Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cluster of Huge Stone Mounds In Holliston, MA.

Multiple Stone Mounds @ Site In Holliston, MA.

The last 2 posts on this blog exclusively featured 2 of the most amazing mounds at this site.  Below I am presenting the site in broader detail:

Here is the quintessential picture I took of the unique mound I posted exclusively about.  The front of the structure is clear, the niche is visible, the standing stone is well defined and I also noticed a stone ring around the standing stone and entrance of the structure: 

Here are several more mounds at this place such as this one:

And this one here:

This one:

To put this whole field of mounds in context here are 3 more pics of the "mega mound" I posted exclusively about;

...And three more mounds here:

, here:

.., and lastly this one:

All in all some stunning stone mounds that have with-stood the testament of time itself and un-use by the culture that built these monuments.  May they be preserved and protected for generations to come!  To understand where one lives in the world and the natural landscape around us, we have to understand the balance of the original use of this land.  (Most people are not connected in any sense with where they live, not even a sense of community, and no "real" idea of where they actually live in the world... something more people should consider.) 


  1. Hi:
    This site looks like Miller Hill. Is it the same? I first heard about it from a guy named Bruce MacAleer.
    Note: http://rockpiles.blogspot.com/2010/02/miller-hill-holliston-ma-preamble-and.html

  2. Peter-
    Yes this is "Miller Hill" (after a colonial family I guess.) I am not so good with modern place names always- I would rather learn Native place names and see the area through those eyes. These woods stretch for a long distance every which way and there is a lot to explore here. I was literally born (no hospital) and grew up right down the street from these woods, and actually "ran away" and got lost in these woods for a night when I was a toddler! There is a nice ridge look-out spot here too. I assume Bruce MacAleer is in my area- is he still actively looking at sites?