Monday, July 18, 2016

Video About "the Mound Builders"

Video About "the Mound Builders"

I liked the presentation on this video.  Focusing on the mound-building tradition most commonly associated in the Mid-West, Mississippi delta, Ohio Valley, etc.  The speaker was in PA. in front of what used to be an American Indian mound, now a museum.  The mound building culture was here in New England, too.  The fact that it is still swept under the rug, or that archaeologists haven't reached a consensus about this issue yet tells me that there must be an agenda going on as to not acknowledge these structures here in New England for what they are.  Perhaps they are too much "in the way."  The early Puritans, who gave us the Salem Witch Trials certainly wouldn't have wanted to acknowledge such stone structures and that taboo is still in place today.  Colonists who moved out west found many Native American mounds, and publicized their findings, but in the 19th century they had much more liberty and freedom to do so than in New England.  So the question is, when is enough going to be enough?  When will New England be honest about this?  When will these structures finally be acknowledged for what they are- sacred American Indian monuments mostly for ceremonial purposes.  Hopefully it won't be too long before the right representatives, officials and academics do the right thing- and before it is too late. 

A description of the YouTube video:
"The real history of the Native American inhabitants of this land remains in obscurity for most people. This is because most of the historians who recorded history in the past recorded it from a very biased view point which created a distorted view of the indigenous Americans..."
The video, a short 5 minute clip (we are focusing on the mounds here):

Now with those images and descriptions of the Earth Mounds still fresh in your mind, compare them to this New England counter-part, a stone mound in Holliston, MA. that is in the middle of what is now currently a construction zone in threat of being destroyed as another mound nearby was:

If the legal system we live under was actually good and just, developers would have to be forced to take special courses to learn how to identify and work around these structures as to not disturb them.  But this seems like a "la-la land" pipe dream that is too much to ask.  Instead, there is no responsibility taken into account in regards to these structures.  I would even go so far as to say that these developers, and town/city planners, etc. are making a grave mistake by ignoring the significance of these structures, even in regards to the evolution of their spirit, their karma, or what have you.

Last I will show a clip from the Hidden landscapes series that I have shown before but I will show it again here because it helps put things in even better perspective as to what we are looking into here (less than 2 minutes):

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