Sunday, October 19, 2014

Some Interesting Links & Mound Insight

Links to Videos/ Articles

Below is a link to a YouTube documentary about the Xingu in the Brazilian Amazon.  There is evidence that their culture was more sophisticated than it is even today (based on practices still in use) and archaeologists are finding an old mound-building culture in the Amazon, buried underneath the jungle, much like the mounds (earthern pyramids) in the mid-west of the United States.  

Also I would point out that myself (as well as others) are seeing evidence of a mound-building culture here in the NorthEast region.  The mounds I have looked at in different "sites"(which I will start posting more pictures about in the near future) come in 4 varieties- 
>1)smaller earthern/stone barrows that are the size of cairns (sometimes associated with cairn fields); 
>2) large stone mounds usually with standing stones & geometric circular patterns (which I have posted extensive pics about- see my older posts) 
>3) Possible mounds that look like small/medium sized knolls (hills) usually fortified with serpent walls and associated with other stone-works such as cairns, propped boulders, etc. and lastly
>4) earthern/stone barrows that are about the size of a car to the size of a bus, sometimes in clusters and sometimes by water.

So in the future I will post more about some of the above features in my area (I already have some of the pics).  In the video below it is interesting to note that the mound-building culture in the Amazon used red ochre in their customs and had sophisticated burial traditions.  Here is the video link (you may have to copy and paste, I do not know why the link is not just working like it should):

Links to Articles on The Red Paint People (NorthEastern SeaBoard):

It is interesting how the study guide mentions a "Circumpolar Culture" between early Scandinavian, Inuit and NorthEastern Algonkian cultures (which actually makes sense with the Atlantic being more shallow thousands of years ago).


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