Thursday, October 2, 2014

Important Video Tutorials

Links to Important Video Tutorials Regarding Native American Structures

This first link is by senior researchers Mary and James Gage, who have been carefully researching ritual native stone structures in the Northeast United States (and parts of Canada) for decades, most prominately researching in the New England area.  The name of the video is "Native American Ritual Stone Structures of the NorthEastern United States" and I found this on Youtube.  This video gives a brief introduction to the different styles/ kinds of structures in the area:

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Next is this short tutorial called "The Lost Civilizations of North America" (trailer to documentary.)  This link is also from YouTube and concentrates on the mid-western "Mound-building" culture (Earthern pyramids) such as Cahokia.  One fact that many Americans do not know is that the city center of Cahokia, outside modern-day St. Louis, has a bigger footprint than the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt.  Here is the link:

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Enjoy the lniks!

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