Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Stone Head At Site Plus a Boulder Inscription

Stone Head At Site Plus a Boulder Inscription

I think I have shared this before.  But here are maybe some better pics from different angles.  Here is the stone head, from head-on:

The nose is obvious.  This stone is chipped up, in bad shape;

From this angle.  Very "mannequin" like.  Even some of the stone heads of Easter Island have this kind of a look (not to say they are related, but this is obviously an ancient stone head, like the ones found in other places).  Also in the background is a boulder with an inscription on it:

Close-up of the boulder with the inscription.  Like it is "stamped" with some kind of hieroglyph in the upper center, above the "cut line" and below the top point in the middle.  The hieroglyph looks like a giant "G" or spiral or something, and in the center of that spiral is some kind of sideways "p" or "b" or "eye of horus"-type looking motif (although there could be more to the glyph than that):

As amateur historian Jim Porter has mentioned in his research, some of the pre-colonial New England sites, in rare records, were compared to ancient sites elsewhere, such as Neolithic Greek or Egyptian sites (not talking columned Greek temples or pyramids here, but the earlier stone sites of those lands).  That is not saying they are ancient Greek or Egyptian, please don't mix my words up, just a way to describe the awesomeness and sense of the sites, many of which have been destroyed, or semi-destroyed, such as in Milford, MA.

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