Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Standing Stone- Milford, MA.

Standing Stone- Milford, MA.

Hello.  It seems I am back at least temporarily.  I was able to finally upload pictures from over a year ago that I took, as well as take some new ones.  Hopefully the ball will keep on rolling.  In fact it was this very reason that I branched out to look at stone sites from around the world, sharing videos such as Markawasi, Peru, the Carpathian "Sphinx", Australian stone sites, etc. because my pics weren't uploading.   

But here we are, back in the Great Rock Place of Milford, MA.  Here is a sacred Standing Stone.  A conical shaped boulder standing upright.  Granite, high content of quartz, gleans in the sun/moon:

Here is a pic that Tim MacSweeney recently shared on his blog WakingUpOnTurtleIsland .  Figure I will drive the point home that these "Standing upright" stones are sacred and very relevant to the Native culture.  Below is a pic of Standing Rock:

This boulder is at a great look-out spot at the end of a stone row (going back to the hills of Milford):

Another angle of this great boulder.  Looks ever-so slightly shaped out, like a giant "Manitou" stone:

Next to some destruction next to a ledge by a construction crew.  A small remnant standing stone.  Stood it upright in place for a careful look.  It is laying back in the same spot I noticed it.  It is a part of the history and legacy of that hill-side:

A view from this particular spot.  (on an old crappy cell phone cam.)  There are many high areas and views in Milford in different spots:

Nice section of stone wall:

A circular ring of boulders.  Unfortuneatly, construction is just yards away from this:

Another special stone leaning against a boulder.  Looks like an effigy of some type:

Here she is from a distance.  A great ancestor spirit of this place:

Closer up:

Boulder w/ small rock pile on top:

Many low to the ground cairns like this in that area: