Saturday, November 1, 2014

Holliston, MA. Propped Boulder & Cairn Field

Propped Boulder & Cairn Field In Holliston, MA.

In Holliston there is this site featuring a propped boulder on bedrock ledge, at the high point of the topography (as usual.)  This boulder is completely propped up off from the ground, although there is a lot of pine-needle litter on the ground, obscuring this.  At the base of the knoll (aka hill) where the boulder rests is a cairn field.  On the other side of the boulder is stone-wall terracing undulating up the hill, seeming to fortify the propped boulder and cairn field.  Below I have tried to capture the highlights/ essence of this site with these photos: 

View of the boulder propped off the ground:

Pics of some of the cairns around the base of the propped boulder:

More pics of the propped boulder:

There were stone cairns/mounds also directly at the foot of the propped boulder.  Also on one side of the hill (not pictured) was a source of white quartz:

The propped boulder in the distance.  This picture is meant to show off the elevated status of the stone at the top of the hill:

On the other side of the hill where the boulder is located is this stone wall terrace which I believe fortifies this site.  I believe that to early people the harsh New England landscape was not conducive to pyramid building (although there are earthen mounds and stone chambers here [see other posts in this blog], and perhaps some temple platform "pyramid"-like structures [see my "mega-mound" post several posts back]) but for the most part this stone-wall terracing technique and other stone-works design is what would have been the most appropriate for this environment, so this is how they worked it:

Another view of the stone wall terracing.  The boulder is on the other side of this wall:

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