Monday, May 15, 2017

Golden Apples Of the Sun

Golden Apples Of the Sun

Looking off to the Horizon (as of this writing, it strikes me: the etymology of the word "horizon" and "hour" [therefore, the concept of time itself], has it's roots in the Egyptian god of Horus.  Remember the Falcon Stone from a few posts back?  Same area as these pictures are from.  The people here, the ancestors of the Algonquian tribes obviously had the high art of the sacred sciences such as astronomy, tracking the movements of celestial bodies such as Sun and Moon, Jupiter and Venus, the constellations of the night sky, etc.  And surprise, we are finding complexes on hillsides; in other words, the proto-typical archetype or building style of what a pyramid is.  It seems that they conveyed their knowledge in the stones too, to a high level just as much as any ancient civilization did, in accordance with their own style).  Getting back to the horizon though:

Standing Stone:

A whole field of Standing Stones:

The tip of this one has a high concentration of quartz showing off:

One of the giant granite/ quartz crystal Standing Stones here.  I have done enough research to know that there is a lost science here, that just like power-lines today are energy grids, that was one of the functions of Standing Stones that could be "tuned" into: due to the piezo-electric properties of the quartz they reflect and refract solar energy and moonlight, capable of transmitting energy.  I do believe that these Standing Stones are in the grid of a solar alignment (winter solstice, summer solstice) on this hillside.  Many more are in a toppled-over state and I do not have pics as of yet. 

In a slightly different area than these pics (down the way a bit) there used to be a grand stone chamber on this hillside that was right in alignment with the summer solstice but was destroyed within the past few hundred years.  It was built against a high rock ledge (small cliff hang), with a small stone row built up to it which still remains.  The chamber itself may have been taken apart for building material.  At least one of the roof lintels is on the ground where the former chamber was, and there are two rounded boulders that are still there which would have been placed outside of the entrance to the chamber.  There is also a stream which no longer runs off to one side of it, where this rock ledge I speak of still is, with some of the evidence of the ruins.  There are also sacred wells in that area too.

But back to this Standing Stone.  She is a beauty.  One of the bigger standing stones, basically like a giant quartz:

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