Friday, May 5, 2017

"At Least For 80,000 Years" (A Vision)

"At Least For 80,000 Years" (A Vision)

Disclaimer: I am just a regular person.  If I have any great strength or wisdom or insight, it is because I am a helper, at best.  I know what people would say though and it is true- we need more helpers. 

I was told in a vision, by the spirits of the ancestors of the place, that the hills around the area of Milford MA. have been a sacred place of the People for at least 80,000 years (yes, that's eighty-thousand.)  "The People" meaning, the Native ancestors.

I don't care if this doesn't sound very scientific.  I could care less.  I have had strange experiences, seen things, as well as visions my whole life, getting lost in the woods overnight before I was even in kindergarten, etc. etc.  What calmed me then as a little boy from getting scared was that I could FEEL the presence of spirits, like I was looked after by pure benevolence.  Other visions/ etc. that I have had I probably just won't get into for this blog, it isn't necessary.

So there you have it.  People have been interacting with the Milford hills in a sacred way for at least 80,000 years.  Maybe some day this will be found out by science.  I listen to the energies, the spirits, the visions and know that it is true.  To not listen would be a sacrilege.    

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