Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saddle Hill StoneWorks

StoneWorks By Saddle Hill; Hopkinton/ Southborough

Three cairns that lined up in a point.  This was near a Rod and Gun Club:

This boulder looked to be worked out in some way, I am not sure if it was a grinding stone or what, though:

Stone ring/enclosure-type thing on a hilltop ledge:

Propped boulder on the Golf Course:

Another propped boulder on the edge of a ledge, which seemed to have split/cracked w/ time:

There was a lot of construction nearby.  This propped boulder had been knocked down from it's post on the ledge.  The white spots on the rock is where the machine had scraped it.  They even knocked a few trees down with it:  

The ledge with no boulder:

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