Sunday, October 26, 2014

More from the Echo Lake Area Milford/ Hopkinton

More Stone-works Around the General Area of Echo Lake

This large triangular stone is incorporated into the stone wall.  No doubt a marker of some kind:

Another view of the stone incorporated into the wall:

Another single stone placed on a boulder as if marking a sacred spot:

Propped boulder on the edge of a ledge:

More interesting placements along the stone (serpent) wall:

A well-buried cairn:

More cairn/ stone mound:

Right on top of the bedrock here:

More from the stone wall:

Standing stone and cairn-like rock incorporated into a stone wall:

Interesting boulder placement in the stone wall.  Were these stone walls worked into glacial erratics or were boulders like this placed into them?  (Or maybe both happened- stay tuned for more detailed examples of such stone wall placements in posts for the near future): 

Almost the same idea as an enclosure but worked into an extensive stone wall (boulder to boulder enclosure):

What appears to be a worked-out effigy.  Perhaps a serpent or perhaps a turtle (look for the profile).  Notice the smaller stone wedged in between the head and the body:

A smaller stone effigy (bird-like) perched on a boulder platform:

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  1. I just noticed- the boulder from pic 1 & 2 is propped on a boulder platform so it could very well be in it's original position (unless if someone tried to knock it over before in the past and it landed on the stone where it now stands)- but when viewed from another angle (if it were flipped around) this stone would also look like a human efiigy w/ no extremities.

    Also the stone cairn in pic #8- the stone on the far left looks like it could be a serpent/ turtle's head.