Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More Stone Mounds & Works

More Stone Mounds, Cairns, Etc:

In my general area, in one of the neighboring towns from where I live, in an anonymous location near the Sudbury River:

A cairn with a stone ring:

The triangular stone worked out on this cairn seems to line up and work in conjunction with the boulder in the background whose tip is also worked out in a triangular point.  If I had to guess there must be some kind of astronomical or calender significance at work here (the upper sky-world): 

A worked-out marker stone:

A cairn:

Stone wall:

Rock-on rock in the background.  The stone placed on top of the boulder almost seems like a silent sentry:

Stone Mound #1.  Notice the geometric circle pattern:

More of Stone Mound #1:

Stone Mound #2.  These mounds are massive:

Some nearby cairns:


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