Thursday, November 13, 2014

Unusual Terraced Archaic-looking Wall By the Mound Site

Impressive Terraced Stone Wall By the Brook & Earthen Mound Site

I am not totally sure the origins of this wall.  But it was right by the Earthen Mound site, and looked like a very old pre-colonial Native-style wall, perhaps slightly ruined/ modified by more modern people (no big surprise there).  An interesting feature here is that it is terraced, and conducive with other pre-colonial stone-works in the area.  Check it out:

Wow.  This is over-looking the water (brook) by the Earthen Mound site:

Close-up of the craftsmanship of this section of wall.  This is not a colonial or later style (they had different stacking methods) , this is a much older style of workmanship:

Quarried and worked-out stones, but no indication of modern quarrying or colonial quarrying techniques.  Conducive with indigenous works:

A section of the upper terraced-wall:

Back to the bottom section- not sure of this is a more modern (colonial or later) extension of the structure or original:

Back to a section of the upper terrace:

More upper terrace:

Back to the bottom:

Upper terrace again:

A stone that is not like the rest:

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