Friday, May 5, 2017

More "Great Ancestor Spirit Stones" (Profile Likeness)

More "Great Ancestor Spirit Stones" (Profile Likeness)

Here is another "Great Ancestor Spirit Stones" to be found in the hills.

The stone to focus on here is the large one in the back center.  It is the profile of a face (Great Ancestor) looking sky-wards:

Another view.  The forehead, eye-socket, nose, mouth, chin, even cheeks are all obvious.  The boulder in the right foreground is a rocking stone.  High concentration of quartz in these stones as well:

The view a bit farther away.  The stone in the foreground this time is like the ancient concept of a plaque placed by the memorial.  Except, instead of saying: "Here is an honoring stone...", the quartz veins were meant to show on the "plaque" stone as well as serpent lines etched into it.  This is to denote spiritual strength and power, the same way a "plaque" today might talk about how great somebody or something is.  Both can be read, if you know the language, or at least the gist of what is expressed:

The great boulder from another angle shows another profile.  Also notice all the quartz points that are showing off:

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