Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nicely Formed Cairn And Other Stoneworks

Nicely Formed Stone Cairn & Other Works

Some more features from the massive site I am currently posting on.

A view from one angle.  Note the large dark stone, one of the border pieces:

View from above, looking straight down at it:

View from another angle, nicely stacked stonework:

Close-up from "front" angle:

Stepping back:

From a distance with another cairn aligned in the foreground:

This rock pile is stacked against a perched (placed) boulder that has been smoothed and rounded out with some of the quartz veins of the rock exposed.  Very similar to another stone-work from the last post:

Some more cairns in the immediate area of the other works:

My money is on that those two boulders were placed there:

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