Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Features from Holliston MA. Site In Danger of Being Destroyed

Pre-colonial Holliston, MA. Ceremonial Stone Features to be Destroyed for Development:

Sadly part of the site I am posting about in Holliston, MA. is going to be destroyed for some new housing.  A local landowner just sold a bunch of their land to a developer:

The main feature here is this stone mound.  Here is the base of it on the other side of the developing line:

On the side that is to be destroyed, this ceremonial stone ring is a feature of this mound:

The base of the stone mound from the side being developed:

More of the mound:

Close-up of small boulder incorporated into the mound:

Another view of the stone ring:

What will be the fate of this stone wall?:

A cairn at the base of the mound that will no doubt be destroyed:

A marked-out Standing Stone that is also in the parameter of the "Destruction" Zone:

Another view of the Standing Stone.  Will this stay standing in somebody's backyard or be destroyed?:

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