Friday, October 28, 2016

Marcahuasi Plateau, Peru

Marcahuasi Plateau, Peru

Shared here is an hour long video about Simulacra and rock formations on a high plateau in Marcahuasi, Peru.  Simulacra seems to be a world-wide phenomenon practiced by just about every-one of the oldest of cultures- simulacra is found all over the America's, in Africa, Asia... everywhere.  Some people wonder if simulacra formations such as a profile of a face on a rock ledge are totally natural (hard to tell with weathering of the stone in so many cases) or touched up ever so slightly by the hands of the ancestors. 
I agree with the viewpoints that such places were probably touched up ever so slightly to bring the rock feature to life, after having perceived the potential (while others seem to be totally natural); and that at the end of the day it doesn't really matter because the sites are so fantastic that nobody can deny the awesomeness of such sites.
Also for the record, there are many good simulacra to be found in the hills of Milford, MA.  I have seen several serpents, profile faces, bird (eagle), turtle and such worked into either giant boulders or rock ledges.  This is different from "Manitou Stones" or "statues" that I detailed in a recent previous post.  Sometimes Standing Stones in the New England region also feature simulacra, and how could they not because the stones themselves are alive.

Here is the video to the site about Marcahuasi Peru (the "Masma Culture"):

One of the angles of the "Monument of Humanity" Profile Stone on the Marcahuasi Plateau (also note the figure behind it).


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