Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Propped Stone Effigy/Marker

Propped Stone Effigy Marker 

This was nearby to some huge stone mounds and cairns that I will post up at a later date.  This feature stood out, though, literally.  This is a nice break from all the stone cairns and stone mounds from my last few posts.  The most powerful energy is a subtle energy:

In this last picture, notice this: The way the stone was worked out on the bottom is un-even, yet is even and perfectly propped when applied to the surface the stone stands on.  A careful measurement was considered by Native people when erecting this stone, for whatever reason.  I have noticed this before too in other stoneworks, for instance a break in a stonewall that allows foot travel, where the stones on either side do not "match up" when seen from one angle but are actually symmetrical from another angle.  This makes one really appreciate the style of craftsmanship and the subtle nuances applied to the stone-works:  

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