Friday, July 15, 2016

Snapping Out Of La-la Land

Snapping Out Of La-la Land

If you follow this blog closely you will realize that around the beginning of 2016, around January, my camera stopped working.  My cell phone camera is no longer uploading pics to my e-mail for some reason.  Also, the digital camera I have, although "new", as in, never been used, has a full memory and will not allow me to take pics.  I cannot figure that technology out.  So no new pictures of sites= storytelling time for this blog.  Some stories were about insights concerning geographical events taking place ages ago and how they might relate to rock pile or other sacred site locations.  Other stories may have been about dream-time experiences flirting on 'paranormal'.  Of course I was able to relate some of that to stone-works as well, in a way.  These stories should be taken as individual insights or experiences that I, the writer of this blog had, and most definitely not a cultural interpretation (although some of the geographical insights are valuable in this regard, such as Charles River headwaters, high hills, etc).  I would like to make that clear.  Perhaps I should start another blog with a different focus of interest to tell these particular stories concerning my own "inner world" experiences while at the same time leaving this separate blog concerning Ceremonial Stone Landscapes up.  If I do make a new blog sometime in the future I will announce it here.

Also, I do not watch or listen to much TV or mainstream radio, or watch movies, etc.  If I want "entertainment" I would much rather gain some actual real knowledge and wisdom from such an experience instead of wasting my time on useless pop culture nonsense, Hollywood drivel, or noisy music that pollutes the human spirit.  Instead I would be interested to hear what someone like Santos Bonacci has to say about the philosophy of Astrology, or be entertained by a 'Red Elk' interview, although I know that not everything that man claimed was true, but when he is on fire, he is on fire... and that is my version of "watching a movie" while appealing to my sense of the possible.  Better in my opinion, than a grown-ass man playing video games (which many do) or watching a sitcom TV show that has nothing to do about nothing.

With all of that said and out of the way, there is currently a very real issue currently at stake.  The destruction and desecration of a stone mound/ cairn site.  The developers of the Hopping Brook Industrial Park in Holliston, MA. are making an expansion to the park.  In doing so they have crossed wetlands and are destroying Native American stone mound burials, stone pile effigies and other sacred stones.  Peter Waksman of the Rock Piles Blog first noticed the survey markers.  I did my best to monitor the situation at first, but I blinked for a second and all of a sudden all of the trees on the site have been clear-cut and they are moving boulders and rocks around, and disturbing some of the structures, and that is just SO FAR.  I called up the local newspaper, which has a wide local distribution through many towns, and met a reporter and photographer at the scene of the crime to show them what was happening.  The story made the Wednesday July 13th edition of the MetroWest Daily News, beginning on the front page of the paper and continuing on page A5.

Here are a couple of pictures from the article:

There is a lot more information about this issue on Peter Waksman's Rock Piles blog (July 2016.)  Tim MacSweeney of the Waking Up On Turtle Island Blog has also been posting about this very real issue.  Representatives of some of the federally recognized tribes in the area have been notified about this desecration.  This issue has now been exposed.  What will come of it, we will have to find out.  There must come a time when development practices in the United States must cease the ethnic cleansing of Native culture.  This is a very real issue.

It would be nice to live in a world where balance and harmony can be met on a daily basis, where vision and dream-time can be expressed as they once were.  These things are in a good way, but in today's world we also must be prepared to be on guard and to take action.  It is 'sociopathic' behavior to desecrate and destroy the landscape, as it was interacted upon for thousands of years, to pave the way for parking lot and industrial warehouse buildings that may only be in use for 100 years or so, maybe 150 years.  Meanwhile, what should be a cultural treasure is destroyed that is not yet fully understood or researched; stone monuments, temple-like platform cairns, standing stones, etc. that should be preserved for the sake of preservation (including ceremony.)   

Updates on this issue will be given.

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