Thursday, May 25, 2017

Nuclear Radiation Watch.

Nuclear Radiation Watch

Cherbonyl.  Fukushima.  The radiation from these nuclear disasters is only getting worse.  How come we never hear about the ON-GOING consequences of these disasters in the mainstream news?  Folks, these disasters are not out of sight, out of mind.  The radiation continues to spread around the globe from these events.  Below I will share some videos to raise some awareness of this issue.

Here is a news clip uploaded to YouTube from 2012 about higher than normal radiation levels found in Pacific ocean fish caught off the coast of California.  The uploader is "Strontium Milks."  From the description of the uploaded clip:

"The mass media warned you with this video in May of 2012. RADIATION IN FISH IS MUCH HIGHER NOW! FUKUSHIMA FISSIONING HAS NOT STOPPED! Studies shown fish gathered from Pacific had cesium Fukushima radiation contamination. Still many people eating sushi are not too concerned. Some even thought glowing Sushi would be cool as they could eat in the dark. I want to stress this is old news and the radiation levels now found in fish are likely much higher!"

Also from YouTube, this clip, a 9 minute presentation from Dr. Helen Caldicott.  "We are dealing with a diabolical energy".  "Women have been asked to stop having babies":

From "Woodward TV" on YouTube.  16 mins:

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