Saturday, November 8, 2014

Split Propped Boulder, Unusual Cairn & Stone Alignments

Propped Boulder W/ A Split & Aligned Cairns 

This is part of a massive site in my area- the last couple posts were also from this site and quite a few more posts will be too.  

Propped boulder on a ledge with a split, hnaging right over the edge.  Cairn/ donation pile is in the foreground:

Close-up of the propped boulder:

Aligned with the propped boulder below the ledge is this cairn with some mysterious stones.  The top two stones stand out. The larger top stone looks like an obvious profile of a human face and the smaller stone on top (behind the larger stone) looks like a bird, right behind the crest of the head.  You can only notice the bird-stone from this profile position.  Another culture that had this exact same symbolism was the Egyptians.  A falcon effigy stood behind the Pharo's headdress, again, only seen from this profile position.  Is it a coincidence that these two cultures have used the same symbolism in their cosmology?  Where did they inherit their ideas from?  To see what I am talking about with the comparrison to the headdress please see John Anthony West's documentary "Magical Egypt." (Youtube has it here-  If you follow the link West points out this symbolism @ 1 hr. 21 minutes into the documentary.  The symbolism between that and this cairn is striking.  Why is there a paralell between these indigenous perspectives and understandings on different sides of the world.  This question should not be ignored!  

Another angle of the cairn with the propped boulder in the background.  The niches are aligned:

A couple cairns that were also aligned with the other cairn (and propped boulder):

Behind the propped boulder was this smoothed-out perched boulder with a cairn-mound behind it:

Some different views.  Notice the small standing stone in the middle of the pile:

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