Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mystifying Resonance Appearing On Instrument (Seismogram reading)

Mystifying Resonance Appearing On Instrument (Seismogram Reading)

Presented here are anomalous seismogram readings.  These are readings the uploader of this video, MrMBB333, put out not even a week ago.  Note that the reading from Massachusetts showed up as anomalous.  The uploader compares these signals to perhaps sacred geometry patterns, which is interesting to note.  If people cannot connect the patterns here between anomalous seismograph readings, sacred geometry, the fact that ancient people around the world built their megaliths, stone circles, etc. in "power places," (and possessed an art or science to do so) and say, John Lash's presentation's on the Sophianic Creation Myth/ Sophia's Correction, (or Itzhak Bentov's work on oscillation, consciousness, etc.), and the fact that the ancestors all around the world, knew all this in their own respective traditions, than I say, have a good day!

The neat little video here is less than 5 minutes.  A good thing to be aware of, these seismographs:

"Anomalous Seismograph Readings"

**Edit:  For more of an over-view on this uploader's seismogram readings, I will present here another upload from MrMBB333, from May 16, 2017, this bit of research and data being titled "Strange "humming signal" detected near North & South Poles of Earth! | Simultaneously".  This second presentation is just over 8 minutes:

Strange Humming Signal/ North & south Pole Simultaneous

Enjoy this data.  This smacks of what JLL refers to as, "Sophia's Correction." (The Earth itself correcting itself/ resetting it's course, possibly even to the extent of going rogue, i.e., becoming a rogue planet if need be.)

**Also Note: **  In the last video, the uploader also showed as a third resonance coming from a mid-way point between the North and South Poles.  This was one of the Pit Cairn islands (if I heard him correctly) in Polynesia.  A couple of years ago on this blog, I shared an article which revealed that a Moai statue had been un-earthed in a mud-slide on the Pit Cairn islands.  This is significant because before that date (either Nov./Dec. 2015 or maybe 2014), academics (yeah... "quackademics"), claimed that the phenomenon of the Moai statues was exclusive to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) alone!  The Pit Cairn islands are thousands of miles away elsewhere in Oceana.  So we are looking at a MUCH OLDER cultural phase that set those stones up in Polynesia (Rapa Nui, and now known to be in the Pit Cairn islands as well.)  To Polynesian people, Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island) is known as the "NAVAL OF THE WORLD."  According to Polynesian mythos, Polynesian culture (or maybe at least the ROOTS of it) spread out from this "Naval of the World" (Rapa Nui) and spread to other areas, which directly contradicts the "quackademic" claim that Polynesia was settled by SouthEast Asian people (perhaps it was in a successive migration, whereupon they mixed with the bloodlines of the indigenous Polynesian).  Obviously there are many sunken islands in Polynesia which would have made island hopping easier.  The Moai statues portray the "Long Ears", or to wit, the "Ancient Ones."  They were obviously first erected AT LEAST tens of thousands of years ago (the current academic dating on the statues is an outright LIE), probably when all the land (mostly now sunken) from the area of Rapa Nui, Pit Cairn islands, and perhaps places in other directions, was all one ancient center for the "Naval of the World."  Perhaps if the Earth is correcting itself (going "back online"), it is no coincidence there is a strong resonance coming from the naval of the world as well as the North and South poles.          

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