Monday, November 3, 2014

The "Panther" Effigy Stone from the Other Post

Looks Like A Panther Effigy To Me

A couple posts back (from yesterday) I posted some cairns, with the last pic being an effigy stone.  I did some research on the Eastern Panther, thought to be hunted to extinction in this region by the 1930's.  Let's look at some pictures:

The stone effigy:

Some pictures of the panther.  I think we have a match- look at the chin-line (comparing pictures), the profile of the face, the way it perches itself, etc.- this is spot on.  The stone artisan really brought out the eseence of the Panther.

I would also like to provide some additional links about the (North)Eastern Panther & the New England region:

From the US Wildlife Dept:

Interesting article from the New York Times in 1990 about wild panther sightings in Massachusetts & other parts of the region:

I do not know why this blog does not just let you click on the link, but it can always be copied and pasted.

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