Sunday, November 9, 2014

Prayer Seat & Propped Boulder Horizon Alignment

Propped Boulder & Prayer Seat Alignment

At this massive site I am currently posting on, this feature(s) is one of the most awesome features that forms an alignment I was able to express with pictures.  Some of the other alignments at this site were spread too far apart to really express with pictures.  So, below is a definite highlight from this site- a Propped boulder, prayer seat, and other stone works lining up with each other and the horizon.  Check it out:

The propped boulder amplifying the sun & earth's energy (this feature is close-by to the other propped boulder & cairns from 2 posts back- in all this site will probably be almost a dozen posts):

Cairn at the base of the knoll where the propped boulder is perched.  It is common to have cairns at the base of propped boulder sites in this area:

From the other side, another cairn at the base of the propped boulder:

Another cairn a little further from the base of the propped boulder, also no doubt aligned.  The cairn is also aligned with the stone row on the ledge in the background, which is really the outside wall of a prayer seat:

The outside wall of the prayer seat:

Close-up of the workmanship of the outside wall:

From the other side, we can see that this structure is a Prayer Seat:

Another view of the Prayer Seat with the Propped boulder lined up in the background:

From an angle just outside the prayer seat, a nice view of the setting sun:

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