spirit, light, freedom and aspiration.  The Falcon is a solar emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation.
Further evidence of its solar influence, the Falcon was symbolic of the rising sun in Egypt.  It is also the king of all birds where many gods were shown with the head or body of the Falcon (including Ra)."

I feel I sharpened my blade a bit with this one.  Hang on to your hats then, folks, because like I said earlier, an honest and open investigation into these sites will reveal much in the years to come.  Just look at 2 or 3 posts back about the stone head and the boulder with a hieroglyphic marking on it.  Add this post to the mix and the fact that stone ruin sites (Cairns, Mounds, Standing Stones, Chambers, Placed Boulders), aren't just merely "rock piles" but remains of complexes, temples, and perhaps pyramids, and it is no wonder why these sites have been destroyed, suppressed, with an attempt to erase them away from history.  What they are really doing, is erasing our heritage, washing away the light, and denying the truth of the matter, but like all tyranny, it will be exposed and the truth shall come to light. 

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