Friday, October 24, 2014

Earthen Mounds In the Area

NorthEastern Earthen Mounds- Part 1 of A Site:

Yes folks, there was a mound-building culture in the NorthEast as well it seems.  Not only can stone cairns and stone mounds which are more common to this area be classified as mounds; there also appears to be Earthen mounds in the region/ area as well.  Here are pictures from one site that I visited.  This is important to note and controversial- Earthen Mounds are generally accepted by professionals not to exist in this region, although there are some well-documented cases of other Earthen Mound sites in this region.  Check these ones out:

These mounds are located next to a sacred pool/ spring.  Notice the placed boulder by the edge of the water:

A nicely formed mound.  Nature did not do this, a culture of people did:

Stone row heading up a mound:

On top of the mound from the previous picture is this cairn:

Another view of the stone row moving away from the mound:

Another nice mound:

Nice cluster of mounds:

Some more mounds:


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